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Season 7

Episode 96

(Coming back happily (1)

Roger exited the hospital with a huge scowl on his face. He marched to the car and ordered the driver,"Drive to the Chu's Villa now."

"But, young Master, Madam told me to take you home immediately," the driver tried to explain. Carol specifically told him to take Roger straight home. If he didn't do that, he feared that Carol was going to scream at him.

"I'm not gonna repeat myself," Roger reiterated. He was in the hospital for so long that even his driver didn't want to obey his order any more.

"Yes, young Master," the driver didn't repeat what Carol said and followed Roger's order. He made his way to the Chu's villa.

Roger stared out the window with Violet in his mind. He had a feeling she would not be at home and she might still be travelling or just out. But he still wanted to go to her house and check. He felt so guilty for treating Violet so badly that day. And that was all he could think of since that day. But he knew what he had to do now. He was going to apologize to Violet until she forgave him.

When they arrived at the Chu's villa, Roger rushed out of the car. He ran to the locked door and kept pressing the doorbell.

Lily was dusting the furniture when Roger pressed on the doorbell repeatedly. She rushed to answer the door, 'Who could be ringing the bell at this time? Are we supposed to expect visitors?'

Lily opened the door and found Roger on the other side. She knew Roger was the associate president of the GR Group.

"Hello, Mr. Roger, what can I do for you?" Lily asked Roger. She recognized Roger because he often appeared in the news and he was on the cover of Financial magazine a few months ago.

"I'm looking for Violet. Is she home?" Roger rushed through his words.

Lily shook her head. "She is not. She took a trip abroad for her honeymoon," Lily supplied Roger with answers. Roger's eyes went from expectancy to tension.

His heart beat faster and struggled to catch his breath. Lily noticed the change in Roger's emotions and realized this man must have feelings for Violet.

"When will she be back? When can I see her?" Roger demanded to know.

Lily shook her head,"I don't know. She did not tell me when she will be coming back. I'm just preparing the house in case they come home anytime."

Roger's heart fell. He expected that Violet wouldn't be there and she might be with Greg but he didn't want to just give up. He wanted to come to her home and confirm it in person. Now that he had confirmed it, he might really need to give up now.

Lily noticed that Roger hadn't said anything for minutes now. "Mr. Roger, go home. I will tell Ms. Violet that you came by to visit when she comes back."

"I guess things need to be like this," Roger resigned himself. He had sorrow in his eyes and he couldn't hide it but he noticed and kept the small glimmer of hope in his heart. He turned to Lily,"Please tell Violet that I came and I need to settle something with her."

"I will, Mr. Roger," Lily reassured him. Lily waited until Roger left before she closed the door to the house. She already knew what was going on. Violet and Greg's sudden marriage and Violet's previous job in the GR Group must have something to do with Roger.

Three weeks later

A fashionable woman sashayed down the halls of the international airport. She wore a camel windbreaker, a black tunic, and dark green leggings, which highlighted her slender figure. Her long black wavy hair and black sunglasses hang on her face and epitomized her fashion style.

Greg right beside her was the perfect complement to her. Even with his sunglasses on, he was still the most handsome man in the airport and caught the eye of all the women around him.

He was clad in a button-down shirt and dark gray knitter trousers. The luggage cart he pushed could not hide his slender legs and confident swagger.

"Husband, maybe we shouldn't walk so close to each other?" Violet suggested while she shifted her handbag from her left to her right hand.

"What? Why?" Greg asked, confused.

"These women are looking at me with so much hate," Violet explained while she saw two more women glare at her from across the walkway.

"Which women? I don't even know them," Greg reassured Violet. He might or might not notice the women's eyes around him but he didn't care. They were just decoration around them and he wasn't attracted to any of them. He only had eyes for Violet.

"Will you still be with me even if you knew them?" Violet asked, the tone of her voice raised.

Greg didn't notice the change in tone of her voice and didn't notice her angry eyes because of her sunglasses. Greg told Violet,"You are my woman, Violet. You will always be my woman. And they will never be."

When she realized Greg still said the usual but did not flirt with her, this made her sad.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore. I'm gonna look for Uncle Bill. He said he'd be coming to pick us up today," Violet picked up her pace towards the exit as soon as she finished her sentence.

Bill stood by the curb, his neck stretched out over the other people waiting. He watched the people coming out of the airport but he couldn't find Violet.

Violet immediately spotted Bill as soon as she stepped out of the exit. She took off her sunglasses and waved to Bill, who spotted her at the same time. She didn't wait for Greg, who just exited the airport.

"Uncle Bill! Uncle Bill!" Violet shouted out loud.

Bill's ears perked up at the familiar sound of Violet's voice. His eyes widened at the sight of Violet.

"Violet, you look so beautiful!" Bill gushed at Violet. Violet was dressed in jeans, a cotton shirt and a blazer with sneakers when she left. Now she looked stunning, like the other ladies from her circle.



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