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 Season 8

Episode 11

(News about her (2)

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. As Selina answered, everyone in the house glued their eyes on the door.     

"Grandpa, grandma, Uncle, Aunt, here we come, finally!" an enthusiastic Violet declared as she walked into the house, shopping bags in her arms. Greg followed closely behind, carrying bags too.    

 "Oh dear Violet. You bought far too many things! Are you moving back home?" An obviously surprised Wilson asked, as he moved forward and received the bags from Violet's hands. 

    As she closed the door behind them, Selina too reached over to relieve Greg of his luggage. "Give them to me, Greg,"  she said gently.    

 Nodding politely, Greg handed the bags over.   

Violet dashed forward and hugged her grandma gladly. "Grandma, I've missed you so much. Did you miss me?" she asked sweetly.    

 "Of course, I did. I've missed you badly,"  Elsa replied with a wide smile on her benign face, as she patted her granddaughter's back lightly.     

When she let go of Violet, Elsa rested her eyes on Greg.     

"Hello, grandma!" Greg greeted, beaming a smile.     

"Come here, my dear child,"  Elsa responded as she stretched out and embraced Greg. Although he was her grandson-in-law, she already thought of him as her own grandson.   

  As they hugged, Greg thought within, 'She looks like such an amiable lady.'    

Proceeding on, Greg started to greet Violet's other relatives. "Hi, Grandpa,"  he said politely.   

"Hi, Greg,"  Jacob nodded at him with an approving smile.    

 "Hello, Uncle, Aunt,"  Greg addressed.    

 "Hi,"  Wilson greeted back as he shook hands with Greg. "Violet is a lucky girl. She found such a fine husband like you,"  he remarked as he surveyed the young man from head to toe.    

 "Uncle, don't underestimate Greg. He is not only hot but competent and adoring as well,"  Violet chipped in for her husband.    

 "You even speak for Greg. It seems you spent quite a wonderful honeymoon,"  Selina cut in with a satisfied smile, looking straight at Violet, glad for her success.     

At that compliment, Violet ran to Selina and hugged her tight. "Of course, I should speak in his favor. I'm his wife now,"  she chimed.     

"What an eloquent girl!" Elsa remarked with a laugh.   

"Take a seat, Greg!" Jacob urged warmly, pointing to a seat nearby. 'They finally came back. It's improper to keep them standing like this, ' he mused.    

 "Okay,"  Greg nodded courteously.     

The Yuwen family talked and savored every minute of their time with the young couple.     

Equally, Greg felt at home, spending the day in the Yuwen family. Their amiable grandparents and hospitable aunt and uncle thoroughly warmed his heart.   

  A week later    

In the morning, Violet was woken up by the alarm.     

"Wake up, honey,"  Violet called in a lazy voice, as she shook a sleeping Greg beside her.     

"Just a few more minutes, please,"  Greg returned in a drowsy voice. Even though he already heard the alarm ring, he was unwilling to get up.   

"Hurry, or you'll be late,"  Violet urged, not fluttering her eyes.    

 "Okay,"  Greg returned as he slowly rose. Watching Violet not opening her eyes, he gave her a peck on the forehead. "You can sleep a little longer. I'm getting up now,"  he whispered with affection.    

 "Okay, have a good day!" Violet murmured.     

Greg got out of bed, washed up and changed his clothes. Before leaving his lovely wife, he walked to the bed and whispered in her ear,"Don't forget to have breakfast."   

 "Well, see you later. Nice day at work. Don't peep at female nurses,"  Violet urged, still closing her eyes.     

A slight smile tugged at the corners of Greg's lips. 'What a cute woman! Even though she is so sleepy, she still sweetly reminds me to carry myself with decorum around female nurses. It seems that she cares to keep me on a straight path, ' he thought.   

Reaching for his black leather briefcase, Greg stepped out of the bedroom.    

 Soon, he was out of the house as he drove to the hospital. On arrival at the hospital, a nurse greeted him.    

 "Good morning, Doctor Greg!" she addressed.     

"Good morning!" Greg greeted back coolly with a nod. He then walked past the nurse.     

Straight, he headed to his office, settled down and checked his wristwatch. His appointment would be in twenty minutes.    

 With nothing else to do, he booted up the laptop to bring himself to speed with the day's news.     

The main headline of the day arrested his attention.   

"The famous female doctor Cassie Zheng had just jetted back into the country the previous day, to a warm welcome from a dozen hospitals representatives who went to pick her up at the airport. According to relevant sources, Cassie was much likely to get a position at XS Hospital."    

When he read this, he almost broke down. 'Why would she come back? She told me that she wasn't planning to come back to China as she preferred working close to her parents, both of whom lived abroad. But...' he thought in shock and confusion.   

Scrolling through the news, he read the details carefully. Besides, he browsed the comments section below the article.

     One somewhat overzealous comment read,"Welcome beautiful Cassie on return. I hope she can work in XS Hospital with a good working environment and excellent talents. It's a good place for experienced and good doctors like Cassie."    

There was the second one that read,"I hope beautiful Cassie can make great contributions to the development of medicine in China."  

"The return of Greg - the heir of XS Hospital has greatly increased the strength of XS Hospital. If Cassie Zheng joins Greg's team, XS will become the best hospitals across the city and beyond. But if she chooses another hospital, it would raise a formidable competitor to Greg and his entire team at the XS hospital."    

Choosing to ignore the random comments from mostly clueless netizens, Greg had his own questions. 

The most important concern was why she had returned. 'What does she want?' he wondered, deep furrows forming on his brows.

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