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 Season 6

Episode 43

(Chris in distress)

Noticing Gary's hesitation in discussing Autumn, Charlie didn't pursue the topic. After finishing his meal, he got distracted in studying Gary's chessboard. 

Meanwhile, the old man and Leila sat on the lounge.    

 "How old is the boy?" asked Gary curiously while gazing at Charlie.     

"He's almost four years old,"  Leila replied calmly. To make her lie more believable, she purposefully made Charlie a year older than he actually was.     

"When did you and Charles… get together?" Gary asked with interest. He intended to figure out what was going on between his grandson and this woman. 

He was extremely satisfied with his great-grandson, who looked exactly like Charles at his age. However, he didn't take kindly to the thought of Charles' cheating on his wife. If he really had a relationship with this woman after marrying Autumn, he would teach him a lesson.   

"Grandpa, we never really… dated,"  Leila said, looking embarrassed. She had a feeling that Charles' grandfather was not a pushover. Trying to act shy, she continued, "It happened when Charles got drunk while we were on a business trip in Europe,"  she said in a low voice. 

"He mistook me for Autumn and I didn't resist him because I was infatuated with him. Later, I found myself pregnant with his child."    

"Is that so?" There was sarcasm in the old man's voice. Looking up, Leila found Gary looking at her suspiciously.    

 "Yes,"  Leila said in a firm voice. "The other day... Mr. Lu got drunk and we…" Leila's voice trailed off intentionally.  

   Gary snorted, assuming what happened next.     

His blood boiled with anger when he heard his grandson repeated his mistake.   

'We men from the Lu family have always been loyal to our wives and there is no exception. How can Charles break this old tradition?' he thought angrily.     

"I'll teach him a lesson when he comes back,"  Gary threatened. His eyes were kindling with anger at his grandson's lack of control.     

Blood rushed to Leila's cheeks at Gary's word. After a slight hesitation, she said, "Grandpa, it's not his fault. He didn't force me. Besides, it's been more than three years since Autumn left him. He is a virile man with needs…" Her eyes pleaded silently. "I hope you can understand him,"  she said.     

Gary's face turned livid with anger. He threw Leila a scathing look. "Miss Zhang, I prefer you to address me as Mr. Lu. You are not my grandson's wife, so you have no right to call me grandpa."    

Hearing Gary's disparaging words, Leila realized that he had no intention of treating her as part of their family.   

Blushing with mortification, Leila lowered her head. Chris who was silently listening to their conversation suddenly cut in. "Grandpa, don't be so serious. 

Leila is going to marry Charles sooner or later. She is like a family,"  she said in favor of Leila. "I don't see why she can't call you grandpa now,"  Chris told Gary.   

  Looking angrily at his grand-daughter, Gary said insultingly, "She can call me grandpa only after she gets married to Charles and not before. I never saw a lady who talked so familiarly on their first meeting."    

Feeling seriously chastised, Leila held back her anger. Charles' grandfather was turning out to be a pain in the neck. Smiling sweetly, she turned to Gary saying, "Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Lu, for being familiar on our first meeting."    

Witnessing Gary's hostility towards Leila, Chris jumped to her defense. "Grandpa, I brought them here because I wanted you to side with them. I thought you would be happy to see Charles' son. Leila gave him a good upbringing. He is such a well-mannered and smart boy. Why are you treating her like this?" Chris complained.   
"Be quiet!" Gary snapped at Chris, looking at her thunderously. "You're married off and this is not your home anymore. So don't meddle in your brother's affairs,"  he lectured sternly.    

 "You…" Shock kept Chris from uttering another word. 'I did all this for Charles' sake, but grandpa scolded me like this. He made me look like a fool in front of Leila,' she thought angrily.     

"You're right. This is not my home anymore. After all the things I did for Charles, this is all the thanks I got, a scolding from you. I'm not blaming anybody. It's all my fault for caring too much for my brother. Now that I know I'm not welcome in this house, I'm leaving,"  she said emotionally.     

Leila tried to stop Chris as she said hurriedly, "Miss Lu, please don't be angry with your grandfather. You misunderstood his meaning."   

 "Let me go!" Chris shook off Leila's hands violently. "I wash my hands of you. If you want to be in this family, figure it out yourself. I can't help you anymore,"  she told Leila angrily.   

"That's enough!" Gary barked at Chris. 'Chris was spoiled by us. She got used to getting her own way,' he thought.     

His anger subsided a little as he looked at Chris storming angrily out of the room. 'It's so late. Where will she go?' he thought worriedly.     

Cursing and sobbing, she strode hurriedly towards the door. As soon as she stepped out of the room, she ran into Charles who was just about to enter the door.     

Steadying her with his hands, Charles asked, "What's the hurry? Where are you going at this hour?"   

 "Charles…" Chris sobbed at her brother's chest. Looking up at her brother tearfully, she said, "I did all this for you, but grandpa berated me..."    

Frowning, Charles tried to understand what Chris was talking about. He looked towards the living room. His eyes were narrowed as he caught sight of Leila. Then he brought back his attention to Chris who was obviously distressed.   

'What the hell is she doing here?' he thought, scowling heavily.     

"Mr. Lu…" Leila addressed Charles with an awkward expression. With one look at Charles' expression, she realized that he didn't know about their visit.     

'He doesn't want to see me here,' she thought, feeling embarrassed.    

 "What are you doing here?" Charles asked coldly. Leila bit her lip, not knowing what to say. Before Leila could answer, Chris interjected, "I invited her."  

  With knitted brows, he turned sharply to Chris. "You did this?"   

 "Yes,"  Chris confirmed. "She is your son's mother. I asked her and Charlie to join us for a meal. What is the problem?"    
"Why are you so nosy?" he growled at his sister. "It's none of your business. Why are you interfering?" he snapped angrily.  

"You…" Chris faltered, her face turning pale. At first, it was Gary, now Charles was also biting her head off. She never expected that Charles would react like this.

 "I never expected that you and grandpa can treat me like this. I'm leaving this house and I'm not coming back," Chris shouted at Charles. Pushing Charles out of the way, Chris turned to leave. The minute she took a step, she felt an excruciating pain in her abdomen. 

Clutching her stomach desperately, Chris suddenly collapsed to the ground. Leila rushed to her side feigning concern. "Are you all right, Miss Lu?" she asked. "It hurts…" 

Chris groaned, her brows furrowed in pain as she clutched her belly. Leila turned to look at Charles who was gently lifting Chris in his arms. "Is she going to have the baby?" she asked worriedly. 


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