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 Season 7

Episode 74

(The Good News (1)

"Greg, how are you so lucky? Was the news of you two breaking up false? 

Violet waited so many years for you. You are very fortunate,"  Tim Xue said. He grabbed Greg's arm casually. "I really envy you,"  he added.    

 "Why? There are always women chasing after you. Why do you envy me?" Greg replied. He prodded Tim with his elbow, maintaining proper distance.   

  "I envy you because Violet is the heiress of Chu Family. Her father would gift me a huge mansion if I were to marry her. I wouldn't have to live in the hotel anymore,"  Tim Xue bantered.    

 "What? Believe it or not, if you ever try to seduce her, I would break off all relations with you,"  Greg growled, ready to fight. 

Violet was his. Was Tim trying to provoke him? Who was he to even dare look in her direction?   

"Oh, Greg. Please stop. I am just kidding. 

Violet is always yours, always. Just forgive me, all right?" Tim begged for mercy. He knew how important Violet was to Greg and was just joking around.

 He didn't expect Greg to be so outraged.     
Greg relaxed his clenched jaw. Finding Tim to be sincere, he decided to let him off easy.    

 He and Tim moved to sit on the sofa. Tim ran his fingers through his hair. "You bought the apartment so you and Violet could live together?" he asked.   

  "What else? You think I bought it so I could live with my father there?" Greg's voice was sarcastic.  

   Tim ignored his tone. "You should have bought her a villa. Violet might feel uncomfortable living in a small apartment,"  Tim said.    

 "You know Violet. She likes to keep a low profile. She is unwilling to let others know that she is the heiress of Chu Family, you think she'd be willing to live in a luxurious villa? Besides, I haven't told her yet that I bought us a new apartment. I am not sure if it would sit well with her."

 Greg's eyebrows furrowed in concern. He didn't know how his girlfriend would react when he told her that he already bought the house they'd live in after marriage.   

"Greg,"  Tim addressed him seriously, staring ahead. "We all know why she keeps a low profile. And I know what you did for her. You choose to be a plastic surgeon for her sake. Alice learned fashion designing for her as well. Violet has always longed for something better but she can't let go of the bad memories.

 She used to be so light-hearted before. 

The accident must have been a bitter blow to her."    

Greg listened to Tim with his head bowed and kept silent. What he voiced out was exactly how Greg felt deep down.    

 "Greg, you love her so much. Make sure she gets the best. Whether or not she accepts it would depend on the effort you put in. You have something special with her. Even after being separated for five years, you two are still devoted to each other. She still loves you like she used to,"  Tim said, turning to look at Greg. "Do you get what I'm saying?"  

"Yes,"  Greg said, nodding. He understood what Tim meant, that he should continue to do his best when it came to Violet. 

Greg's confidence heightened. He realized how lucky he was that they were still together and promised himself to always treasure their relationship.     

Tim patted him on the shoulder. "Greg, don't hesitate to ask for my help if you ever need it."    

"I just hope you find the woman you love. I will marry soon, but how about you?" Greg asked.    

 "Don't push me, okay? I'm taking it easy,"  Tim Xue said casually. In truth, he had long decided to break up with his girlfriends and become more serious about his relationships.    

 "How about you buy the apartment opposite mine? You own the hotel, but you should still have a house to your name, you know? Just buy yourself a house and move in,"  Greg counseled him.   

"You think you know me so well, don't you?" Tim Xue retorted, pretending to be unconvinced. "My father isn't home, so his villa is all to myself, why do I need to buy a new house? Living in the hotel is good. I have a bed to sleep in and it's enough. I don't care about anything else."   

 "Is the villa's ownership certificate in your name?" Greg asked him abruptly, shaking his head.    

 "No,"  Tim Xue said simply.     

"Then you should buy the apartment opposite mine. It would be convenient for us. I can always help you when you are too drunk to walk upstairs,"  Greg joked. He was determined to make Tim his neighbor. Once Greg moved in with Violet, it would be helpful to have Tim around.     

"Well, I will think about it,"  Tim said, a little moved.    

 "There is nothing to think about. I know you can do it. You are the son of Xue Family, I am sure there is nothing you can't get,"  Greg urged him. He was confident that Tim would follow his suggestion.   

"Well, when you put it like that, I must buy the apartment! Also, if I didn't move in next to you, how would I discover your and Violet's secrets?" Tim said, wiggling his eyebrows. He snickered and gave Greg a sidelong look.    

 "Why would we let you in on our secrets? Don't overestimate yourself, Tim. You will never discover them,"  Greg said haughtily, turning away from him.    

 "We'll see about that when I become your neighbor,"  Tim Xue said, convinced. He decided to buy the apartment opposite Greg's, no matter how expensive it was.    

 "Yes, yes, we'll see. I should go now,"  Greg said, standing up and walking to the door.    

 "Where are you going? How about a drink in the afternoon?" Tim Xue shouted behind him.   

"I don't want to. Have the drink by yourself!" Greg shouted back as he walked out.     

Violet returned to Yuwen House carrying a lot of bags. When she entered, she saw her Grandma standing in the living room.     

"Hi, Grandma,"  Violet greeted, walking toward her. Her hands were full.     "Oh, my sweetie, you are holding a lot of things!" Elsa hurried to help her beloved granddaughter.     

"It's all right, I can handle it,"  Violet said. She put the things on the sofa with Elsa's help.    

 "Sit and get some rest,"  Elsa said, smiling. "Violet, why did you buy us so many things? Your uncle and aunt can get us everything we need. You don't need to waste your own money."    

"Grandma, I went to my parents' house today. I accompanied Lily to the supermarket this afternoon and thought I'd buy some things for you. It's no big deal,"  Violet said, clearly in high spirits. Her grandparents had always taken care of her. It was her pleasure to buy things for them.   

"And how did you come back?" Elsa asked her. Violet had so many bags in her hands that it must have exhuasted her to walk on foot.     

"Bill drove me here and went back home,"  Violet answered.     

"Well, that's good. I was afraid that carrying all of these made you tired,"  Elsa said. She squeezed Violet's hands, realizing once again how much she loved her granddaughter.     

"Grandma, I bought lots of food. Maybe we should make a big meal tonight. Let's ask Uncle and Auntie to dine with us at home, what do you think?" Violet asked her with a smile.     

"That sounds good, I also want them to have dinner at home. Your Uncle always drinks when he has food outside. It's not good for his health,"  Elsa said, clicking her teeth.   

"Yes, Grandma. How about we make dinner together?" Violet's asked. Her eyes were bright and eager.   


Elsa and Violet walked into the kitchen together.

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