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Season 7

Episode 93

(Excellent children (1)

In his ward, Roger blankly looked out of the window. His eyes welled up and blurred until a teardrop fell down his cheek. Yes, he cried. He cried because of Violet. He wanted to kill himself for what he had just done to her. He had driven Violet away and he knew that she would never come back to him again.     

The next morning, Roger sat on his sickbed as usual, waiting for Violet's arrival. He hoped that what happened yesterday was only a dream, but he was just trying to deceive himself.     

Tina walked into the hospital wearing the latest French dress, a pair of red sky-high heels and holding a Dior bag in her hand.     

Tina stood at the door of the ward and looked at Roger from the small window. Judging from the way Roger lifted his head with expectant eyes, she knew that he was waiting for Violet. Violet was the only person in the world who could make Roger look like that.   

Tina then pushed the door open and walked in.     

"Violet!" Roger called happily, the moment he heard the door open. He looked at the person coming in with great anticipation in his eyes.     

The smile on Roger's lips quickly faded away when he found that it was just Tina who came in.    

 "What are you doing here?" Roger asked, again depressed.     

"Why? I'm here to see you, of course!" Tina replied, as she approached Roger and stood at his sickbed. "I know that you will have no breakfast to eat this morning, so I've told the housekeeper to prepare it for you. She will be here soon."    
"I don't need it. Just go on with your own business. I'm waiting for someone else." said Roger. He was still waiting for Violet, and he would never stop doing so until she came. Violet was the only woman in the world that he would never give up on.   

"You are waiting for Violet?" Tina asked deliberately. "Do you really think that she will come back? I'm sorry but I have to tell you that neither Greg nor Violet will ever come to see you again."    

"No! You are lying!" Roger snapped at her, trying to comfort himself and continued,"Violet is sure to come to see me. I got injured because of her. She promised that she would not leave me alone and would look after me until I recovered."  

  "Roger, wake up and smell the coffee! Do you really think you are that important in Violet's heart?" Tina's tone became tough. She approached the bed, unzipped her bag, took out a newspaper and threw it onto Roger.     

"Look at it yourself. Greg's wedding has been made public in all major media. 

Although the name of the bride has not been revealed, can't you just guess who it could be?" With these words, Tina wore an expression of hate on her face.   

Roger put his gaze on the newspaper. The headline was indeed about Greg's wedding. A photo of Greg's handsome figure almost occupied half of the front page, and in the upper right corner there was a smaller photo. Roger could not be more familiar with it. Obviously it was Violet.    

 "No, no, that's impossible..." Roger did not want to believe what he saw. Even though Violet and Greg had come and told him the news themselves yesterday, he still refused to believe it.     

Tina simply ignored Roger's feelings as she fiercely glared at the window and said, grinding her teeth,"How dare they get the marriage license? They did it in secret so I didn't have the chance to stop it. But I won't let Violet off the hook that easily. Does she really think that life would be that easy for her to marry into the Xiao Family? Sharon once said that I was the only one, qualified to be her daughter-in-law. Violet has robbed me it! I will make that bitch pay!"  

Roger didn't say anything. He just quietly sat there.    

 "Roger, you know what? Violet is the heiress of the JC Group. She is Jackson's daughter. Do you know why she has always kept such a low profile, working in our company? It's because she is a deformed woman with unsightly scars all over her body, caused by sharp broken glass. She is too ugly to be accepted by the circle of noble ladies,"  said Tina haughtily. Nothing could make her happier other than shit talking and slandering the woman who stole her man.     

Roger was shocked by Tina's words, but he still didn't say anything. He knew well, what kind of woman Violet was.     

At this time, Carol also walked into the room.   

"Tina, what are you doing here? What are you talking about with your brother?" Carol was obviously displeased. She had already told her daughter several times that she was not allowed to say bad things about Violet or the Chu Family. Otherwise, either she would pay the price or the Gu family would.     

"Of course I'm talking about my enemy Violet. Mom, she stole my fiancĂ© from me and now they are going to have a honeymoon trip soon. How can I just stand here and pretend that nothing happened?" Tina felt very wronged. She thought to herself, 'The damned Violet has taken my place and will soon become Greg's wife. If it were not for her, I would be the bride in that wedding ceremony with Greg today. I could have been the happiest bride in the world in the most luxurious wedding in the world.'    

"Why are you so obsessed with that Greg? He is only a doctor, and his family background is not very good either. His stepmother is a nobody. There's hardly any way for his family to help our company,"  Carol said.   

"Mom, you don't understand. I don't expect any help from Greg's family. I just love him and I want to be his wife. Do you know how many women want to be with him? The moment I saw Greg, I told myself that I would be with this man for the rest of my life!" There was a stubborn look in Tina's eyes.     

"Tina, I have already told you that you should give up on Greg now. He is now a married man. It's not wise for you to be entangled with him now. Don't worry! I will find other excellent and noble men for you,"  Carol consoled her daughter. 

She clearly knew that her daughter had few advantages compared to Violet, Jackson Chu's daughter. They had no choice but to throw in the towel. 

Admittedly, she had to take her daughter's marriage seriously. She had made up her mind to find a competent and powerful man for her daughter, and he must be from within the noble circle. She had to make sure that her daughter would live a happy and comfortable life.   
"No!" Tina immediately retorted. "Greg is the only man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I will never give him up!"    

"You…" Annoyed, Carol shook her head and sighed. She didn't know what else she could say to discourage her daughter at the moment. Tina was too stubborn to take any advice.

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