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Season 6

Episode 21

(Liela is back)

"Come on, David. I know this is not the case." Charles smiled and added, "You just said you and Alice still had time to spend together, but actually it's been a long time since your last date with her. 

Am I right? You've been serving as my assistant for so many years, and I do care about your personal life."    

David stood in front of Charles with his head hung downwards. He was speechless out of embarrassment.  

   Charles heaved a sigh and said, "She has been through a tough time. She is badly in need of help. She has to take care of a three-year-old boy and she needs this job to provide her some income to support both of them."    

"What?" David was completely taken aback when Charles said that Leila had a son. He asked, "Do you mean that Leila got married?"  

"I don't know whether she got married or not." Charles added, "All I know is that she has a three-year-old son. And no company is ready to give her an opportunity because she has a son to look after. Companies usually take this as a liability to appoint a single mother who has no support system. 

As an old employee of this company, I felt it is my responsibility to help her out. Moreover, she had been very efficient in her work. So it would be good for the company to have her back."    

David could not believe that Charles was ready to forget her misconducts in the past. "But... Have you forgotten how she treated Mrs. Lu in such a devious way. 

How can you forgive her?" David arched his brow as he asked Charles.  

   It was true that Charles hated her for what she did to Autumn several years ago. But he had thought about it and after much consideration decided to forgive her. It had been over three years since Autumn had disappeared. Charles felt it was time to let the bygone be bygone and start afresh.   

After Autumn disappeared, Charles had very little interest in his own life. Maybe if he could help anybody who was in need, he could ease a bit of his own pain.    

 "To be honest, I hated her when I came to know about what she had done to Autumn." Charles smiled and explained to David, "But it all happened in the past, so many years ago. Autumn has disappeared for several years and I think it's time I should let go of the hatred."   

 Charles looked at David who was patiently listening to him and said, "All you need to do is to take her as a common colleague. And after so many years in between, who knows, she might have changed for good. What is the harm of giving her a second chance? 

Don't you think so?"   

 David nodded his head in approval to Charles' words. He felt Charles was justified in being considerate towards Leila's son. Hence, he decided to do according to Charles' request, not so much for Leila but for her poor son.   

"Okay then. As you please. Now I need to go back to work if there is nothing I can do here,"  David heaved a sigh and said to Charles.     

The moment David came back to his work station, Alice walked up to him and asked him, "What happened? What did Mr. Lu tell you?"    

"Nothing special." David's eyes automatically roved over Leila who was busy working. Somehow, he could not trust her. Even though Charles had told him that she had changed over the years, it sounded too good to be true for someone like Leila.    

Upon seeing Alice's eyes full of concern, he pacified her and said, "Don't worry. Mr. Lu didn't blame me."    

Alice heaved a sigh and felt reassured upon hearing his words.   

Soon later, Leila came for David with a file. She said politely, "David, there are two terms that I don't understand. Can you explain them for me?"   

 "What are they?" David scanned the file and began explaining them to Leila. Leila nodded her head frequently and exclaimed to David, "I have never expected the terms about our industry have changed so much during the three years of my absence."    

David smiled and said, "Yes, it changes rapidly and you have a lot to learn."   

 "Thank you." Leila could sense the sarcasm in David's voice. There was in fact, hardly anyone in the office who had respect for Leila. But this time she was here with a completely different motive that needed her to be focused on it. So she ignored any harsh words uttered by David and pretended to be completely sincere. "I know I did many things wrong in the past so you disliked me. But I have changed a lot in the past three years and I only want to work hard now. I hope you can forgive me. Let's rebuild our relationship and start afresh. I will prove to you that I am a changed person now."

  "You don't need to prove anything to me." David sounded indifferent as he spoke to Leila.     

"No, I should do that." Leila sounded repentant about her past misconducts. Leila gave a bitter smile and said, "I feel so sorry for what I did before. I owe you an apology for the trouble I caused to you."    

"Fine. Never mind,"  David said promptly to just stop talking with Leila as fast as he could. David hated Leila from the core of his heart. Therefore, no matter what she said or did now, he knew that she was simply faking it. However since she was displaying so much of repentance, David thought it would be appropriate to give her a piece of advice. He frowned and said to Leila, "I learnt that you are a mother now. So no matter what you do in future, please consider it clearly. I just hope you set up a good example for your son to follow."  

Leila didn't expect David to distrust her even after she said so much to him. Her face became dark.     

She almost lost her cool but refrained her emotion finally. She had worked very hard to come back to this office. This was the first hurdle that she had just crossed. She still had a long way to go before she reached her goal. She couldn't be bogged down with trivial people like David.     

She would not spare him after she became Charles's wife.    

 "I will." She gulped the lump in her throat as she spoke. She gave a fake smile and said, "I need to go back to work now."    

"Okay,"  David said indifferently. Now that he couldn't drive her out of the company, he could only watch over her carefully to see what her real intention was.   

At noon, David and Alice went out for lunch together. Alice asked him curiously, "I just heard you say that Leila has a son now. Is that true?"    

"Yes, it's true." David's eyes narrowed down and he frowned slightly as he said, "Mr. Lu told me that her son is three years old now, but I don't know who is the boy's father."    

"Hum... Maybe he is Mr. Lu's son?" Alice just uttered the words impulsively but then contemplated on the likeliness of her wild guess being true. David on the other hand was completely taken aback by her statement and could not help but give her a slap on her shoulder.     

He completely negated the idea as he arched his brow and said to Alice, "What nonsense are you talking? How could it be possible for Mr. Lu to be the kid's father?" He asked in a rather scolding manner as if to shun the very thought of it.     

"I was just guessing randomly." Alice touched her shoulder and caressed the area that was slapped by David. Then she continued in a serious voice, "Let's think about it clearly. The kid is three years now and that means Leila was pregnant before she was fired from Shining Company. I even remember that she had no boyfriend back then..."  

Alice's analysis sounded reasonable and it sent a chill down David's spine. He shuddered by the thought of it.     

"Okay, enough. Stop guessing! Let's have lunch now." David didn't want to think more about this issue and decided to put an end to the topic for the time being.  

   Leila was sitting alone in the secretary's office of Shining Company. When Alice and David were going to have lunch, Alice invited her to join them, but she cast a glimpse at the closed door of Charles' office and rejected with a smile, "No, thanks. I don't want to be the third wheel when you are dating. I have some unfinished task and I will go once I finish it."  

Leila just needed to be left alone in Charles's office. The excuse of work was just to avoid Alice's invitation. Hence, she decided to stay back because Charles hadn't left his office and waited for him on purpose. Every moment in this office was important for her. More so when Charles was in the office. She had a long way to go. She had to win back his confidence... her real unfinished work! She really needed to focus!

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