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(I Want to See How You Can Continue Surviving in the Future)

That was the same as the entire show getting hacked by Xing Ke Station.

In the future, perhaps it could change its name or switch over to a different model and start airing again, but it would no longer be The Performer.

“Oh god, that’s sick!”

“In the past, Lu Man had managed to fight only against those movies or television shows until they flopped, but this is the first time she knocked a show down so hard that it stopped airing!”

“That’s amazing! My Goddess of Fury Man had directly fought against a show until it stopped airing. Has anyone else done that before?”

“No, of course not! My gosh, my heart right now is still thumping so hard. It is beating even faster than it usually does! I feel as if I’ve witnessed history in the making. How impressive is it to fight against a show until it stopped airing?!”

“I’m not Lu Man’s fan, I’m just a neutral bystander. At most, you could consider me a casual fan. Perhaps after today, I might even start becoming Lu Man’s fan. But right now, at this moment, I really admire Lu Man’s invincibility! How old is she anyway? Twenty-three years old, right? When I was 23 years old, I was still going around looking for jobs, but at 23 years old, she has already fought against an entire show until it stopped airing. What a gap, what a gap!”

There were those who liked Lu Man and those who admired Lu Man, but naturally, there were also those who were bitter about the whole thing.

For example, some said, “Lu Man had just gotten lucky. How could you give all the credit to Lu Man? Clearly, it’s the show Classic X Files that is impressive.”

“Haha, after Lu Man finished helping the show to create a buzz, she is now starting to create a buzz for herself. Among those who were praising Lu Man, how many of them are fake?”

Because he had leaked out the insider information about the show and had caused The Performer to drop down from its height, the chief culprit, Xu Yaojie, had been suspended since the first episode was aired.

As for his other punishments, he still had yet to receive them.

It was still hard to tell whether or not he could keep his job.

These last few days, he had just been lazing around at home. As he originally held a personal grudge against Lu Man, he stepped forward right then. “Haha, people are still supporting and praising Lu Man’s ways? She is clearly disrupting the order in the market. Could it be that in the future, whoever she wants to flop would flop, and whoever she wants to have higher viewership ratings would have higher ratings? Then, in the future, could it be that all shows would be fighting over her instead of working hard on their own show? Wouldn’t that mess up the order in the variety show market? Everyone would start giving Lu Man a high salary to invite her to promote and publicize their own show. After spending all that money on that, no one would still put in the effort to properly make a good show. Wouldn’t it be great if every show just waits to invite Lu Man once and wait for their turn to get first place in viewership ratings?”

After Xu Yaojie posted that, he laughed sarcastically. “Lu Man, I want to see how you can continue surviving in the future!”

Xu Yaojie’s original intention was to tarnish Lu Man’s reputation and cause other shows to start showing animosity towards Lu Man.

Alas, who knew that this post would clue in other production teams instead.

Just as Lu Man was reading Xu Yaojie’s post, she received a call from a production team.

“Hello, Lu Man, I am the vice-director of Tonight, Let’s Laugh Until We Can’t Sleep. Our production team would like to invite you to be in charge of our publicity planning for the next episode of our show. Feel free to ask any price you want, we can always discuss it further.”

“I’ll consider it.” Lu Man politely hung up the phone. Right after that, she received a phone call from another production team.

“Hello, Lu Man, I am the vice-director of Walk and Watch. We would like to invite you to be the planner for the publicity for one entire season of our show.”

Lu Man kept receiving phone calls like these until her hand was about to break.

And right then, Lu Dongliu suddenly let out an “oh damn.”

Chi Xingrui looked at him in shock. “Director Lu?”

Lu Dongliu angrily and regretfully smacked his thigh. “A mistake, a huge mistake! Just now, Lu Man had asked me, once The Performer doesn’t exist anymore and our show gets first place in viewership ratings, would we still need her?”



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