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(Surprise and Scare)

Auntie He shook her head.

Lu Man then asked Butler Xiao Wang, and Butler Xiao Wang smiled and said, “Even if Sir wants to tell someone, he would definitely tell you first. Why would he tell us and not you?”

Lu Man thought about it and agreed. She was worrying too much.

When Lu Man returned to the room, she was really so worried she could not sleep. In the middle of the night, she was flipping about on the bed.

She did not know what time it was. Outside the window, it was all dark.

She seemed to hear some sound in the house. It seemed like the opening of the door and sounds of light footsteps.

Because she was not asleep and kept thinking of Han Zhuoli, she noticed those sounds.

Lu Man felt around for her phone at the head of the bed; it was already 3:10.

Lu Man suspected that it was because she was too worried about Han Zhuoli and became very suspicious.

But she still stood up to take a look. Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He were at home, so she was brave and was not very scared.

She was worried that if it were a robber, they would be shocked by the sound of her footsteps. Lu Man did not even dare to wear slippers and went out barefooted.

Lightly going downstairs, she just happened to see a tall and lean person walk towards the staircase.

Seeing her, that figure was stunned and stopped on the spot.

Lu Man rushed up without thinking. “Zhuoli!”

Han Zhuoli broke out in a cold sweat, shocked by her.

It was totally dark. There was no light in the house at all, and she could not see anything below her feet. For her to actually rush over like that even though she was still on the stairs…

What if she missed a step?!

Han Zhuoli hurried up. After rushing up the stairs in a few steps, he hugged her before Lu Man started jumping.

His palm hit her butt strongly. “It’s the middle of the night. I just came home—do you want to scare me to death?!”

“It’s so dark. You can’t even see where you are stepping and you dare to rush over? You are still on the staircase! This cannot be compared to the daytime, so it’ll be easy for you to fall and get hurt!” Han Zhuoli angrily used all of his force to hug her in his embrace and rub her head. He did not think about how he had, with much difficulty, rushed back early and how she had given him such a big gift, a gift that had set his heart racing in fear.

It’s a good thing to have a beauty in his embrace, but this sort of scary embrace made him feel a bit cold. He could not stand this sort of thing.

Lu Man pressed her lips together and was about to say something when she was interrupted by Han Zhuoli. “Don’t say something like because I’m here, you trust that I’ll catch you. Let me tell you now, this sort of sweet talk is no use in this situation! Even if you think that, you still can’t do something like this!”

Lu Man: “…”

Alright, this man was now so confident that he was able to say anything.

He was even laying out the words that she could say. What else could she say?

But Han Zhuoli finally came back, and her uneasy heart finally felt better.

Thinking about that, Lu Man was extremely angry.

She first used her force to hit his chest. Anyway, it was very muscular, and her heart did not ache at all now.

But after that, she used her two hands to hold Han Zhuoli’s face and heavily kissed his lips.

“You came back at this time, why didn’t you tell me? I gave you a call at night. By right, you shouldn’t be on the plane at that time, so why did you not pick up my call? You made me so worried. I was scared that something has happened to you.”

After Lu Man said that, she hugged him tightly.

Although she’d received a shock today, it allowed her to know that for her, he was a much more important person that she had thought he was.

Because she was worried, her heart felt very uneasy and unable to bear any possibility of losing him. Even if it was just her imagining things, she could not accept it.




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