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 Season 8

Episode 14

(The Happily married couple (3)

Tim nodded and said,"I can see that. So will you tell her everything that happened between you and Cassie?"   

 "I don't know. I'm afraid she will not be able to accept it. She will definitely be very sad if she gets to know about Cassie and me,"  replied Greg, the wrinkles in his brows showing how worried he was.     

"But if you don't tell her about Cassie and she knows her from others, she will think that you cheated her and then she might not trust you anymore,"  said Tim. 

Though he did not want to say anything in matters between Greg and Violet, however, Greg was his close friend and it was his duty to guide him into handling this matter.     

Greg was at a loss for words after he heard what Tim said. Tim was right, and that was what he was so worried about. He felt helpless and did not know what to do now.   

After a long time, Greg suddenly looked up and said to Tim,"Keep an eye on Cassie for me, and call me as soon as you get any news about her."    

"No problem. But we both already know the decision she'll make. She will definitely work in the XS Hospital,"  replied Tim.     

Greg was speechless.    

 After he got out of the hotel, Greg stood at the entrance of the hotel for some time. His mind was in a turmoil and he really didn't know what to do now.    

 On his way home, Violet gave him a call.     
"Hello, Violet,"  Greg picked up the call, pretending to keep himself calm.    

 "Honey, where are you now? Why haven't you come back yet?" asked Violet with a complaining tone. She had been waiting for him for a long time, and he hadn't come back yet.   

"Ten more minutes, and I'll be home,"  replied Greg. There was no traffic jam on the road now, so he thought he would reach home soon.     

"Alright, it's been quite a long time,"  said Violet smiling shyly.     

"Be good and wait for me. I'm driving, and it's not right if I talk to you on the phone right now, so I'll hang up,"  Greg said in a firm tone.    

 "Okay. I see. I'll be waiting for you at home,"  Violet said, trying to hide her passion for him.     

"Good girl."    

As soon as he entered the house, Greg saw that Violet was watching TV.    

 Seeing Greg coming inside, Violet happily got off the sofa and ran towards him. She threw herself into his arms and held onto him tightly.   

"Honey, you're finally back home,"  Violet said happily, putting her head on his shoulder.     

"Yeah. I was missing my baby, so I came back,"  replied Greg, holding Violet tightly. Only Violet had the ability to calm him and he knew that very well.     

"You should have come back home earlier. I've been waiting for you for a long time,"  said Violet smiling at him in a seductive manner.    

 Greg let go of Violet. He stroked her hair and said,"Well. I'm so sorry. To make up I will foot the bill of the dinner."    

"Of course you'll pay the bill. You don't think I am going to pay the bill, do you?" asked Violet brazenly. She didn't have work now and lived in a state of dependence on Greg.    

 Without answering, Greg looked down at Violet. Immediately he saw her bare feet, quickly he lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the sofa, saying,"Why don't you wear your shoes?"  

"I was so excited when I saw you that I forgot to wear my slippers,"  she replied to Greg.     

Putting Violet on the sofa, Greg sat beside her and said to her maintaining the serious look on his face,"You have to remember to wear your shoes next time, or you'll catch a cold. I hope you know that?"  

  "I understand what you are trying to say, honey, but please let's go for dinner. I'm so hungry,"  replied Violet.     

"Well, then go change and we'll go out for dinner,"  Greg nodded and answered. He was willing to do everything which would make Violet happy.    

 "Okay. Just give me a few minutes,"  replied Violet as she quickly got off the sofa and ran towards the bedroom.   

"Put on your slippers,"  reminded Greg. Violet was such a careless person and she kept forgetting whatever he told her.    
 "Oh, I forgot it again,"  explained Violet smiling like a child. She was afraid that Greg would now get angry with her and so she was trying to calm him by her enticing smile.    

 After seeing Violet walk into the bedroom, Greg sat down on the sofa and started thinking. What should he do now? Should he tell Violet everything about Cassie? And would Violet get angry with him if she learned all about her? But what if he did not tell her? In case she got to know from someone else she would be upset or not?    

 Walking out of the bedroom all decked up for the evening, Violet saw Greg introspecting about something. She happily jumped into his arms and sat on his lap.    

 "What are you thinking about, dear? You're so lost in your own world,"  she asked.   

"Nothing important. It's just something at work,"  answered Greg immediately, as he was afraid that Violet could see through his mind.     

"Oh! So, did you meet any beautiful patient today? Or is there a lovely nurse who has fallen in love with you?" Violet asked as if she was probing him.   

"No. Absolutely not. There is no other woman in my mind. I swear," replied Greg, raising his right arm to show his innocence.

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