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 Season 7

Episode 9

(Letting her go away (2)

Violet replied,"Okay, okay. Daddy, Mommy stopped nagging me but now it seems you have taken her place instead? I think you should give the phone to my Mommy. I want to talk to her." She was surprised to find that her Daddy was being overly protective and giving her lessons on family life just like her beloved Mommy.     

Jackson replied,"Your Mommy is busy now. You said I was nagging. I'm influenced by your Mommy. Your Mommy has her mind on you and your brother. A small thing happening to any of you will raise her worries. So I tell you this thing for your Mommy. Remember what I have told you just now."    

Violet impatiently said,"I know, I know, Daddy. Well, I'll hang up for now. I need to go to bed and rest. I'm really tired today."  

Jackson replied,"Okay, then you should shower and go to bed. If you have any problem, just let me know, I am only a call away."   

 "Goodbye, Daddy."   

 In the morning, Violet took breakfast to the hospital room and she was surprised to see that the room was empty. She was astonished and started thinking if Roger had left the hospital.     

At that moment, a nurse happened to pass by and Violet stopped her path.     "Excuse me. Would you please mind telling me where is the man who was lodged in this room?" Violet anxiously looked at the nurse as she waited for an answer.     

The nurse replied,"Do you mean Mr. Roger? He is practicing walking with his attending physician. They are in the garden just right at the back of the hospital." With these words, the nurse pointed towards the back garden.  

Violet replied,"Oh, okay. Thank you."    

"You're welcome."   

 Violet then walked towards the garden holding the breakfast in her hand.    

 She saw that Roger had put his hands on the attending physician's shoulder and was trying to walk with his help, Violet felt very sad. It was because of her that Roger had to endure so much pain.

     The doctor was trying to guide Roger,"Slowly. Put all your strength on your legs and stand firm."    

Violet approached them step by step and she could see that he was sweating. She thought that he was trying very hard and would be tired by now.    

 Violet called out,"Mr. Roger."    

Roger and the doctor both looked up towards her at the same time.   

  Roger laughed and said,"Violet, you have come to see me."  

The doctor knew that Violet was close to Roger and ever since Roger had come to the hospital, she had taken care of him. 

    Violet nodded her head and replied,"Yes." And then she turned to the doctor and asked,"Does he still need to continue to practice walking?"    

The doctor glanced at Roger's legs and replied,"If he wants he can stop practicing today. I see that you've brought him breakfast. It would be nice if you can support him to the hospital room and have breakfast with him."    

Violet said,"Okay. Thank you so much." Then she walked over to Roger and supported him.     

She and the doctor helped Roger get back to the room.     

Greg was not far away from them and had seen that she was supporting Roger. He felt a little jealous but he knew that Roger had saved Violet's life. So as her husband, he should actually thank Roger.

 If he hadn't saved Violet, she would have been injured and be in the hospital in his place.   

So Greg turned around and silently went away from there.     

Violet helped Roger in sitting on the bed. After the doctor had gone, Violet put the table on the bed and put the breakfast in front of Roger. 

  Violet said,"The breakfast is still hot. Do have it quickly."    

Roger replied,"Okay." Then he picked up the spoon and began finishing the breakfast as he was quite hungry and tired after the exercise.     

Violet sat down on one side and watched Roger slowly eating his breakfast. 

Currently, she wanted that Roger could get well soon. If he recovered fast, she could be relaxed as this was a huge burden on her heart. But she still didn't know how to tell Roger that she had already married Greg.    

 Roger finished his breakfast and happily looked at Violet,"Violet, I'm done. Thanks for the breakfast."  

Violet smiled and quickly said,"You're welcome."    

Roger asked,"You are going to bring me breakfast tomorrow morning also, right?" He asked this casually, as he was sure that Violet would come here tomorrow morning. In the last few days, Violet had always brought breakfast for him and now he had got used to her attention and concern.     

"Tomorrow, well..." Violet didn't know how to say it. Last night, Greg had told her that they would be leaving for their wedding trip tomorrow, so she would not be here to bring Roger breakfast. Maybe this was the last time she was going to bring breakfast for him.    

 "What's wrong? Is there something that is bothering you?" Roger did not hear what Violet said as he was thinking that she has something else on her mind today. He could see that clearly from the confusion on her face.     

Roger smiled and said,"That's okay. You don't have to bring me breakfast tomorrow. I can ask the nurse to get me some food from the cafeteria."  

Finally, Violet summoned up all her courage and said,"Well, Mr. Roger, in the future also... I... might be unable to... bring you any breakfast."    

"Why? Are you in trouble? Please tell me. If it is so, I would like to help you out." 

Roger was stunned. His wish was to meet Violet in every morning. There was still one more week before he left the hospital, so if he didn't get to see Violet during this time, he didn't know how he would be able to cope up with this anxiety.     

Violet explained,"I...I...I'm about to go abroad for a trip."    

"Traveling? Why do you suddenly want to travel abroad?" Roger was surprised and he started thinking what was the reason behind this decision of hers.     

Violet decided to tell him the real reason,"Actually, Mr. Roger, I..." She was prepared to face whatever happened after he heard about her marriage to Greg.   

"Let me tell you the reason." Greg suddenly walked in and said.    

 Violet tried to stop him,"Greg." As soon as she saw him coming in, Violet stood up immediately. He came over and stood next to her.   

  Greg glanced at Violet and then turned to Roger and said,"We've got married. 

Since we did not want to hold a wedding ceremony we decided to go for a wedding trip instead. Therefore, she might not be able to bring you breakfast in the coming days. We hope you would understand now."

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