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 Season 7

Episode 92

(Letting her go away(3)

This sensational piece of news made Roger feel as if his whole world had come crashing down.    

 He did not know how to react and just kept staring at Greg, not even looking at Violet once. He wondered if Greg was joking. Had they actually got married? His heart was broken.     

Roger repeated the same words," married?"   

 Greg replied,"Yes. We have not brought our marriage certificate today. If you don't believe us and would like to see the evidence, we can show you in the future."

 He was holding Violet's hands already. 

    Roger gradually fixed his eyes on Violet. He stared at her beautiful face and asked slowly,"Violet, that true?"    

Violet nodded her head and replied,"Yes. It is true that I've married Greg."  

At that moment, Roger's face changed at once and he lost control over his emotions.     

After a while, Greg and Violet both looked at each other. They noticed that Roger was silent and knew that he must be upset. Greg knew clearly that Roger loved Violet deeply. When Greg had been abroad and not with her, there had been many opportunities for Roger to come close to Violet. It was quite possible that while working together Roger had fallen in love with Violet.     

Violet watched Roger's face changing and she understood that he was very sad. She remembered that Roger had told her that he was quite serious about being in love. Since a young age, he had never failed in any competition. Maybe this was the first time that he had lost to someone.     

Violet whispered,"Mr. Roger?" And to her surprise, for the first time, Roger lost his temper.   

"Get out." He suddenly yelled.     

Violet was stunned and she started shivering with fear. Greg saw that Roger couldn't control his emotion now and it was evident that even he did not know what would happen next.    

 Roger glared at Violet and said,"Don't show off your love here in front of me. Get out. Both of you! Go away!"    

It was obvious that Roger was unable to control his anger now.     

However, Violet wanted to take this opportunity to make things clear to him. She would start traveling from tomorrow and when she would come back, Roger would have left the hospital. And it was hard for her to find a better time to talk to him in the future, it would be good if she clarified things right now.     

"Mr. Roger, sorry I'm not..." But before she could finish, Roger interrupted her in between.   

He threw away the lunch box on the table.     

Seeing this, Greg moved forward, turned around and stood in front of Violet. He was afraid that Violet might get hit by the box.    

 After hitting Greg's back the lunch box fell on the ground.    

 Roger shouted like crazy,"Violet Chu, I don't want to see you again. Go out! Both of you." He couldn't accept this fact. If he hadn't been injured, he would have stood in front of Greg, gave him a good beating, got Violet back from Greg and left with Violet.     

Violet said nothing more because she was afraid that he would get irritated again. His anger was frightening her.   

  Greg felt that the whole room had become quite at once. The silence was deafening and Greg thought that they should leave the room now.   

Greg held Violet's hand and said,"Let's go from here."    

Then, he pulled her away from Roger and they both left.     

Greg and Violet returned to Greg's office. He closed the door behind them and then he walked up to Violet and asked,"Are you okay?"    

Violet replied,"I'm fine."   

 Greg comforted her,"Don't take too much notice of whatever has happened. You should have expected that he would get upset and angry upon hearing this news."    

Violet said,"Yes. I know. I'm only worried about his health. He got injured because of me. This morning, I saw him sweating when he was trying to practice walking. 

Even though he hasn't recovered yet, he was practicing walking. He must be wanting to leave the hospital as soon as possible. I know he is being very brave, but still, I worry about him."  

Greg knew from Violet's words that Roger had wanted to approach Violet for a relationship. He thought to himself, 'It's lucky that I expressed my feelings before he could. Otherwise Violet may not have agreed to marry me. Violet is just too kind- hearted. Even though she loves me, as long as Roger comes in our way, she will certainly be wary of loving me in return. If that happens our marriage won't progress as smoothly as I want it to be.'    

Greg said,"Well, I'll tell my Dad to arrange people to handle Roger more carefully. 

He will be fine in this hospital. Besides, my Dad is close friends with Cooper, Roger's father. My Dad will surely pay extra attention to him." Though these were just possibilities, Greg was sure that his thought was correct.     

Violet looked at Greg and seriously said,"Okay, Greg, then please remind your Dad to pay attention to him."    

Greg nodded his head and replied,"Don't you worry. I know what I have to do."  

Violet looked into his eyes and wanted to say thanks to him, but she thought that this was not appropriate for her to do. 

She was Greg's wife now, they were a family now and it was improper for a wife to say thank you to her husband for such a trivia. Greg might not like it.    

 Violet explained,"Greg, I am worried about Mr. Roger because he got injured while trying to save me. So please don't mind this. I love you and believe me that I have no special relationship with him."

 She was afraid that Greg could misunderstand her. Since she was his wife, she didn't want him to be bothered by her behavior in any manner.     

Greg replied,"Okay, I see." Then he reached out his hand and gently touched her face, saying,"In the future, I won't allow anyone else to get hurt because of my woman. If anyone is supposed to be hurt because of you, then that man should be me and only me."    

The moment he finished his sentence, Violet covered his mouth with her hand and said,"Don't say this thing. In the future, I will be careful and try to stay away from all the dangers. I don't want anyone to be injured because of me and I won't allow myself to be hurt."  

Greg nodded his head and replied,"Okay."

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