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 Season 6

Episode 38

(You're are not to be blame)

"Would you... would you be able to forgive me?" Charles asked his son. The seconds felt eternal as he was waiting expectantly for his answer.    

 "I won't blame you if you can't,"  he said interrupting the uncomfortable silence. Then Charlie replied diplomatically, "She told me that she gave birth to me secretly and you couldn't have known that; so I don't blame you for anything."  

  Relieved, Charles returned a warm "Thank you." He was happy that Leila had not taught Charlie to hate him. That was the least she could have done.     

He hugged his son and swore to be there for him more, from now on.     

"So now,"  Charlie started inquiring, "will you and her... you know... be together?" It was simply a curious question from a little boy; he didn't intend anything by it. 

  However, Charles was surprised by his question. He wasn't sure where he was going with it, so he replied hesitantly, "No, we won't."    

Charles worried that Charlie would be disappointed by his answer and decided to explain, "I don't love her so I can't force myself to be with her. However, you are my son and that will never change. I may not be with her, but my love and dedication towards you will always be there."  

  "Does that make sense? Does it bother you?" Charles asked. He gazed at his son, worried about his reaction.    

 "Honestly, I knew you don't want be with her,"  revealed Charlie. He was a down-to-earth kid, with no unrealistic expectations. So he was in no way disappointed. "In fact,"  added Charlie, "I have tried to get her to realize that as well, but she just doesn't believe me."  

  Charles was impressed by his son's maturity. However, he still wondered if there was any other reason for his question.   

So he attempted to find out, "Now that you know I won't be with her, would you like to come live with me instead?" The thought of leaving Charlie, even temporarily, was becoming hard for him to handle. All it would take was for his son to agree to live with him, and he would do whatever it took to make that happen.     

Charlie was torn. That was a big decision to make, and he wasn't sure how he felt about it yet. "I can't answer that right now,"  concluded Charlie after a few moments of thoughtful consideration.   

  "Take your time,"  his dad encouraged him. With a loving smile, Charles added, "You can call me once you decide, or you can stop by my office and let me know as well."    

He handed Charlie his business card, and as he was getting ready to leave, he reminded him, "Don't forget to let me know what you decide, okay?"    

"Okay,"  Charlie answered. With a quick nod, Charles excused himself and left his son's room.   

As soon as he stepped out of the room, he saw Leila on the phone outside, on the balcony.     

Once she noticed him, she hung up immediately. With quick steps, she walked over to him and asked, "Did you finish talking to Charlie?"    

Charles wanted nothing to do with her. His indifferent attitude towards Leila was no longer a minor hiccup in her plans; now, his heart had truly become impenetrable. Without even an inflection in his tone, Charles stated," Yes; do think carefully on the two choices I offered you and call me as soon as you decide."

    What a discouraging statement that was for Leila! Ironically, his words came right after she had been on the phone with Chris, complaining about not knowing how to win her brother's heart anymore. She was losing hope, and his words were making it even harder. All the effort she had put into it took her nowhere. Chris felt like her only silver lining.   

Chris also never expected Charles to be so determined. She asked Leila to be patient and not try anything for a while. She promised to think of some way to help her.     

Right as he was getting ready to open the door and leave, Charles suddenly remembered something and turned towards Leila adding, "Oh, I almost forgot one important thing." On the same cold tone he continued, "You don't have to work anymore."    

"What do you mean?" she questioned him anxiously. He couldn't be saying what she thought he was! The last thing Leila wanted was to lose her job. That meant she would not be able to even see him anymore.    

 Leila never expected Charles to be this cruel. What would she do now? And how could she continue fighting for his affection?     

"Charles Lu, why are you doing this to me?" Leila complained. Then, on an even angrier tone, she began retaliating against his unjust treatment, "I have sacrificed so much for you! Do you really not see it?"  

No, Charles didn't see it that way. Refusing to let her get to him, he uttered three piercing words, "You disgust me." 

He wasn't going to continue but couldn't help himself, "I know your kind really well. Everything you've done is just for wealth and status. If I were a penniless man, would you still want to marry me?" 

   Leila was perplexed by his assertion. She had never actually thought about why she loved Charles. Was he right? Was it just because he was handsome and rich? Did she love anything else about him?     

Leila opened her mouth to say something, but those thoughts he had just put in her mind wouldn't let her speak. She kept wondering would she love him if he were just an ordinary man? 

Entirely focused on her plan all these years, Leila had lost sight of the "why" behind it.     

No, it had to be Charles' personality that she loved, and not his wealth or looks. Otherwise, why hadn't she fallen in love with other men who were also rich and good-looking?   

"Don't think of me like that!" She finally found her words. "I'm not the kind of women you assume I am." Leila reached out to hold his hand but Charles walked away. He then attempted to conclude their pointless argument, "Leila, I'm telling you for the last time, we will never be together! Forget about that. Just tell me how much you want and I'll do my best to provide you with it."    

But Leila ignored his words and, instead, tried to get closer to him. Charles pulled away abruptly and yelled, "Tell me your conditions, woman, before I lose my patience! This is your last chance!" Leila jolted backwards at his screaming. His threats felt like a slap in her face.    

 She was frightened. She kept trying to physically reach out to him and calm him down, but Charles was enraged beyond limit. Unable to take his rejection any longer, she forcefully hugged him tight and pleaded, "Charles, don't leave me! I promise I will stay beside you regardless of what you decide to do in the future. I will fix all of my shortcomings just to be with you."  

Her words came with crying and sobbing, so that Charles wouldn't have the heart to push her away. Out of nowhere, Charlie opened the door of his bedroom and yelled at Leila impatiently, "Enough! Didn't you hear he doesn't love you?"    

His words came as a shock to both Leila and Charles. She was hoping Charlie would be on her side. As if she hadn't heard anything the kid said, Leila ran up to him begging, "Charlie, help me convince your father not to leave. Ask him to stay and live with us."   

 "Shut up!" Charlie ordered her. "He is my father but not your husband. Love can't be forced. If he marries you because you begged him, it's very likely that you two will get divorced sooner or later. I keep telling you that; why can't you see it?" he persisted.     

Her face fell as she heard Charlie speak. Leila never expected him to be against her, and could not snap out of her shock. The only reason she took him and raised him was for Charles, and now all her sacrifice was proving to be in vain.   


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