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 Season 7

Episode 97

(Coming back home (2)

"Really? Thank you, Uncle Bill,"  Violet blushed when she thanked Bill.     

Greg caught up to Violet and Bill.    

 "Hello, Uncle Bill,"  Greg greeted Bill. Bill was older than him and he wanted to show his respect.     

"Greg, you look really good, too,"  Bill remarked. And he couldn't help but study the two of them beside each other. "You two look so good together, such a perfect match."    

"Uncle Bill, stop teasing us,"  Violet joked. "But thank you for picking us up today." 

They asked Fred first to pick them up but Fred had to be at work. So they asked Bill if he could do it for them.    

 "What are you talking about? Who else would do it? Only I would!" Bill exclaimed. "Anyway, no one's home and I wanted to have the honor of being the first person to see you back!" Bill had a big grin on his face. Bill loved Violet and Greg, like his own children, because they always treated him as their family, too, and not their servant. He always felt warm and happy whenever he was with them.   

"Of course you should be,"  Violet replied with a smile. She took Greg's hand before she turned to Bill,"Let's go home."    
"Of course!" Bill took their luggage. "Go on inside the car, I'll place the luggage in the trunk."    

Greg escorted Violet inside the car while Bill placed all their luggage at the back of the car.     

Bill joined them inside the car and drove out of the airport.     

"Looks like your trip was good,"  Bill asked Violet.    

 "It was okay,"  Violet answered. She paused before she decided to tell Bill what happened. "But Uncle Bill, Greg kept bullying me."  

"What? When did I do that?" Greg spoke up immediately. How can Violet complain? She was the one who kept ordering him around. It was only in bed when she let him be the master. And now, she was the one complaining.   

  "Yes, you did!" Violet insisted as she fell into Greg's arms and looked him in the eyes.    

 "Then tell me. Tell Uncle Bill. How did I bully you? Hmm?" Greg was kidding because he wasn't worried. He wanted to know what type of tricks Violet would play on him. He knew she depended on him for love and he was 100% sure she was never going to let him go. He knew she loved him with all her heart even more the past month.    

 Bill snickered at the bickering couple behind him. He smiled at them and said,"You two are like children."    

"Uncle Bill, it's good to be like kids,"  Greg answered and continued. "Uncle Bill, tell me, did Violet have such a bad temper at home?"  

"I don't have a bad temper,"  Violet defended herself before Greg could say more.    

 "Are you sure about that?" Greg replied with a question.     

"I don't. I'm fine,"  Violet kept her eyes on Greg's as she answered him. If he dared to say otherwise, they were going to different houses that night.   

  "Even if you do, I can't help but spoil you anyway. I'm used to you and your temper, my woman, I am happy to spoil you,"  Greg teased Violet.   

  Violet's heart jumped at Greg's sweet words. She didn't know what to say and she couldn't help but smile at Greg.    

 Bill watched the couple bicker and tease each other through the mirror. He smiled to himself. As long as they were happy, it was not a big deal for them to tease each other.   

"Where shall we go first? The Xiao's house? Or the Chu's villa?" Bill asked the couple.    

 "Let's go to the Xiao family home first, Uncle Bill. Greg and I will come to visit our family villa tomorrow,"  Violet decided. Greg's parents were home but her parents were still in Hong Kong. It made more sense to greet Greg's family first.    

 "Okay, we'll head to the Xiao family home first,"  Bill repeated.     

At the Xiao's Family Villa    

Greg led Violet inside the house and into the living room but no one was there.   

  "Where is everybody? I thought at least Auntie was home,"  Violet noticed.    

 "Maybe she stepped out,"  Greg suggested. He wasn't sure what kept them busy now since they've been away for some time.     

Their ears heard footsteps on the stairs and they both turned their heads at the same time to discover Sharon descend the stairs. Sharon turned and discovered Greg and Violet in the living room. She wanted to greet Greg with a smile but she couldn't help but notice Violet's physical change.   

Violet forced a smile on her face and greeted Sharon,"Hello, Auntie."    

Greg followed her lead,"Auntie,"    

 Sharon studied Violet's new look. She couldn't believe she could be this beautiful. With the right make-up and clothes, she could actually look stunning, more than Tina. With her delicate face and slender figure, her beauty was really unique.   

  "You look quite different today, Violet. Oh, what Xiao money can buy,"  Sharon directed at Violet.   

  Violet's face warmed up and Greg's nose flared.     

"She's my wife. She's entitled to using the family money, isn't she?" Greg asked. In his mind, he scolded Sharon in his head, 'How dare she question Violet?'  

"Anyway, she is using our family money, right?" Sharon turned to Greg when she finished talking.     

Greg wanted to continue but Violet stopped him. He looked to Violet for reassurance.     

Violet nodded to Greg as if to say she's got this.     

Violet turned to Sharon,"Yes, Auntie, I used my husband's money to buy these clothes. Don't you do the same? The clothes you're wearing now were bought with the family money, right?"    

"You insolent woman,"  Sharon did not expect Violet could change like this and how could she talk back like this. Violet used to stay quiet and chose her words carefully before they left for their trip. 

Now she had the courage to confront her.     

Greg's heart leaped at Violet's confidence. She really learned from everything he taught her the past month. Her expression and the words she used were exactly what he taught her.


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