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 Season 7

Episode 90

(Letting her go away(1)

As Violet was lost in her deep thoughts, the phone rang.     

Violet picked up the phone and saw that it was from her brother Lawrence.     

She quickly answered the phone,"Hello, Lawrence."   

 "Violet, have you had dinner yet?" Lawrence's voice could be heard from the other line.     

Violet replied,"Yes, I have."    

Lawrence said,"Well, then, I want to talk about Greg." He was sitting in front of his desk in the dormitory. He had a sheet of paper with all of Greg's information in his hand.     

Violet said bluntly,"Lawrence, I've already married Greg." She didn't want to hide this from her brother at all.   

"What did you say?" Lawrence was stunned. He hadn't discussed Greg with her, and they had got married.     

Violet explained,"Lawrence, I just got my marriage license today and we are planning a honeymoon travel after a few days. I've met Greg's father and I think everything is looking good." She didn't want her brother to be worried about her.

 In the last few years, Lawrence had been abroad, but he was very concerned about her. Maybe he still cared about her so much because he still felt sorry for what had happened to her years ago.    

 Lawrence's tone became soft immediately and he said,"Well, that's great news. Violet, as long as you are happy, I'm happy." Since Violet had married Greg, the only thing he could do now was to send his best wishes. He didn't want to burst her happy bubble and make her sad in any manner.   

  Violet replied,"Oh, Lawrence, thank you so much."    

Lawrence continued,"Violet, tell Greg that if he dares to hurt you, I'll not leave him."

  Violet tried to comfort him,"Lawrence, I know you care about me, but don't worry. I'm the only woman in Greg's heart and I believe that he will love me loyally." Violet believed in the love she had with Greg.     Lawrence simply replied,"Okay." Then he hung up the phone.    

 After hanging up, he put the phone aside and looked at Greg's information that he had in his hand. Currently, his only concern was that of a girl, named Cassie Zheng. She was Greg's classmate when Greg had studied abroad and she had pursued Greg like crazy. Lawrence didn't know about Greg's attitude towards her. 

But Greg had returned home immediately after his graduation, so Lawrence thought that Greg must be in love with Violet. Lawrence was though afraid that Cassie might try her best to be around Greg and continue to influence him. If so, his sister Violet might get hurt in the process.     

Lawrence wanted to tell Violet that at one point a girl named Cassie Zheng had loved Greg crazily and she should reconsider her marriage with Greg. But he didn't expect that he was already late and they had been married. Since things had already happened, he thought it was pointless for him to tell Violet these things and make her sad. It was enough that he knew about them and if anyone dared to hurt his sister, he would not leave them in peace for sure.   

Violet then called her Daddy.     

Jackson answered the phone,"Hey, Violet, what's up?"    

Violet happily said,"Daddy, I have a piece of good news to share with you. I just got my marriage certificate with Greg. Guess what, we're married now."    

Jackson exclaimed,"Haha, really is that true? Congratulations! My baby daughter! It's such a pity that your Mommy and I still cannot come back soon. We still have a big project that needs to be finalized." As he said so, he started feeling a little guilty. He was so sorry that he couldn't attend his only daughter's wedding.   

Violet comforted,"Daddy, it's okay. Greg and I did not want a conventional wedding ceremony. In place of that, we have decided to have a wedding trip abroad."  

  "A wedding trip?" Jackson repeated her words feeling quite confused with the sudden change of events.     

Violet explained patiently,"Yes, Daddy. You know I don't like the crowd, so Greg and I decided to have a wedding trip instead. Greg's father has also agreed. 

And Uncle Wilson, Aunt Selina, Grandpa and Grandma; they have consented, too." She was on cloud nine today.     

Jackson understood what his daughter was trying to say and replied,"Okay, as long as you're happy, we are ok with whatever you decide."    

Violet happily said,"Thank you so much, Daddy. But you know what, I need your help."   

 Jackson replied,"I'm your Daddy and I'm ready to do whatever you say. Tell me what is it that you want me to do."  

Violet said,"Daddy, Greg and I want to post our marriage on social media, with Greg being the focus. 

We want to tell everyone that we are married now. This is kind of like celebrating our marriage in front of the people. With this, most of them would get to know about our union. I hope that you can help us to issue this news. If you can order the JC Group's media to post this news for us, it would be great."    

Jackson replied,"No problem at all! You're my daughter and now you're married. I'll certainly get this news posted and all the people in this city will get to know about it." He thought that he should fulfill his daughter's request.   

  Violet reminded Jackson,"Daddy, I don't want to gain any undue attention, so you please ask the editor to lay emphasis on Greg and not to share any information about me."    

Jackson replied,"My dear Violet, I'm your Daddy and I know what is going on in your mind. Don't worry. I'll handle all this without any issues."  

Violet happily said,"Okay, Daddy, I love you the most."    

Feeling concerned Jackson told Violet,"Violet, you've married Greg Xiao and now you have to be nice and polite to his entire family. Hope you know that? Xiao family is very big. Greg's father is one of my good acquaintances, but now you're his daughter-in-law and you should know how to get along with all the family members. At the same time, you will also need to have a loving relationship with your husband. I know Greg loves you and pampers you, but you'd better not try and be a brat. We parents can only hope that you two live happily and get along with each other." 

Jackson didn't want his daughter to get married at all, but he knew that he could do nothing to stop her. Once his daughter grew up, she would certainly get married one day. As her father, he could only hope that she was happy all her life.

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