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 Season 7

Episode 100

(A chance encounter (2)

"You're right. Actually, I haven't had a dessert for quite some time. I wouldn't mind a little indulgence today,"  replied Violet, blushing at how readily Greg had sniffed her fib. 'He easily reads my mind, ' she thought to herself. 'He understands my world, ' she inwardly concluded.    

 "It's okay, you can eat some in the store, although we should also pack and bring some to Uncle Mond when we leave. 

What do you think?" Greg suggested.    

 "That sounds great, honey. I love you more for every little thing!" Violet replied, pleasantly nodding along.     

"Really?" Feigning incredulity, Greg teased,"Then give me a kiss if you really love me."   

 "Um, no. There are a lot of people here,"  replied Violet, looking around skittishly. 

Although it was early in the morning, there were a lot of people bustling around the mall.   

"I won't go to the dessert store if you don't kiss me,"  Greg protested. 'Why is she acting so coy and reticent much of the time?' he wondered. Silently, he told himself he'd have to train Violet into a more daring and adventurous woman. 

    Preoccupied with the dessert she so badly wanted to eat, Violet cast Greg a blank look, surprised at his audacity to want public display of affection. But since he would't budge, Violet finally, she stood on tiptoe and gave him a delicate peck on the face.     

Standing not far from them, Roger watched them with anger.     

The assistant who was following Roger didn't know why her boss had suddenly stopped. But when she followed the direction of his gaze and saw Violet standing not far away from them, she finally understood. 'There have rumors that Violet was married to a doctor. 

Could the tall, handsome man standing next to her shopping around with Violet be the doctor?' the assistant thought.

   Violet bowed her head and smiled shyly.     

With a pleased grin on his face, Greg, whose eyes were fixed on Violet didn't notice that Roger was watching them, just a few feet away.     

"Why are you so shy to kiss me? You know, I'm your lawful husband, complete with a marriage certificate,"  Greg joked.     
"Don't you think it's improper for a young lady to kiss a man in public?" asked Violet, a tinge of shyness echoing from her words. She lowered her head, unable to look Greg in the eyes. She was afraid she'd begin to blush and if she wasn't careful, she might even cause quite a scene by running away.     

"No really. I personally don't think there is any problem with you kissing me here. 

For all I care, even teenagers may kiss and show their intimacy in public. The two of us are husband and wife, so I don't think there any restrictions to showing some affection for each other in public spaces,"  said Greg, turning around. When he met Roger's eyes, his smile faded away at Roger's menacing gaze.   

Greg could sense Roger's anger. Intense, deep-seated anger, mixed with jealousy. From that gaze, he could tell that Roger still cared much about Violet with infatuated obsession.     

When she realized Greg had gone silent and motionless for a while, Violet raised her head with sincere concern. "Greg, what's wrong?" she inquired. "You've just gone mute all of sudden. Why?" she nudged.   

  Seeing there was no response, she noticed his gaze was fixed, frozen in one direction like a statue.    

 Looking at where Greg's gaze was transfixed, Violet was stunned as well. Why was Roger here? Was it sheer coincidence that she could bump into him in a random mall? After a moment of brainstorming, it finally dawned on Violet that the mall belonged to the GR Group. 

Looking at Roger, who was accompanied by an assistant and several security guards behind him, Violet thought he must be here for work.   

"Hi Mr. Roger,"  Violet gently greeted.     Roger then walked slowly and closer to Violet and Greg.    

"Violet, so nice seeing you here. When did you come back?" All the while Roger never took his eyes off Violet as he approached. He looked at her as if with keen interest and maintained an unusually gentle tone, which surprised the assistant who was following him around. In the assistant's view, Mr. Roger was always cold and unapproachable. 

But he had a soft spot for Violet. Every time he dealt with her, he seemed very warm and approachable. It was as if Violet owned exclusive rights to his civility and friendliness.   

It was unnerving for Violet to stand beside Roger. She looked at Greg, whose arm she was now holding so tightly, you'd think her whole life depended on that grip. Then she turned back to Roger and answered,"Well, I came back yesterday."    

"Why didn't you tell me you were back home? I went to your house trying to look for you after I was discharged from the hospital. But your nanny told me you were abroad,"  said Roger, who was so excited to meet Violet here unexpectedly.

 He thought she was more feminine than before, and her taste in clothes seemed to have gotten even much better. With the light makeup she was wearing, she was simply stunning.     

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Roger. Greg and I came back yesterday, and we have a lot of things to do. We haven't been to my house yet, so I didn't even know you went there looking for me,"  explained Violet politely. After all, Roger used to be her boss. When dealing with Roger, she preferred to keep it polite and professional. Although she no longer worked with the GR Group and Carol hadn't handled her resignation process professionally.   

"Well, I see," Roger replied, firmly nodding. After a moment of thinking, he went on,"I want to apologize for my attitude towards you and what I said last time in the ward. I'm sorry. I was too impulsive. I hope you can forgive me."

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