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 Season 6

Episode 35

(Charles meet charlie)

"Yes, he is,"  Leila answered, looking at him with a satisfied smile. Turning her attention to Charlie, she demanded, "Charlie, where are your manners? Come here! There is someone I want you to meet."    

Knowing their visitor's identity, Charlie pretended not to hear his arrival. But since Leila called his name, he had no choice but to face this man. Switching off the TV reluctantly, he walked towards Charles slowly. He was not looking forward to meeting the father who had abandoned him.    

 His back was facing Charlie and he didn't notice him standing behind him. 

Glaring at Leila, he said impatiently, "I didn't come here to see your son. I came here to look at the evidence you have. Show me now." Charles' voice was laced with distaste.   

Smiling smugly, Leila responded calmly, "Just turn around and see for yourself." She nodded her head towards Charlie. 

Frowning, Charles turned around and found the small boy standing straight in front of him. His gaze narrowed as he studied Charlie.     

It was like looking at himself when he was at that age. His heart was beating fast as he wondered why this little boy resembled him so much. No matter how much he racked his brain, he couldn't think of a reason.     

"What the hell is going on?" Charles almost shouted at Leila. A dreadful feeling overpowered him as he saw Leila's malicious smile.    

"I think you already know the answer. The truth is staring you in the face. Do you still need me to explain to you?" Leila replied, looking at Charles challengingly.

     His mind was rejecting the possibility, but the sick feeling in his stomach was telling him something else. Seizing Leila by the throat, he growled at her furiously, "Explain!"  

Before deciding to bring Charles to her house, Leila had already made up her mind to make him believe that Charlie was their son.    

 She knew that she was taking a big risk for lying blatantly but she had no choice. Instead of showing fear at Charles' anger, she just smiled at him and said, "Charles, you're scaring the child."    

Releasing his hands from her throat, Charles tried to control his temper. He didn't want to frighten the boy.    

 Turning to Charlie, he noticed that the boy seemed unaffected by the scene. Nevertheless, he stooped down and spoke to him in a soft tone, "Good boy, you can go to your room now. I need to talk to your mother."   

 "Okay,"  Charlie answered cooperatively. It seemed he had no intention of being Leila's pawn. Returning to his room, he turned up the volume of the TV to drown the voices from the living room. He was not interested in listening to their argument.   

He was just surprised that he felt no repulsion towards his father.    

 Charles fixed his blazing eyes on Leila. "I'm waiting for your explanation,"  he said in a cold voice. Scowling at Leila, Charles didn't bother to hide his contempt.     

Pouring a glass of water, Leila took her time in answering Charles. "Do you remember when we went to Europe on a business trip?" she asked.     

"Yes." Charles nodded curtly. His eyes clouded when he remembered about the trip. Autumn threw a tantrum because of a silly necklace.     

That event stuck on his mind. 'But what the hell has that got to do with the boy?' he thought to himself.   

With a frown, Leila went on with her story, "You got so drunk one night and you mistook me for Autumn. I told you I had feelings for you. When you reached for me that night even thinking that I was Autumn, I couldn't resist you so I didn't push you away."    

Smiling bitterly, she continued, "I regretted what happened the following morning. I felt guilty because Autumn helped me a lot and you were my boss." 

After a small pause, she added, "Anyway, it was all my fault. I owe you and your wife. I took two photos while you were sleeping. I look at it every night before I go to sleep."    

Faking a bitter smile, Leila handed two photos of her and Charles lying naked on the bed. Charles' face turned pale as he looked at the photos. Leila giggled inside at the look on Charles' face. She could see that he was starting to believe her story.     

Feeling ashamed and angry, Charles focused his gaze on the pictures in his hands. He had no recollection of sleeping with Leila that night, but he couldn't ignore the evidence in front of his eyes. He felt guilty at having betrayed Autumn's trust. Most of all he hated Leila, but he couldn't help believing her words.   

"I planned to resign after that but when I saw you pick up a gift for Autumn, I wished you bought that necklace for me…" Leila confessed. "I came back to the shop later to buy the same necklace. I pretended it was a gift from you to make Autumn jealous,"  she said hesitantly.     

"Because of that, Autumn almost lost her baby. I felt sorry for her. When you confronted me because of that, I realized that Autumn would always be the most important person for you." Leila said sadly. "That was when I decided to give up on you." Charles had been listening intently to what Leila was saying and his face darkened as he realized the malice in Leila's intention from the beginning.

Autumn almost lost their babies because of jealousy. Leila intentionally tried to come between him and Autumn no matter what she said to the contrary.   

"Unfortunately, I found out I was pregnant with your child. I hesitated for a long time, but in the end, I decided to give birth to our child. After all, he is my child and I can't give him up,"  Leila said looking at Charles intently.    

 "I never regretted my decision. Charlie not only looks like you, but he also has your intelligence and personality. He is too matured for his age. Overall, he is an obedient and sweet boy." Looking coyly at Charles, Leila exclaimed, "Whenever I feel troubled and frustrated, I just take a look at Charlie and my troubles disappear. He is my reason for living."  

  "Is that so?" Charles sneered disbelievingly. "If you are such a great mother, why did you appear again? Why are you telling me this all of a sudden?   

  Didn't you decide to be a single mother?" Charles asked her in contempt. 'I couldn't care less about Leila, but now I have to face her because of Charlie,' he thought darkly.   

Leila put on a wry smile and replied, "Actually I planned on bringing him up on my own. I thought I was capable of giving him everything he needs. I know that I can give him a good life, but I realized what he needs is a father…    

When I met you at the bar, I realized that I still have feelings for you. You're not only the one I love but you're also the father of my child. Every time you call me, I never turned you down even though you can only talk about Autumn. I feel happy as long as I can see you."

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