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(Blow on It More?)

Xia Qingwei sighed and said, “What if your two hands are hurt because of the fight? Hitting this kind of horrible man and ending up hurting your hand, it’s not very worth it.”

Lu Qiyuan originally was hit by Wang Juhuai until his whole face was grimacing. Hearing what Xia Qingwei said, he instantly felt the wound on his face become even more painful.

Wang Juhuai was happy and took the chance to say, “Now that you’ve mentioned it, my hand is a bit painful.”

He looked at Xia Qingwei. “Help me rub it a bit.”

Xia Qingwei could not help but take a look around in embarrassment. Seeing that Lu Man was looking somewhere else, she knew it was obvious she was giving them the chance to do it.

Xia Qingwei held Wang Juhuai’s hand.

The joints of his hands were red, and there were a few wounds. When he said it was painful, he was not lying.

“Blow on it more?” Wang Juhuai said.

“…” Xia Qingwei said in a small voice, “We are in public.”

“What are you scared of? It’s just blowing,” Wang Juhuai said.

Xia Qingwei did not know what to do with him. His act of protecting her and Lu Man just now made her feel very moved.

Xia Qingwei felt that she would probably find it hard to reject Wang Juhuai’s requests in the future.

So she held his hand and blew lightly at his injury.

Lu Qiyuan looked at Xia Qingwei’s gentle actions, the heartache showing clearly on her face.

He did not know why, but Lu Qiyuan’s heart felt uncomfortable. He felt that it was more and more annoying to his eyes the more he looked at it.

In the past, very long ago, Xia Qingwei also treated him that gently, but now, she was treating another man like that.

Actually, from the start, he already knew that Xia Qingwei’s heart had someone else in it.

But he did not mind. He thought that such a good woman was worth him cherishing her.

As long as he worked hard, she would treat him well whole-heartedly.

But he realized, it was easy to think of that but hard to do it.

He was often very suspicious, feeling that Xia Qingwei could not forget the man in her heart.

He did not know who that man was. Later on, he heard in bits and pieces Xia Qingyang talk about Xia Qingwei and that man. Although he did not know the identity of that man, he was very jealous of him.

He kept suspecting that Xia Qingwei was still remembering that man in her heart and not loving him whole-heartedly.

He kept suspecting that Xia Qingwei actually did not love him at all and was only doing her duty as a wife. Even though she never cheated on him…

Even though she treated him really well, giving up a lot, for him, for the family, for his career…

He was still not satisfied. He just felt that Xia Qingwei did not love him.

Furthermore, there was Xia Qingyang, who would speak of some things between Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai in the past, and Xia Qingyang’s brainwashing of Lu Qiyuan started from that time.

Every time Lu Qiyuan looked at Xia Qingwei, he remembered how much she had loved a man before.

After he married Xia Qingwei, Xia Qingwei was always good-tempered, doing all kinds of things without complaining. No matter how hard it was, she never complained.

When the finances in the family was not good, even though she suffered, she took it with a smile.

Like she treated everything mildly.

The more he saw that, the more Lu Qiyuan felt that Xia Qingwei did not love him.

Because of that, he slowly moved towards Xia Qingyang, who treated him like the only one.

He wanted a woman who loved him with her whole heart, who had no other man in her heart.

What he wanted, Xia Qingyang could give.

As to after the divorce, the Lu Man that Xia Qingwei loved deeply, he did not like either.

Xia Qingwei loved her first love, loved her daughter, but did not love him.

What right did Xia Qingwei have to love Lu Man but not him?

Because of that, the more Xia Qingwei cared for Lu Man, the worse he treated Lu Man.



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