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 (Living the life of a lie)

            Episode 22

          EMMA POV

"Do you really have to come?"I asked Dora mom who was seated beside me on the chair

"Yes I have to,My daughter will be buying her wedding gown today and you are saying there is no need for me to come"She said looking angry

"Its not that I don't want you to go, You are a busy person and you coming with me is not necessary"I said 

"It is necessary,Your wedding is once in a life time And I won't miss a part in it"

"Fine then"I said as I gave up persuading her

The buying of the wedding gown is today and as much as I would have like to go on my own I wasn't given the chance.
Dora mother wants to participate in the wedding plan and buying the wedding dress is a big deal for her.

 Well in a few days time,I won't be seeing any one of them because I would be out of the country with Brian help of course.
   The documents have been signed,I managed to get Dora father to sign it before the wedding, It wasn't an easy task though but knowing that it's the only way I can get out of this mess,I made sure I convinced him.

  Now the merger part is over,It's the wedding part.

All I have to do right now is to wait,I have to wait for Brian Go ahead.

  Is just a matter of days, Five days to be precise and then I would leave this place for good,I will leave with my dad and I won't ever come back .

"Have been thinking a lot about it but I need to ask Dora, What's going on between you and this maid?"Dora mother asked starring at Nina who was seated in front of the car beside the driver 

"Nothing mom,why ask?"

"You always go out with her,It's not like there she is the only maid in the palace,Why her?"

"It's because I feel more comfortable with her,I like her more than the other maid"I said quickly

"If you say so but I don't like her and as soon as you are married His Highness I don't want her close to you okay"She said and i nodded gently

  That is if I get married to his highness, If only she knew that the maid will be the one marrying Brian. it will be a surprise to every one, Most especially Micheal, I would have like to see his face but that won't be possible because I would have leave the city.

      The car stopped in front of a very expensive Bridal boutique

The three of us went in accompanied by our guards.

"Hello,Am Emma,I will be the one to guide you on which gown to pick"The attendant said and I smiled 

  She bear the same as I ,What I will give To go back to being called by my real name

"Okay Emma,I want you to bring out the most beautiful and expensive wedding gown"Dora mother told her 

  "Okay Mrs Baxter" She said and left us to quickly pick out the best gown in the shop

"You should smile a little,You are buying your wedding gown,All bride to be are always happy" Dora mom said 

"I am happy, Very much "I replied and stared at Nina.

The joy of leaving and starting afresh is the only thing that makes me happy and I hope that nothing will ruin it.

           BRIAN POV 
"what's the next schedule for today"I asked my secretary as we both got into the car

"Nothing for now but Mrs Baxter called and she said you have to come to the bridal boutique"He replied 

"For what exactly?"I asked 

"Today is the day lady Dora buy her gown and it's expected of you to be there your Highness"

"Do I really have to go"

"Yes your highness"He replied.

  The car stopped in front of the boutique and I got out of the car.

  I don't want to be here,I thought as I walked in and it's all because of Dora

 For a while now have been avoiding her,After the way I behaved with her at the hospital,Have not spoken to her.

I doubted her and blamed her for every attack I faced while she was willing to help me with Nina.

' Isn't this the best time to apologise to her' My conscience said to me 

"I think it's the best time"I said to myself.
"Your Highness! You are finally here"Mrs Baxter said as she bowed in greeting

"I had to come,it's my duty to be here"I replied

"Of course you have to,Dora is trying out the gown,You should be here to see it"She said pulling me to sit on the chair.

 "What about the maid?"I asked wanting to know about Nina where about

"She is in the dressing room with Dora,She is helping her get dressed"She replied and I nodded.

  Dora walked out of the closed curtain in a beautiful white gown
 She looked so very beautiful and innocent,Who would have thought that a wedding dress would make the great Dora Baxter look like an innocent 

  I couldn't stop myself from starring at her,She looked so beautiful and this is a first for me,The first time I think of Dora Baxter as some one beautiful.

   She was smiling when she walked out of the room but when she saw me her smile died

"What are you doing here"She asked

"What do you mean by that? He came to see you in your gown"Miss Baxter replied saving me from saying some thing cause I don't trust myself to speak.

"But you didn't tell us that you were coming"She said again

"I called him and you should be happy that he is here,Now spin around for him,Let him see how you look"She said 

"That's not really necessary"She said looking a bit nervous

"Common! He would really want to see it"

"He doesn't want to see me spin,So just stop it mom"she replied

"But I do"I find myself saying and she gave me an angry look

"See,He wants to see you spin, Now spin"Mrs Baxter said 

Reluctantly she did the spin and I found myself starring at her physical attributes outlined by the gown

 She looked so beautiful and she wasn't lacking in any part at all, I smiled as I kept on starring at her.

 "Satisfied!"She asked starring at me

"Yes"I replied giving her a smile which she didn't return.

"I don't like this gown mom,Am changing it" She said 

"But I like it"I said and the two of them stared at me

"I like it"I repeated

"See Even his Highness likes it,just go with this one already" Mrs Baxter said 

"But I.......fine then I will just wear this" She said and went back into the room, I couldn't stop myself from starring at her derriere.

   Why the hell am I feeling this way,Why am I seeing Dora Baxter in another way ,Have always thought of her as someone who is heartless,Someone who will never be able to love and get Love in return,Someone whose heart is as hard as stone but now it's different.

Maybe seeing her in the wedding gown today made me think of her as someone who is innocent and beautiful but I can't let myself be confuse,She is Dora Baxter,The cold hearted spoilt brat.

 "Your Highness,If you don't mind can you come with me for a while "Mrs Baxter asked

I stood up and followed her,We went to a room and while she knocked,I wondered why we were there.

  A Lady walked out along with Nina and as soon as they did,she took my hand and pushed me into the room.

I saw Dora standing in front of the mirror still in her gown.

"Why are you here?"She asked again

"Could this be the........."I stopped when I realised what the room was meant for.

I tried to open the door but it was locked.

 "Sorry your Highness,But I notice that some thing is wrong with you two and I figured that you might want to talk about it,So try doing it there and while talking you can help her with the gown" Mrs Baxter said 

"Mom! Mom! This is not funny,Open the door"Dora said as she tried to open it

"You two need to talk to each other,I will be giving you an hour to do so,Am sorry Your Highness"She said and walked off 

 "Why is she doing this to me"Dora whispered gently as she walked back into the room

 "She is right! We have to talk"I said 

"I don't want to talk to you"She said 

"But I do,we have avoided each other enough! Its time to talk"

"Fine,say what you have to say"She said 

" I doubted you and treated you bad for every attack I faced,For that am sorry" 

"I should have apologised sooner but you were really angry and I didn't want to make you more angrier,So I kept my distance but your mom noticed, Am sorry Dora" I apologised

 "Apology accepted"She said and I gave her a smile and this time she returned it.

  "Better call my mom and tell her that we are okay now,I need to get this gown off"She said

"Can't you call her?"I asked 

"My phone is with them and not with me,Hurry and call her" She replied

"Then we are bound to be here for an hour cause I didn't bring my phone either"I Said.

         EMMA POV 
"Do you feel comfortable that way?"He asked 

"To be sincere,I don't but what can I do,I have to stay this way until an hour is up"I said as I stood in front of the mirror.

I wasn't expecting to see him today but when I opened the curtain and saw him sitting on the chair,I was surprised and when I saw the way he was starring at me in the gown, It got me feeling Nervous and at the chance I got I fled to the changing room

Only for Dora mom to lock him here with me, Putting me In a more awkward situation.

"Do Nina like the Gown"He asked 

"She picked it herself"I replied 

"Apart from being beautiful and smart,She has a good taste right?"He asked 

"I think so"I replied .

   I still can't forget seeing Nina kissing Micheal, She kisses Micheal and act all lovey Dovey with Brian

There are times that I would want to ask her but its none of my business, Have promised myself not to meddle in Brian life and that's what I will do

"Hope our deal is still on"He asked 

"It is! I help in getting you married to Nina and in exchange you help me leave"I said and he nodded 

"Am glad that you haven't changed your mind"

"I won't change my mind for any thing in this world"

"Good then"He said.

Suddenly I felt an itch behind my back, I tried reaching it to scratch it but it won't work.

I stared at Brian and he hasn't noticed me trying to scratch my back yet.

Why did that woman have to lock us up,I thought moving restlessly

"Is something wrong?"He asked 

"Nothing is .........oouch!"I said when the itch became worse.

"Are you feeling uncomfortable? Are you hurting some where?"He asked 

"My back,It's itching a lot"I said embarrassed

"My fingers can't reach it can you help me"I said 

"I would have to loosen the zip"He said 

"I know and believe me you are the last person i would ask to do this kind of thing but am desperate"I said 

"Fine then,Turn around"

I did as he instructed me, He pulled down the zip and while I held onto the front gown ,I felt his fingers on my skin.

It felt cool on my skin and I found myself standing rigid,Willing myself not to feel a thing.

His touch sent shivers into my body and it made my heart beat fast.

 "Is this okay?"He asked 


"I asked if it's no longer itching"He asked 

"Yes,It's no longer itching,Thanks" I replied as I turned to move out of his grasp

"This is odd"He said suddenly 

"What's odd?" I asked

"You had a scar right on this spot behind your back,It was a huge scar Dora,How come it's no longer there?"He asked.

  My God! Dora had a scar and I certainly don't have a scar,How am I going to get out of this one.

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