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 Season 7

Episode 94

(Excellent children)

"Have you both done talking? Get out now!" Roger suddenly yelled at them. He thought angrily, 'What the hell is wrong with them? Why do they come to my ward and quarrel with each other in the early morning? Don't they know that I'm still recovering?'    

Hearing Roger's words, both Tina and Carol calmed themselves and stopped arguing.     

Carol cooled down, walked over to her son and cooed,"Roger, I have already handed over my work to my deputy. 
From now on, I will take good care of you."    

"I don't need you to do that. Go on with your own business at the company. I can take good care of myself,"  Roger refused. He didn't need anyone else to look after him. He only wanted Violet, but she might never come again.   

Seeing her son depressed, Carol didn't know what else to say to comfort him.   

  Tina was very unhappy to see how Roger talked to Carol. "Roger, don't be like that. Have some consideration. Mom worries about you and wants to take good care of you. How can you talk to her like that? Are you still waiting for Violet to take care of you? Wake up and stop deceiving yourself. She will never come!"   

 "Tina, shut up!" Carol quickly stopped her daughter. She was worried that Tina's words might upset Roger more.     

Tina stopped talking when she saw the displeased look in her mother's eyes.    

 Carol didn't want to be too hard on her son. She then said,"Roger, we are leaving now. The housekeeper will bring you your breakfast. Do remember to eat some, and I will come back to see you in the afternoon."    

After uttering these words, Carol grabbed her daughter's hand and pulled her away, leaving the ward with her.   

Roger lowered his head and gazed at the newspaper that Tina left behind. 

Emotions started to flood in his chest again. He tried to control himself, but the more he tried, the more emotional he got. With a clenched face, he gave in and tears flowed down his cheeks, a few drops falling on the newspaper. Greg and Violet's smiling faces stung his eyes. He thought to himself, heartbroken, 'The whole world knows that they are married now, but has Violet ever thought about me?'    

At the International Airport    Greg and Violet didn't take too much luggage with them. Violet took Greg's arm and headed to the security checkpoint. Fred also came with them, walking on the other side of Greg.     

"Greg, take good care of Violet and behave well,"  said Fred.     

"Yes, Dad. Don't worry. I'm sure to take good care of my beloved sweetie,"  Greg replied, as he cast a look at his new wife. Both of them smiled at each other.   

"Well, Dad, it's time to go, so goodbye for now,"  said Violet giving him a hug. They had to go through the security checkpoint now; otherwise they would miss the plane.     

"Okay, Violet. Sharon had something else to do, so she couldn't come to see you off. I will ask her to cook delicious food for you when you get back from your honeymoon trip." Fred still felt sorry that Sharon refused to come and see them off in the morning. He had tried his best to persuade her, but he failed. He had no choice but to come only by himself.    

 "Don't worry about it Dad. It's okay,"  Violet said with a smile.    

 "Dad, you can go back home now. Drive carefully!" said Greg without much change of expression on his face. He didn't care whether his stepmother came to see them off or not. If she was kind to Violet, he would also respect her. But if she purposely made it difficult for Violet, he wouldn't mind being openly hostile towards her.   

"Okay, see you. Have a safe trip!" Fred waved goodbye.     

Fred didn't leave until he saw Greg and Violet pass the security check.     

One week later   

 In the office the CEO of JS Group, Derek was busy with his work. He was carefully reviewing the documents on his desk one by one.     

Suddenly, the phone on his desk rang. Derek answered it without even looking at the number flashing on the screen. 

    "Hello,"  Derek said, his eyes still fixed on the documents in his hand.    

 "Mr. Derek, Mr. Mond Xu of ZM Group wants to see you." The receptionist's pleasant voice came from the other end of the line.     

"Let him come upstairs." Without waiting for a reply, Derek hung up the phone.    

 Derek signed his name on the right corner of the document after checking it carefully. Then he leaned himself against the back of the leather chair and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally he had finished all the tasks at hand.   

Before long, the elevator bell rang. He turned and saw Mond in an expensive looking suit step out of the elevator and come in.    

 "Well, it seems that Mr. Derek Lu is already fully occupied this morning." 

Mond teased. It had been a long time that he didn't have the chance to make fun of Derek. He would never let such a good opportunity pass today.     

"That's because Mr. Mond is always so idle. Compared to you, of course I'm busy,"  Derek teased back. He was also good at making fun of Mond and he was definitely not to be outdone.     

"The stock has been going up a lot recently, hasn't it?" Mond asked, as he sat down on the sofa next to him.    

 "It indeed has gone up a few percentage points. You are always keeping an eye on it. You should clearly know about it. Why bother asking?" Derek answered, as he stood up and sat on the sofa opposite Mond.   

At this time, the assistant came in with two cups of coffee in her hand. She then quietly placed them on the table between them.    

 "So what are you doing here?" Derek asked. He knew Mond well. If Mond didn't have anything important to discuss with him, he wouldn't come and meet him in person.     

"I thought you might have guessed. I feel bored so I came to see you. My elder brother is staying in Hongkong and seldom comes back. Wilson is also very busy. I have no choice but to see you here,"  said Mond.    

 "So I'm your last choice?" Derek said, smiling. He then took a cup and had a sip.    

 "You are always so clever; no wonder you are the CEO of JS Group." Mond winked.   

"Come on! Stop making fun of me. That's not interesting at all. There are only two of us here. That's just boring!" Derek complained.    

 "So it is. I really miss those days when the four of us party from time to time." Mond reminisced the happy days that they spent together.    

 "I don't exactly know when Jackson and Cherry will be back. As far as I know, the subsidiaries of the JC Group in Hong Kong and abroad are all operating well and are stable for now. There is no need for them to stay in Hong Kong much longer. What's more, Joe is going to be back soon. He must be very strong and competent now. If I were Jackson, I would just leave Joe to deal with all the businesses and start enjoying my life,"  Derek said. He really missed Jackson very much.

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