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Season 7

Episode 95

(Excellent children (3)

"I think my elder brother just wants to make everything perfect so that Joe can take over without any major issues,"  Mond said flatly.     

"Why bother doing that? Joe is capable enough to handle everything all by himself. Even if he is given a 200 million project, he is expected to become a success with it,"  Derek commented.    

 "Yeah. You can never underestimate that little guy. He was already that smart when he was still a little boy, and now he has gotten much better. I read Joe's Sina Weibo the day before yesterday, and found that he had passed GMBA. If and when he takes over the JC Group, the company will surely have a brighter future,"  Mond spoke highly of Joe from the bottom of his heart.    

 "That would be nice if we also had a son as outstanding as Joe,"  Derek chimed in enviously. He thought, 'Jackson is such a lucky man. He has an outstanding son and a pretty daughter. Both of his children have always been well-behaved. 

Jackson and Cherry hardly needed to worry about them. What a happy family!'  

"Alice is a brilliant girl too. She will soon finish her costume design course in France, won't she?" Mond asked.    

 "Well, I received a call from her the other day, and she said she would be back around the same time that Violet comes back from her honeymoon trip. She had already gotten her graduation certificate, and has been busy with a fashion show recently,"  Derek replied. He was not used to inquiring on the details of his daughter's affairs. On the contrary, Amy could not stand if she didn't talk with her daughter and learn about her life via phone for more than two days.     

"That's good news. When our fashion designer comes back, we should have a welcome party for her,"  Mond said, wearing a warm smile. He had declined almost all the party invitations recently, but he was eager to have a party organized by one of the four major groups.   

"That's not a bad idea. I will ask Alice first. If she agrees, I will start to make preparations for it,"  added Derek. He wanted to discuss it with her daughter first. After all, she's the only had daughter he had got, and always wanted her to be happy and do whatever she liked.    

 "Okay. Your daughter's opinion is of the greatest importance,"  Mond said helplessly, shrugging. "Alas! Violet got married without having a wedding party. I didn't even have the chance to celebrate with them."   

 "Don't be so upset. When Jackson comes back, let's ask him to hold a grand party with the Chus. He has got such a good son-in-law; how can he just be happy secretly? We can't let him off the hook that easily." Derek and Mond began to plan how to punish Jackson.  

   "Yes, yes. If he refuses, that will mean 
that he doesn't take us seriously,"  Mond chimed in. But Cherry's figure suddenly came into mind and he became a little nervous at once. "But Derek, what about Cherry? Can we win her support?"  

"Well…" Derek hesitated too. Cherry played such an important role within the four families. She could be described as the big boss of the four families. No matter what she said or did, Jackson would definitely not go against her. None among Mond, Derek or Wilson had the guts to say no to her either. No matter what it was, as long as Cherry said yes, it would be a piece of cake at once.    

 "Derek, Amy gets along well with Cherry. If she could help us, it won't be difficult for us to win Cherry over,"  Mond suggested, snickering.     

"There should be no problem,"  Derek said in an uncertain manner. "If that doesn't work, we still have Selina. She is so quick-witted that I'm sure she can also persuade Cherry."    

"Yes! Ask your wife and your sister to work together. They are sure to have Cherry on our side." Mond became a little more confident.   

"Don't be so optimistic. Don't forget how strong Jackson is, but he still has to obey Cherry, whatever that may be,"  Derek immediately added.    

 "Do you mean that there is no chance for our plan to become a reality?" Mond was a little discouraged. He thought to himself, 'How can our opponent be so strong? I just want to have a party…'   

 "At least it seems that way. Anyway we can't give up easily and should still have a try. I'll call Jackson sometime, and give him a hint. If he and Cherry understand our intentions, maybe they will offer to hold the party. Besides, Joe is coming back soon. Won't they want to celebrate it too? It will be nice to have a party for both their son and daughter." Derek suddenly felt very self-satisfied. He secretly applauded himself, 'How can I be so smart? I am such a quick thinker. It may because of the nutritious food that Amy prepares for me.'    

"It's a perfect idea, but,"  Mond said, squinting at Derek,"are you going to say that it will be together with your daughter's welcome party?"  

"Oh, Mond. How can you be so smart?" Derek finally admitted. Even though he didn't speak it out, that was his real intention.     

"But then again, Joe, Violet and Alice get along so well with each other. It would be nice if we hold one party for them all." Mond carefully thought about it and found it feasible.     

"Of course it would be nice." Derek couldn't agree more. He then continued,"By the way, your daughter has just gone to college, right?"    

"Yes, it will take her a few years to get her diploma. I do hope that she can study hard and take over my business after graduation." Mond said. He had run ZM Group successfully and his daughter would be his only successor.    

 "Maybe your daughter will bring you a talented son-in-law whom you can rely on. You must place more trust in your children. And everything is just gonna be okay,"  Derek said. "It seems that my nephew performed well abroad, even though he is naughty and playful. He set up a company abroad and it has already been in operation. It has been performing well."  

"Are you talking about Austin? He is so good. There are only two boys in the four families. I'm sure both of them will make a great difference in the future,"  said Mond.    

 "Of course they will. But our girls are also excellent. Violet is married now. Then we can look forward to Alice's choice, next. You also should start thinking about it. It's time for you to look for a husband for your daughter, too,"  Derek smirked.    

 "Mr. Derek Lu! Mind your own business, okay?"    

"Why? I'm the godfather of your daughter. I should think more for her too."    

"Then ask Alice to design a suit for me when she comes back."  

"Pardon? I didn't hear you. Did you say design a skirt?" teased Derek. Both of them laughed heartily as they always enjoyed a good banter.

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