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 Season 7

Episode 98

(Coming back happily (3)

"Right, Auntie? I'm right, aren't I? You have no job, no salary. If it wasn't for Dad, where would you get your money from?" Violet asked. After what Greg taught her, she was no longer afraid of Sharon. And she knew, no matter what Sharon did to her, Greg was always going to be by her side and protect her. Sharon could not hurt her anymore.     

"Wow, Violet, it's only been a month but you have changed a lot,"  anger dripped from Sharon's voice. She tried to keep her facial expression neutral but her eye twitched in anger. She turned to Greg and asked him,"Greg, is this the wife you have chosen? How dare she speak to me like that? Doesn't she know she is talking to your elder?"   

 "Are you? Are you acting like an elder?" Greg answered her with an accusing question. "If you're our elder, why would you speak like that?"  

Sharon was asking for an insult and, if it wasn't their first day back, Greg would have said more harsh things to her. He knew Sharon well and he knew whatever he said would not change her thoughts.  

   "Greg, if you keep defending this woman, she might become the queen of this house,"  Sharon warned. If Greg protected Violet from her, Violet would surpass her status in the family and Sharon would be bullied by Violet, instead of the other way around.     "Violet is my queen,"  Greg repeated. 

"She is my woman, the woman I am prepared to indulge for the rest of our life. You have no right to question me."    Greg looked away from Sharon's glaring gaze as soon as he finished talking.     Sharon was so angry and didn't know what to say. She shifted her glare at Violet, determined to make her back down.    

 Violet did not let Sharon's glare intimidate her. She reached for Greg's arm and smiled at him,"Greg, dear husband, let's go upstairs to clean up before we go have lunch. I'm hungry and I'd like to eat before we head back to the apartment this afternoon."  

"Of course, Violet, my dear wife,"  Greg nodded. "Where would you like to have lunch?"    

Violet pulled Greg's arm and led him upstairs to leave Sharon behind. "I want some Sichuan food. I really miss eating something hot and spicy,"  Violet suggested.     

"Alright, Sichuan food it is."    

After they finished refreshing themselves after the long flight, Violet and Greg left the Xiao family house in their car.    

 While Greg drove, Violet stared out the window, deep in thought. She turned to Greg with knotted eyebrows and asked,"Greg, was that okay what we did? Weren't we too harsh? Will she tell Dad what we did?"  

"Don't worry about it,"  Greg dispelled her worries. "Dad knows we don't have a good relationship. Besides, you're my wife and we're a team, right? You need to stand by my side. It's weird if you suddenly teamed up with her instead of me."    

"Always,"  Violet replied immediately. "I'll always be at your side. I'll defend you and be with the person I love the most always."   

 "Just enjoy yourself, okay? Pretend we're still abroad and just do what you want to do. I'll handle things. Don't worry too much about it, okay?" Greg encouraged Violet. He knew Violet thought and analyzed too much about everything around her and it made her worried more than usual. He wanted to change this about her and make sure she lived happier with him.     

"I know,"  Violet answered. She held Greg's arm and laid her head on his shoulder. "As long as you're here with me, I will never worry."  

"I love you, Violet, but I'm driving. We might get an accident with what you're doing,"  Greg teased Violet. Violet smiled and released Greg's arm.    

 After lunch, Greg and Violet headed to their apartment and Violet went straight to their soft and big bed. She laid down in the middle and closed her eyes with a smile on her face. She loved being back home.     

Greg took off his coat and hung it on the hanger. He smiled at the sight of such a peaceful looking Violet laid on the bed. He decided to join her.    

 When she felt the bed move, Violet opened her eyes and discovered Greg beside her. She moved a few inches away from him. She knew what was coming whenever he joined her in bed.     "What? Am I scary?" Greg teased.   

"Excuse me, why should I be scared of you?" Violet pretended to be strong with her question.     

"Then come lie here beside me,"  Greg reached out and pulled Violet into his arms.     

He looked down at Violet in his arms and felt her breath with his own breath. He just wanted to enjoy this beautiful moment.    

 "Can you be gentle this time? You are too bossy every time,"  Violet said, her eyes avoid Greg's. Greg was too forceful sometimes in bed.     

"Am I really bossy?" Greg asked. Greg exhaled and his breath hit Violet's face.     Violet was uncomfortable and moved away from Greg.    

 A few minutes later, Violet couldn't resist and nudged Greg on his chest. Greg turned and saw the serious look on Violet's face. Violet asked,"Dear, can you stay here with me for a few more days before you go back to work?"  

"Why? What's on your mind?" Greg asked and wondered what was on Violet's mind.     

"I wanted to visit my elders. Since we didn't have a wedding, I wanted to visit them,"  Violet told Greg. Uncle Mond was always there for her since she was a small child. And she also wanted to visit Uncle Derek and her godmother. They all thought of her as their child, too. And she couldn't forget them now that she's married. They were still her family.

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