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Season 7

Episode 79

(Good relationship between brother and sister (1)

Violet hung up and dialed her brother's number.

The phone rang for quite a while before Lawrence answered it.

"Hello, Violet," Lawrence said through the phone. The noise around him reached Violet's ears.

"Lawrence, where are you?" she asked, hearing a DJ's voice. "Why is there loud music around you?"

"I'm at a bar," Lawrence replied. "What's wrong? Why did you call me?"

Violet ignored his question. "Why are you at a bar? Are you drinking again?" Violet asked him. 'When will my brother give up his bad habits? He is always drinking or gambling. Why can't he do something right, for once?'

"I just drank a bit of wine. I'm fine. Don't worry," Lawrence said, not wanting to explain himself. He knew his sister lived a quiet life. She had no idea how rich people indulged in the finer pleasures of life.

"Lawrence, what have you been up to?" Violet persisted. "Are you only drinking and playing these days?" Lawrence had started his Ph.D. He had told her before that his classes were quite easy for him, so it didn't matter whether or not he attended them. As long as he passed all of his exams and had enough credits, he would graduate with flying colors. Violet could understand that Lawrence had a lot of free time on his hands. There was nothing for him to do except play.

"Pretty much," Lawrence said. "I have nothing else to do."

Violet paused for a moment. She decided to stop beating around the bush. "Lawrence, I want to tell you something."

"Yes, what is it?" he asked in a low voice.
"I have a boyfriend," Violet blurted out. She wanted to see how her brother would react to this piece of information.
Her brother's tone changed at once. "Who is the guy?" he asked in a loud voice.

Violet's eyes widened. She could tell he was angry. "What's up?" she said quickly.

"Why do you sound so angry?"

"Is he a playboy? Did he trick you into being his girlfriend?" Lawrence fired the questions at her. "Tell me who he is and I'll make sure he gets what he deserves."

Lawrence only had one sister, whom he valued more than himself. He didn't allow anyone to bully Violet. He was firm in his belief that if Violet wanted to get married in the future, he would find her a guy he trusted. If the man she chose for herself wasn't up to Lawrence's standards, he would not let them get married.

Violet was annoyed. "Lawrence, could you please calm down?" she whispered furiously. "I haven't even told you who he is and you're already threatening him. Do you want me to continue or not?" She had been in a good mood after talking to her mother. But now as she listened to Lawrence, Violet's happiness dissipated at once.

"Violet, I'm telling you that if anyone dares to mess with you, I will not spare him," Lawrence's words were sincere.

"All right, Lawrence," Violet said, sighing loudly. "Just calm down and listen to me first, okay?" She knew her brother very well. Only after he relaxed would she have a chance to explain this to him.

Lawrence didn't reply, so Violet continued,"Lawrence, it's Greg. He is my boyfriend. Greg Xiao? He is Fred's son. You must know him."

"Greg Xiao?" Lawrence tried to recall everything he knew about Greg.

"Yes, He returned from abroad some days ago and now works at XS Hospital. Mom and Dad, Uncle Wilson and Auntie Selina, everyone approves of him," Violet said the last sentence deliberately. She wanted to make it clear that she wasn't asking for her brother's opinion. She had a boyfriend now, and Lawrence had no say in this matter.

Her brother's voice was thoughtful. "Greg seemed fine before. I don't know how he is now. Wait. Give me three days. I need to find out more about him. After I do, I'll call you and talk this over with you."

Lawrence didn't yet approve of Greg. Even if Violet didn't want to listen to him, he still needed to investigate Greg.

Lawrence was serious about his sister's happiness. His future brother-in-law must be good to her and love her.

Violet cringed at this. "Lawrence, could you please not look into him? I've known him since we were in primary school. We are very familiar with each other. I trust Greg whole-heartedly and he loves me very much. He won't betray me," she said. Violet had no reason to doubt Greg's love. Greg laid his future on the line because of her. He had wanted to major in painting before, but he chose to be a cosmetic surgeon instead. Everyone around him knew the reason behind this change.

"Violet, don't mind me. Just wait for my call. I'll talk to you within three days." There was nothing that Lawrence couldn't do once he made up his mind.

"What do you want to do? Lawrence, you're abroad. You can't even meet Greg right now. What the hell are you going to do?" Violet fumed. 'My brother is still as bossy as he used to be!' she thought.

"You think I can't get information on him if I'm abroad? Last time, I wanted to see Austin, but he was hiding in a bathroom in Dubai. I still managed to find him.

Don't doubt my ability."

"Lawrence, don't you dare do anything to him. If you hurt Greg, I will never forgive you." Why did Lawrence want information on Greg? What if her brother got worked up and did something to him? Violet was quite worried that Greg might be hurt.

"My silly sister, what are you thinking? Just live your life as usual. I know what I should do."

"Lawrence, don't lose sleep over my relationship. You should find yourself a girlfriend first. Mom is always worried about you."



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