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 Season 8

Episode 12

(The happily married couple (1)

Greg picked up his phone and quickly dialed Tim's number.     

"Hello, Greg, what a surprise! What makes you call me so early in the morning?" Tim's disturbed voice could be heard from the other side of the line.     "Tim, I want you to do me a small favor. Can you please check out one thing for me?" Greg said hurriedly.     

"What's the matter? Is it really urgent? Can't we talk about it in the afternoon or maybe in the evening sometime?" asked Tim. He was sleeping at that time and Greg's phone call had disturbed him.    

 "Quit your cribbing, Tim. Just find the reason why Cassie has come back to China!" Greg said in a commanding tone.     

"How can I know why the hell she has decided to come back to China? You know her, I believe? Why don't you go yourself and ask her in person?" replied Tim.   

"Tim, I think it's time for me to inform the doctors of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of XS Hospital that from now on there will be no abortion operations for the women you bring here so frequently,"  threatened Greg. 'Look at his guts. How dare he can answer me back like that?' Greg thought.    

 "Alright, alright. That's not a very good idea,"  replied Tim immediately. He focused all his attention on the matter and went on,"I will find out and let you know as soon as possible. Wait for my call."   

 Greg hung up the phone after he had got the affirmation from Tim.     

Since morning Greg was thinking about Cassie's coming back to China. It had been so difficult to keep his attention on the patient's problems as he was still wondering why she had decided to come back.   

In the afternoon once he had completed the last consultation of the day, Greg cleaned his desk up and walked out of his office.     

In his car, he placed a call to the love of his life, Violet.    

 "Hi, honey,"  Violet answered the phone, and the excitement in her voice was quite evident.     

"Hey, Violet. What are you doing now?" he asked.    

 "I was watching TV since I have nothing else to do at the moment,"  replied Violet blushing while saying so. "Honey, when are you coming back home?"    

"I might be late tonight. I'm going to Tim's house right now. I have to discuss something very important with him,"  Greg answered.   

  "Alright,"  replied Violet. Greg had told her that Tim was one of his close friends so she did not think any wrong about their meeting.   

"You stay at home and wait. I promise I'll take you out for dinner once I'm back, alright?" Greg tried to coax her gently.    

 "Alright, I'll be waiting,"  an eager Violet replied.     

"That would be perfect then."    

After he hung up the phone, Greg sped up his car and rushed to meet Tim. He could not wait to hear what Tim had learned about Cassie.    

 When he reached the hotel, Greg straight away moved to Tim's room since he did not want to waste any more time.     
Greg waited at the door as Tim took a long time to open it.   

  Looking at the disheveled condition in which Tim was at that moment, it did not take Greg much time to realize what had been happening here before his arrival.  

 He went to the other side of the door and said to Tim,"It is better if you ask the people inside to go out right now."   

 "It's not necessary that we do that, right? We can talk in the living room, while she stays in the bedroom,"  Tim replied. Anyways according to him Greg's problem was not as big as he was making it to be.     

"I don't want to repeat my words again and again,"  said Greg as he walked inside the living room. "You will ask her to leave in the next three minutes."    

Tim shrugged and turned towards the bedroom. He knew he did not have any choice but to obey.    

 One minute later, a woman in a miniskirt stormed out of the bedroom angrily. She did not like this intrusion in her privacy at all.     

Tim stepped out of the bedroom and walked towards Greg sheepishly. He sat opposite him and said,"What is wrong, you told me your problem in the morning today and you are already here to see if I have got the answer?"  

"I know that you have the answer,"  replied Greg firmly. He was quite aware of Tim's efficiency and was sure that he knew everything by now.    

 With a smile on his lips, Tim asked,"Do you know the woman who has just walked out of the room?"    

"I'm not interested in that woman,"  Greg replied ruthlessly.     

"She's a journalist, so the news that I have got from her might not be false. I have taken a lot of information from her and if you had not disturbed us could have learned some more,"  said Tim confidently.     

"So did she give you information that I want?" asked Greg. The excitement on his face was quite visible for Tim to identify.  

"Hey, you seem to be excited now. This is a good sign which means you are prepared to listen to what I know?" asked Tim. He noticed the change in Greg's expression, which had transformed by now. He knew Greg was nervous now. 

"So what does this woman, Cassie have to do with you?"   

 "I have nothing to do with her,"  Greg retorted. He had loved only Violet and no woman could ever take her place in his life.     

"Oh, really? But this is opposite to the information I have received ,"  Tim said and looked at Greg with too much interest. 'Is Greg trying to hide something from me? Does he really think I am a fool and cannot put two and two together?' he thought.     

"What the hell have you come to know? Tell me right now!" Greg demanded, losing his temper at Tim's statement. He wanted to know everything about Cassie so that he could protect Violet from her wrath. He would also need to take steps to ensure that Cassie would not spoil his relation with her in the future.   

From Greg's tone, Tim knew it was time to stop joking with him. If he kept talking to him like that, Greg might lose his temper and that he did not want. Moreover, everyone knew about Greg's temper problems and it would be wise not to take any chances with him.

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