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 Season 6

Season 15

(Sheryl's worries)

Despite feeling embarrassed, Sheryl repeated her words. Upon seeing her flustered face, Anthony quickly grabbed and held her in his arms. "Sher, your words make me see how much you value this relationship,"  Anthony said in a loving tone. "And it truly makes me happy to know that we can spend our lives together in the future,"  he further added.     
"You are truly a naughty man!" Sheryl replied at the sight of the happy, innocent-looking man. Anthony smiled earnestly and held Sheryl closer after hearing her reply.     

After some time, Anthony pulled Sheryl from his arms and stared at her with serious eyes and said, "Sheryl, as a physician, I am confident that I can support you and Shirley financially and share the burden with you. At the very least, you can trust me with this."  

"Anthony, I have no doubts in your capabilities. I know you have a stable job and you're well-off. But please try to understand, I am a single mother and was an independent woman before I met you,"  Sheryl said. A gleam of confidence and sincerity was seen in her eyes. 

Sighing, she continued, "Do you have any idea why our relationship has been filled with doubts and distress from the very beginning?"    

Stunned by her question, Anthony couldn't find the right words to say. Seeing her so eager to hear his reply, Anthony finally said, "I can promise my lifelong commitment to you, regardless of what the world says." His words sounded upset, but determined.   

  Upon hearing him say these words, Sheryl was moved by the sincerity of his promise. But her feelings of doubt and fear made her say in reply, "My past, including whether I was married or not, is nothing to me." 

"But the reality that I am a single mother is something I couldn't hide or try to change,"  Sheryl added in conclusion to the doubts she was feeling.   

After finishing her words, she took a deep sigh and made a woeful glance at her daughter's room. "Anthony, you are a well-off bachelor. You deserve someone who is richer and more beautiful to justify your family's name. What I am trying to say is that a single mother like me is not a good match for you,"  Sheryl said.     

All this time, Anthony's parents were against their son's relationship with Sheryl. They became more furious upon learning their possible marriage.   

  If only Craig were alive, then their possible marriage would easily become a reality.     

However, not even Craig knew the existence of Sheryl.     

Sheryl's real given name was actually Autumn. But even this remained a secret to Craig.     

By hiding her real identity, Anthony never would've thought how much trouble this could bring on him.   

"I understand. Now, I can finally see why you are caught in a dilemma,"  he replied. If Sheryl were given the chance to be Anthony's mother, she would definitely do the same. She would also be furious that her son was marrying a single mother. How could he choose someone like her despite other women with better qualities and standard of living?    

 Anthony's parents' disagreement to their relationship was perfectly understood by Sheryl. She respected their views so much that she could even give up Anthony if he were to find a better and perfect woman for him.     

"But Sheryl, really, you don't need to worry about such trivial things,"  Anthony added. "I am a grown up now and I can make my own decisions, including marrying you. If my parents disagree with us, I'll move out to live with you and Shirley, and I won't go back to my parents' home." Anthony concluded while staring directly at Sheryl's eyes. Sheryl's eyes widened by the words she just heard.   

"That is absolute nonsense!" Sheryl exclaimed in disapproval. "Your family means a lot to you! I can't even give you half of what they gave you!" she further added furiously. Shirley, still enraged by the words she just heard, continued, "A year ago, you were unable to make it to your dying grandpa's bedside just before he passed away. And then you've remained depressed for half a year! How could you say that?"    

Anthony, after reflecting to the words he just said, managed to swear, "Shirley, right now, you are more important than my family. I don't see any other better option than this."   

Sheryl, despite being moved again by Anthony's perseverance to make their relationship prosper, remained calm and continued to talk sense over him, "Anthony, if I were to marry you, I wish to receive best wishes from your parents too. I don't want to have a wedding without gaining their favor."   

Sheryl was a woman of virtue. After hearing her say these words, Anthony was moved by her opinion. But he couldn't deny that getting his parents' approval was a difficult task.   

Despite working hard to gain his parents' approval to his relationship with Sheryl, he, not even once, succeeded.    

 "Anthony, I would like to promise you one thing. I will work hard to bring Shirley up to become the best woman she could be. Of course, I will do the same for myself so that I can become fitting for you in the eyes of your parents and other people. I will definitely put an end to those endless gossips,"  Shirley confidently said. Elated by what he heard, Anthony tried to talk to Sheryl in a mocking tone, "Sher, why don't you just turn a deaf ear to those baseless comments?"    

Anthony's words were meant to boost Sheryl's confidence and avoid such trivial thoughts. However, his suggestion made her feel more determined to prove those people wrong.    

 "But your parents have the same opinions,"  she exclaimed. "In their eyes, I'm merely a gold digger. Even if I married with you, your parents would still look down upon me. With that, Shirley would be slighted without the due love and care,"  Sheryl continued.   

Pausing right after saying these words, Sheryl added, "Honestly, I don't have any idea what to do when that time comes. As a result, I have to work harder so that I am able to hold my head high in front of your parents."   

 Anthony felt nothing but pure happiness from Sheryl's words. He then cunningly said, "So right after what you just said, does this mean that you now promise to marry me?" His face gleamed in anticipation to what Sheryl's reply would be.  

  "Really? How could you think so?" 

Sheryl jokingly said to tease her boyfriend. With her face blushing red from embarrassment, Sheryl uttered, "How could you expect me to say yes when you haven't even knelt down and brought a ring? Make a proposal first, and I will give some time to think it over."  

"I knew it! I do have a good chance of getting a sweet yes from you with a proposal,"  he replied with excitement. 

Despite all that they had went through, he knew that there was no other woman for him but Sheryl. Not being able to contain his excitement at the thought of their possible marriage, Anthony grasped her hands. He felt like he was the luckiest man on earth at that time.    

 After saying her words, Sheryl tried so hard to bury her embarrassment and simply smiled at Anthony for her reply. She then added with her lips curling to a sweet smile, "Well, you can try if you want to."    

He was truly overjoyed by the idea of having a family with his beloved woman. Sheryl, on the other hand, tried to shift the subject and talked about her upcoming fashion show.      

"Anthony, would you please support me as a model for that fashion show? I badly want to be a part of it,"  she asked. Sheryl paused and continued, "This offer is a huge deal with great benefit in all aspects. There is no way I would let this slip!"  

Hesitant by the thought of it, Anthony said while wavering, "Sheryl, I know how badly you want it, but…"    

"I know what you are about to say", Sheryl replied, cutting Anthony's words. Pausing for a moment, Sheryl continued saying, "Even before we started dating, I had been living in Y City for so many years. I also know how much you don't like the place for carrying my weals and woes. Also..."   

 Sheryl paused, took a deep breath and continued, "Also, I know how uneasy you are while thinking that Shirley's father might live there. Am I right of all these, Anthony?" Sheryl ended while staring at her boyfriend's worried eyes that had a slight pain in it..


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