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 Season 8

Episode 3

(Love of my life (3)

"Of course. We are a big family, but Lawrence and Austin are studying abroad, Alice and Natalie are also living abroad, I am the only one here with you. I usually live in my uncle's house, with my grandparents. Occasionally I come to visit you and Uncle Derek as well as my godmother. It's pretty hard!" said Violet. 

In fact, it wasn't that hard. She just wanted to talk about it. Since her mom and dad had always been in Hong Kong, she could only tell Uncle Mond what she originally intended to tell her father.    

 "Yeah, they are all counting on you,"  said Mond,"When they come back from abroad, let each of them fulfill one wish of yours as a reward for your efforts."   

 "Yes, that's a good idea. I will ask Lawrence to build a park under my name when he comes back, Violet Park,"  Violet said, fantasizing, drawing an image in the air.   

Mond smiled and said,"That is too easy to fulfill. Even I can do that for you. You should ask something more difficult to fulfill for a strong man like your brother. Give him a challenge."    

"Yes, otherwise he will show off in front of me every time, I can't lose to him,"  said Violet firmly. She had decided to seriously think about it, and waited for Lawrence to come back to give him a hard time.     

"Right. By the way, why did you come alone? Why didn't Greg come with you?" 

Mond then realized that Greg wasn't with her today. In the past, he thought that it was okay for Violet to come alone, but now that she'd already married, it was a little strange.     

"Oh,"  said Violet immediately,"We were going to come here together, but Greg's friend called him on our way here. It was pretty important so he went there instead."    

Violet had already thought about an alibi on her way here. She knew that Uncle Mond would definitely ask, so she couldn't let him suspect that something was wrong. After all, she and Greg were newly married, if Uncle Mond knew that they had a fight, he would definitely worry.   

"Uncle, sorry. We should visit you together, but I came here alone today,"  said Violet apologetically.    

 "Oh, silly girl, it's okay! We are a family so don't worry about it. Greg certainly has his career and his own circle of friends. It is natural for him to be occupied with a lot of things, so let him be busy. Anyway we have a lot of chances to meet in the future,"  said Mond with a smile. He did not care or think much of it. Seeing the smile on Violet's face, he guessed she must be very happy now.     

"Okay!" Violet nodded happily and started to talk about other things with Uncle Mond. "Uncle, I read the news that the ZM Group had recently acquired a chemical plant. Are you planning to push the company into the chemical industry?"  

"Not at all, the company's main line of operation is unchanged, but the chemical industry is also a development opportunity, and I don't want to lose it,"  Mond began to explain seriously. "Look, now the cosmetics market is very valuable, so the profits of all chemical plants are still very large."   

 "You are right."   

 Violet chatted with Mond till noon. They ate lunch together and then Violet left a short while after.     

Mond asked someone to drive her home.     

Sitting in the car, Violet said to the driver,"Could you please drop me off at the Chu's villa?"   

 "Okay, no problem ma'am." said the driver politely.     

Upon her arrival, Violet took out her key to open the gate of the Chu's villa.     

Lily was watering the flowers in the garden and Bill was pruning the branches around Lily. As soon as they saw Violet, they stopped working and walked to her. They were both very happy to see Violet back.   

"Violet, you are here!" Lily shrieked with excitement and delight. She hugged Violet tightly.    

 "Yes Auntie, I am back!" Violet also happily hugged Lily, and said on Lily's shoulder,"I came back to visit you because I've missed you."    

Bill was also happy standing beside them.     

After hugging for a long time, Lily and Violet let go of each other. Lily glanced around and realized that Violet came alone.     

"Um, where is Greg? Why didn't he come with you?" Lily asked, sounding a little disappointed.    

 "I came here directly from Uncle Mond's house. Greg went to do his own stuff. We didn't come together,"  said Violet.   

Bill said,"Did he go to work right after you came back?"    

Lily didn't ask, but looked at Violet.    

 "No, he went to find his friend. I don't know the reason,"  said Violet with a peaceful look.    

 "Hey, young people are always busy, let him go,"  said Lily smiling, holding Violet's hand. "Let's get into the house."    "Okay!" said Violet.     

"You are so beautiful dressed up like that!" Lily gazed Violet up on their way back to the villa.     

"What are you talking about? I am still the same!" said Violet shyly.    

 "Of course, you are as beautiful as Madam. The way you smile is as the same as her's,"  said Lily.     

"That means that I was actually born of the same person."  

"Of course, you have no idea, how naughty you were as a child!"   

 Violet sat on a couch in the living room. Lily brought her a glass of water and then sat beside her.    

 "Violet, do you want to have dinner here or later at the Xiao family house?" asked Lily.     

"Well, I want to eat here with you and Uncle Bill." replied Violet. She guessed that Bill and Lily must be lonely since her parents were not here.    

 "Good! We have everything in the kitchen. I will make you a delicious meal!" said Lily clapping her hands.   

  "But Auntie, could you help me to clean up my room first? I want to sleep for a bit. I am a little exhausted." said Violet. 

She had just returned from her honeymoon and had not yet adjusted back to the local time.    

 "Well, I have cleaned your room every day. I will go up and change the sheets and quilt for you. Just wait a moment,"  said Lily, and went upstairs.   

"Thank you!" said Violet.   

"Don't say that!" Lily turned around to reply as she left.

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