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 Season 8

Episode 4

(Love of my life(2)

Violet stood up and slowly wandered around the living room. Without much thought, she found herself walking into the dining room. When she saw the familiar table, Violet stopped. Memories started coming back to that fateful day.     
That painful night, she felt the pain in her back. She called out to her parents and her brother, but no one came to her aid. In the end, it was her brother who took her, covered in blood, to the hospital.    

 It had been more than a decade. Violet no longer felt sad about that fateful night. She figured a lot of things happened for a reason and she couldn't blame anyone. Her parents were not home at that time and her brother came home late attending to that girl. 

As soon as he found out that she had been injured, he wasted no time and took her to the hospital. She should thank her brother, knowing that he loved her a lot. 

  But she had always kept that person in her heart. She could clearly remember the expression in Greg's eyes, and even his own gift. At that time, she did not understand his love for her, until later when Greg confessed to her. She did not feel too awkward, so she allowed Greg to hold her hand on their way to school. 

Fast forward to today. She had become his wife and he had become the man that she could depend on, for life. He had become her rock, her mountain and her strong foundation. She knew that she could face everything without fear because she always had Greg by her side.     

But how long would this last? He was not by her side now.    

 Violet blinked as she heard sounds coming from upstairs. How long had she been in the dining room? She couldn't tell.     

Violet turned around and walked back to the living room. Seeing Lily coming downstairs, Violet smiled and said,"Auntie, have you gotten everything ready?"  

"Yes, you can go upstairs to your room now. I'll let you know when dinner is ready." said Lily.     

"Thanks a lot Auntie! Then I'll see you later." said Violet as she patted Lily on the back.     

As soon as Violet walked into her room, her familiar pink sheets and quilt made her feel much more at home.     

Violet went into the bathroom and changed into her pajamas from the wardrobe then immediately slipped under the covers.    

She fell asleep within minutes.    

 Meantime, Greg stayed home all day, just sitting on the sofa and meditating for a long time. Finally, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Violet's number but she had turned her phone off. Greg pondered briefly what to do. He wanted to go to find her at Mond's place, but he was not sure that if she was still there.  

   It was already seven in the evening and Violet hadn't returned. Greg began to worry. He picked up the car keys, put on his jacket and went out of the house.   

Greg came up to Mond's villa and pressed the doorbell. A servant came out after a while.     

"Who are you looking for?" The servant didn't know Greg.    

 "I am Greg, and I am looking for Violet,"  said Greg anxiously. It was getting late and he was worried, not having heard anything from his wife..     

"Oh, nice to meet you sir. Violet left early this afternoon. Didn't you know?" The servant was a little surprised.    

 "No I don't." Greg shook his head. "She powered off her phone and I don't know where she is."    

"She might have gone back to the Chu family house. I heard that she told Mr. Mond that she wanted to go there." said the servant.     

It made sense. "Thank you. Then I'll be going to Chu family house."  

"You're welcome." the servant nodded. Seeing Greg's worried look, the servant was happy for Violet. She had a husband who cared for her so much.     

Greg drove straight to the Chu's.     

When he got there, he pressed the doorbell at the gate. Bill was the one who came out to answer the door.    

 "Greg, you are here!" Bill exclaimed, immediately opening the door for Greg.     "Yes, Uncle Bill. Is Violet here?" asked Greg.    

 "Yes, she is chatting with Lily on the sofa now. We just finished dinner. Have you eaten yet?" said Bill with a smile.     "Im okay, don't worry about me, Uncle Bill,"  Greg replied.     

Violet and Lily were indeed in the living room enjoying their conversation when he got in. He went up to Violet.   

Violet's expression changed when she saw Greg.     

Lily turned around and saw Greg. She immediately stood up and said with a smile,"Look who it is! it's Greg!"    

"Yes, Auntie Lily." Greg said politely.    

 "Have you had dinner yet? If not, I'll cook for you. It's not too late,"  offered Lily. She guessed that Greg must have been looking for Violet, judging by the worried look he had that had just turned into relief.    

 "No, not really, Auntie,"  Greg admitted.     "Then I'll make you something to eat. Stay here with you wife,"  said Lily, then she excused herself and went to the kitchen.     

"Okay, Auntie,"  said Greg, and then looked at Violet.   

  After Lily and Bill left, only Greg and Violet were left alone in the living room.  

 Greg walked to Violet and sat down and put his arm around her, trying to pull her closer to him.     

"What are you doing? Get off me!" Violet resisted strongly. She was still angry at the thought of what happened earlier in the morning.     

"Well, I was wrong. I am sorry, okay? My dear wife, I admit that I was wrong. Could you forgive me?" He leaned closer and said it in Violet's ear. Greg's tone was extremely gentle.     

"No, you were not wrong. You don't have to apologize to me,"  said Violet.    

 "Then, are you still angry? I do know that I was wrong. I was too impulsive. I shouldn't have said something like that. 

My dear wife, forgive me, please." Greg was as meek as a lamb, begging like a puppy. He had prepared himself at whatever Violet would say to him.


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