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 Season 7

Episode 77

(Communicating with the family (2)

"Mom, I was so very wrong. I was afraid you would not agree with my plans. Dad is easier to deal with and I can get money from Dad as he has never questioned me for anything. I was worried that you were going to quiz me too much." Austin also pretended as if his Mother had done something wrong. He was thinking that his Mother would ask him queries and so he would not tell her about the plan until everything had been figured out.     

"Well, you don't have to explain to me anymore. Are you done with your operational plan?" asked Selina in a questioning tone.    

 "It will be final after we have our last discussion tonight. I'll send it to you once our meeting tonight is over,"  said Austin.   

"Okay, send an email to me. I'll surely spare some time to check it,"  said Selina.     

"Oh, Mom, I love you so much. I will definitely give you a big kiss once I am back home." Austin felt so grateful in his heart. His mother had always been his savior.     

"Well, stop buttering me up with your sweet words,"  said Selina with a smile.

 "But Austin, take care of yourself and ask your partners also to take care of themselves. Starting a business is not an easy task and I hope you people understand that. Remember to eat on time and give adequate attention to your sleep patterns so that you guys do not get tired out."    

"Understood, Mom. I am still having classes at school recently, so hopefully, my routine would not be disturbed. I will make sure that I get up and eat on time. 

But it is just impossible to sleep on time. I will have to adjust my time reasonably, but you don't worry,"  said Austin.    

 "Well, that sounds really good,"  Selina felt that she had said whatever she had wanted to. Now, her son might be fed up of talking to her. It would be better to say something nice. "Austin, I have a piece of good news to share with you."  

"What is it, Mom?" Austin seemed a little surprised.     

"Violet has a boyfriend now, a very handsome doctor,"  said Selina with a smile.     

"Really, does Violet actually have a boyfriend? But, how could she do this? I haven't found a girlfriend yet,"  said Austin immediately.    

 "You, don't worry, I'll introduce a girl to you once you are back. Now focus on your studies,"  said Selina.     

"No, it would be better if I do that myself. The ones you will introduce would be the rich and spoilt ladies, I can't bear their temper,"  Austin immediately refused his mother, saying,"However, I hope Violet is not just a good friend, right? She said that she would stay single for me. But now she has already fallen in love with some other guy."  

"But, why should she stay single for you? What are you talking about, Austin?" asked Selina.     

"I meant she should have been waiting for me to find a girlfriend too, or else I would be the only one who is left single and alone,"  Austin said.   

  "You are younger than Violet, and so you need not be so anxious,"  said Selina. She would definitely support her niece and not let her son bully his sister in any manner.     

"Mom, you are always on her side, and so does Lawrence. None of you think about me, ever!" said Austin, acting as if he was hurt.   

  "Once you are back I will decide if I should support you or not,"  said Selina with a smile.     

"Well, then I will have to fight hard first, Mom, tell Violet that I wish her all the happiness. If she wants to get married as soon as possible she can do so, but I might not be able to attend her wedding ceremony. Then I will give her wedding gift once I am back,"  said Austin.   

"Tell her that yourself. And show some respect. She is your elder sister,"  Selina reprimanded her son harshly.   

  "Okay, Mom. Go to bed now, Dad must be waiting for you,"  said Austin.   

  "You bad boy, how naughty you have become!" Selina was angry and happy both at the same time. She did not know of any other way to deal with her son. 

    "Well, okay, I'll hang up now. Bye, Mom,"  said Austin.     

"Remember to call your Grandparents whenever you find some spare time,"  said Selina before parting.    


Sitting on the sofa in her room, Violet dialed her father's number.   

  "Hello, Violet,"  Jackson answered the phone promptly.   

"Dad, are you busy, Can I talk to you?" Violet asked happily. She was already very pleased to hear her Dad's voice after such a long time.     

"No. What have you been up to? How has your life been recently?" asked Jackson, concern evident in his voice.     

"I just had my dinner with Uncle and others. Then I thought of calling you. I am fine. How about you and Mom, how are you doing?" asked Violet in one breath.     

"We are fine, dear. Are you mad at me for not calling you recently?" Jackson was worried that his daughter would be upset with them since Cherry and he had not paid attention to her. Every time they wanted to call their daughter after work, it would be midnight. They feared that she would be sleeping and would get disturbed hence the delay in calling.    

 "Dad, do I appear so petty-minded to you?" asked Violet.    

 "Seems not,"  smiled Jackson. He knew his daughter well, she was indeed a sweet girl.   

"I know you are very busy. I just called to ask when you people will come back." Violet said.     

"We may not be able to come back soon, dear. We have to go to the United States in the near future. You know that we have been really busy recently,"  said Jackson. Although Cherry and he were quite homesick and missed their daughter a lot, they were unable to leave at once. There was so much work at hand and they just could not drop it like that.     

"Oh, I know,"  Violet was somewhat disappointed. If Dad and Mom wouldn't come back soon, how would she tell them about her relationship with Greg? 

Anyways, they could only wait for her parents to come back and then they would conduct the wedding.     

Jackson heard his daughter's undertone and he asked,"Why are you asking? Is there something that you have in mind?"

    "Actually nothing very important,"  said Violet, feeling a little shy.   

But Jackson had seen her through. He continued,"Violet, don't hide anything from Dad, tell me, who is troubling my darling baby daughter?"   

 "No one is bullying me, Dad, give the phone to Mom, I want to talk to her,"  suddenly Violet said. She preferred to tell such things to her Mother rather than her Father. At least she wouldn't be so nervous in front of her Mother. Moreover, she knew that it was always her Mother who made decisions in her family, Dad was still quite hard, compared to her gentle and virtuous Mother. She could easily discuss such matters with her Mother.     

"Okay, wait a moment, your Mom is sitting right beside me,"  said Jackson.  

   Cherry answered the phone in a minute and asked,"Hello, Violet, what's wrong? 

Your Dad is saying that you have something important to tell me."    

"Yes, Mom, there is something,"  Violet was feeling a little shy. She didn't know how to say it out, but she also knew that she had to somehow tell her parents today. Anyways, they would get to know sooner or later.

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