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 (Living the life of a lie)
           Episode 23

          EMMA POV 

"Tell me,What happened to your scar Dora"He asked again 

I tried to pull away from him but he held me back

"The scar is some thing that can't be operated on easily,You told me that Dora,So why is it no longer there?"He asked

"Why do you want to know,It's none of your business,So let go of me"I said trying to pull free but instead I ended up being in his arms

 With him holding unto my waist and his head on my shoulder, we both looked like two lover who was about to kiss each other.

I tried to get out of his arms again but he held me more firmly by the waist

"Let go of me Brian"I said trying to pull free

"I don't know why but I just don't want to let go"He said suddenly and I stood rigid in his arms

What's he saying? Did he know that what he said just now meant some thing really personal.

 For the second time,I could feel my heart beating very fast,I would have pushed him away but the opening of the door stopped me.

  Dora mother walked in along with Nina and Emma.

Immediately he released me and I held unto my gown,So it won't fall off.

"My God! You both really work fast! I just asked you to settle your differences not to take it to the next level"She said 

"Its not what you think"He said quickly starring at Nina

"Its not what you think mom,He was just helping with the zip"I added wanting to help him reassure Nina

"Lies! You don't have to pretend with us,We saw every thing and it's common between couple"Dora mother said 

"Mom please just stop it!"I said cautioning her

"But he.......we........."She stopped speaking 

"Its best that I leave and I hope that you can explain the situation to them,You know what I mean Dora"He said and left the room

I know what you mean and that's for me to explain the situation to Nina,I thought .

"Shall we take this dress off you!"Emma asked

"No,Nina will do it" I replied

"But why let a maid do it when you ......"

"Please mom,Just leave with Emma,As soon as am done changing,I will come out"I said and feeling defeated she left the room.

  I made sure they were far gone before I started the conversation with Nina

"Its not what you think Nina"I said 

"Do you like Brian"She asked 

"Of course not,I don't like him"I replied 

"Then why the hell were you both holding each other,Why were you half naked in his arms"she yelled at me

"That's because I needed help and he offered to help and I am not half naked,I still have my bridal gown on"

"Liar! You don't really want to leave right? You want Brian for yourself,You want to take my property away from me"She said looking so angry

"Why would you think of Brian as your property?"I asked and angrily she pushed me and I staggered back a bit

"Because he is my property,My only key to getting what I want"

"You don't love him right? You saying you do is all a lie !"I asked and she smiled 

"Micheal is right! You are very smart,It took you a few weeks to know my plan and I know you must be curious to know why I was Kissing Micheal"She said 

"You saw me watching you guys?"I asked 

"Of course I did,I would have liked it if you didn't know of the relationship Micheal and i have but you caught and yet you kept quiet,For what exactly? Is it to have Brian for your self

" Have told you already,I don't want Brian"I said angrily

"Liar! Just because Micheal have chosen you to be the one Brian marries doesn't mean you have the right to like him,I saw him first,I was here first and Brian loves me,So you have no right at all to even see him likewise to love him" She yelled at me 

"And do you have that right! Do you!"I yelled back at her feeling so angry.

"You say you love Brian and yet you kiss Micheal,Just what is your plan? What are you after"

"Its simple,Money,Am only after the money"

"So you are saying you don't love Brian?"

"I never loved him okay,It's all a plan,My plan to be precise"

"I take it! Micheal does not know a thing about this plan of yours right?"

"If he knew he would have gotten rid of me,After all am doing this to get the money for my self "

"For your self ?"

"Yes for my self! Micheal plan had been that I pretend to be Brian maid and then I get him to fall for me and then I get his money and we both share it but I thought about it for a while,Why do I get to do all the work and still have to share with Micheal."

"The money could be mine alone and that was when I cooked up my plan and that is to get him to marry me instead of you and when I get his money,I keep it for myself alone"

  Apart from being Smart,She is also devious,She had been planning all this behind Micheal back

"What about Micheal? What did he say? If you were kissing him then he means some thing to you"

"That was before he brought you into the plan,It was going perfectly but the stupid fool had to put you in it,I figured that if you were also a part of us,You would also want your own share and that is some thing I don't want"

"Because you want to have the money for your self"

"Yes,I want it all and I will certainly have it"

"Are you sure? You didn't even think that I will go and tell Micheal about this plan of yours"

" You won't! I want the money and you want your freedom,You wouldn't throw all that away"She said 

"How did you know about me getting my freedom?"I asked 

"There is nothing Brian keep hidden from me,The fool is so In love that he is willing to lay his life for me "

"How dare he tell you? I thought I told him to keep shut about it "

"Stop whining and listen, I won't meddle with your plans just as long as you don't meddle with mine,"

"Your plan with Brian still continue and my plan will continue too, You get to leave all this behind and I get to be Brian wife and get all his money,Nothing will go wrong if no one betrays one another right?" She asked 

I thought about it for a while, She knew my secret and I knew her secret too,She is willing to keep shut and look away as long as I do the same,While she do it for money,I do it for my freedom and that is what is important to me, Getting my freedom.

"Fine I accept,I will pretend not to know any thing and when it's time for me to Leave,I will leave and you will marry Brian and do what ever you wish "I said 

"Good! Now we understand each other" She said 

"Please leave I would like to change on my own" I said 

"Very well,It's not like I enjoy serving you"She said and began to walk off but I stopped her by calling her name

"What now? We have nothing more to say to each other"

"Just a question? The first impression I had of you was that you are some one kind and sweet and I know that deep down in you,You are still the same "

"What rubbish are you spluttering,You know nothing about me"

"What turned you into this...... Into a heartless fellow who is willing to do any thing for money?"I asked 

  She stared out of the window for a long time,Clenching and unclenching her hand as if fighting an inner battle.

"When you have a mother who is in the hospital fighting for her life,You will understand why I became this money grubbing monster"

"Money can take you any where and it can give you what you need and that's what am going to have,either by hook or crook" She finished and then she left the room.

   I stood in front of the mirror Starring at my self, When Nina does have what she wants,She won't be happy,She won't ,I thought sadly.

   I was about to pull off the gown when I saw a little red dot on my arm.

  It was coming in through the window and before I could move away ,I heard a gunshot and then I felt pain on my arm.

  Have just been shot,I thought as I fell on the floor holding unto my bloody arm

The door opened and Brian with the others ran in

"Dora! Dora ! Are you okay?"He asked holding unto me

"My love,You arm is bleeding,Some one please call the emergency line"Dora mother said as she knelt beside me 

"I will be fine" I replied gently,feeling that pain a lot more 

"Just stay still okay,The doctor will be here soon"Brian said holding my hand 

His assuring smile was the last thing I saw before I lost consciousness.

             BRIAN POV 
"Seems like you are not the only one in danger your Highness"Andrew told me as we stood in the hospital lobby

"I always thought they were only after me,I never knew that they were after her too"I said 

"According to our investigation, The person who made the shot was seen in the hotel beside the boutique,The CCTV cameras wasnt able to catch him very well but we won't give up until we catch the culprit"Andrew assured me

"That's good then,I want that bastard to be caught as soon as possible"I told him and and with one last bow,He walked off.

I went back to the Room Dora had been placed, I could see the inside from outside, Her mom was sitted beside her,Holding her hand.

At least her mom is here along with the guards,She will be safe for a while.

  I still can't believe that I had behaved that way.

I was just leaving the boutique when I heard the shot without bothering to worry about myself or my safety

I ran in search of Dora, I was concerned only For Dora and when I got to the dressing room and saw Her on the floor,On seeing the blood I felt so angry and wished that I was the one that had been shot instead of her.

   Why the hell did I feel that way ? Have never once felt that way towards Nina but now I feel it towards Dora, I think I need to be check by a doctor.

"Brian!"on hearing Natasha voice,I turned to see her looking so worried

"Why are you here?"I asked 

"We heard about the gun shot,Is Dora okay?"She asked looking worried and I wondered when My sister and Dora got close for her to be so worried about her

"Yes, thankfully it was just a sctatch,She will be fine soon"I answered

"Can I go and see her?"She asked and I nodded.

As soon as she walked in Micheal came in too 

"Why the hell are you here?"I asked feeling so angry

"Don't get too excited at seeing me ,I just accompanied my wife here"He said 

"That will change soon cause I can't stand seeing you around my sister"

"You better stop worrying about me,I heard that your life have been in danger for a while now, Just worry about protecting your self cause who knows,They might succeed on their next try"He said smiling.

He was about to go in when I pulled him by his shirt

"You bastard, No one knows about the attack have been having for a while now,How the hell did you know about it?"I yelled at him still holding his shirt.

   The door opened and Natasha came out "What's going on! For crying out loud,This is the hospital,Can't you two pretend to be civil to each other,Are you going to fight here too and in front of Dora and I "Natasha said 

"Dora is still unconscious and you should go back in,This is between your husband and I"He replied 

"Well She is not unconscious and she is looking at you right now"Natasha said 

I turned to see Dora on the bed, She was now concious and she was shaking her head for me to stop what ever I was doing.

  "See Even Dora doesn't like you two fighting,Now listen to her Brian and let go" Natasha said and reluctantly I let go of him.

 When never am around Micheal,No one stops me not even Nina but now just a sign from her, it got me feeling guilty and Having no choice I let go of him.

  Just why am I behaving this way around her,Why? I thought as I gave her one more look before walking off.

             DORA POV 
"You should get well soon,The wedding is only five days away "Natasha said 

"I know and I won't be missing my wedding for any thing in this world"I replied smiling at her for the benefit of every one in the room,Most especially Micheal who stood at the door Starring at me.

  I have no doubt that the shot was his idea, But why the hell did he have to do that? I was doing every thing he asked me.

"Ahhhh? Am hungry Mom, Can you please get me some thing to eat"I asked trying to get Dora mom out the room .

   "Okay,I will just get some thing from the cafeteria"She said 

"Can I come with you,I have to buy some thing to eat too"Natasha said and they both left the room Leaving Micheal and I alone.

"Mom? do you feel comfortable calling her that ?" He asked 

"Why did you do it,Why did you make them shoot me?"

"Dont over react,It's just a graze and besides you said they were suspecting you and I told you I would do some thing about it"

"And so having me shot was your solution?"I asked 

"It worked perfectly,Now Brian has no doubt that you are in danger too, He won't be suspecting you again"He replied 

"I could have died Micheal"

"But you are alive and you should be grateful about it,I didn't get them to shoot you right in the head,That would have been a different case"I replied 

"You are so hateful Micheal, You have no idea how much I hate you!"I said angrily

"The feeling is mutual My dear sister, Let's leave that matter for another time,I came here for another reason entirely "

"And what would that be?"

"What is this deal you made with Brian?" He asked suddenly that it was hard for me to breathe for a while

"Who told you that?"I asked 

"Nina mentioned some thing about it and judging from your expression now,Its true right!"He asked looking angry.

  I couldn't answer him,I felt so scared and out of frustration he came towards me and held me by the throat 

"You two timing bitch......Tell me what you are planning with Brian before I finish off with "He yelled. 

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