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 (Living the life of a lie)
          Episode 20

        EMMA POV

"What's going on Brian?why are you here?"I asked starring at him

"Where did you go to when the search was being on?"He asked.

"I went for a walk,I told you right!"I repeated

"Are you sure that you truly went for a walk,?Andrew said he saw you getting into a car?"

"Oh That! that was my friend car,I had felt so locked up,So I called her to come take me out"I lied

"I really hope that you aren't lying Dora cause I won't ever forgive you if I find out that you have been lying to me"He said and left the room.

For a while I thought about what he said and crouched on the floor feeling so down and sad

  Once he found out that I have been lying to him,He won't ever forgive me !

 No matter what I cant tell him,In a few days time,I will be leaving and he won't be seeing me again,So it's best that I keep my mouth sealed.

   A week after that day we all got into a car which was taking us to our place of destination.

 A lot has happened since the day Brian barged into my room and yelled at me ,Each time i remember our conversation,I wished i could have tel him the truth and am sure that though he might have gotten angry,He would have helped me leave but I can't open my mouth.

If I do,He will find out that Nina,The girl whom he love is also a liar and she works with the enemy,Have even been working with him for a very long time.

  While the car drove us,I stared at the two couples who were beside me

 Its been a week now and no one have noticed any thing going on 

The deal I had with Brian was still on, Have asked that Nina be my personal maid so she can accompany me on any appointment I might have and one of the appointment is today.

  Brian and I are going to the church to reharse for the wedding and since it will be Nina that will be there on the day of the wedding,She needs to be there to reharse with us

So far so good Micheal hasn't planned any thing for Brian ,He hasn't even called to ask me to do any thing,Seems like he is laying low after killing that man

  Just remembering the way the man fell after being shot on the head gives me goose bumps.

 If I had known that by killing the man is Micheal solution,I would have tried to stop him.

I just hope that he hasn't notice any thing odd going on between Brian,Nina and myself 

 If he gets to know about our plan,He will surely find a way to stop it and I dont want that.

  "Stop it Brian,We have some one here"Nina whispered at Brian who kept on kissing her cheeks

"And so! Its none of her business and this is the only time I can be with you,so let's just enjoy it"He said and kissed her right in front of me.

I looked away,Feeling quite strange,This is not the first time I would see them kiss and so why am I feeling this way,I thought starring outside the window.

   Ever since the day Brian came to my room,He has been acting strange.

 He is never alone with me and if he is,Nina would always be around, Each time I catch him starring at me,His eyes was always filled with one of anger and hatred.

   It had been that way in the past,When I never knew of Nina existence in his life 

But when we made the deal,He was quite kind to me,He never stared at me in that way,I even thought when every thing was normal again,We could be friends but all that changed ever since the day he came to my room.

I wonder what he heard that made him change towards me,I thought

Well that is not my problem,Am only thankful that he is still keeping his word about the deal,I will leave this place soon and I will try to forget all this ever happened.

    The car stopped in front of the church and we got out of the car.

Brian acting as the doted fiance to me while Nina did her job as the maid

To others we might look like a couple,If only they knew that it was the other way around.

   While Brian talked with the priest, I sat with Nina in the chapel.

Its been so long since have been in a church,I can't even remember when last I prayed.

"I hate being here"Nina said suddenly and I stared at her


"It reminds me of my child hood"She said 

"What happened during your child hood"I asked 

"Some thing happened and I trusted him,I trusted him and hoped for a miracle"She said starring at the statue of Christ which had been placed on the altar

"But it didn't happen right?"I asked 

"It didn't and that brought me to the conclusion that He doesn't exist,Do you guys really have to have the wedding in a church, Why not an outdoor wedding?"

"I know that am just a camouflage in all this and you will be the one really marrying Brian on that day but I can't do a thing to stop the wedding taking place in a church,Dora parents want it that way"I said 

"Well it doesn't matter where it will take place,I will be the one wedding the gown and walking on the aisle to meet my husband,Just thinking about it makes me feel triumphant"She said 

"Why triumphant? I thought all bride to be always feel excited or happy"I said and saw her look a bit nervous

"Of course I do feel excited and happy, why would you think I don't " she replied and got up 

"Excuse me for a bit,I need to do some thing"She said and went off.

  I don't know why but I feel that some thing is off about Nina and I hope that what ever it is doesn't affect me leaving this place for good.

I stood up and knelt In front of the altar,Nina might have given up on Christ but I haven't,I know that some day I will get out of this.

I closed my eyes and prayed for my dad who was still in Micheal custody.

"Praying doesn't suit you"Brian words broke the prayer and I turned to stare at him

"For the first time am seeing Dora Baxter pray! What are you even praying for?"He asked 

"Its none of your business"I replied

"Are you perhaps wishing harm on some one,Cause I just can't believe that you will be praying for some thing good"

"And what if I told you that I was indeed praying for some thing good"

"I won't believe because I know you Dora and i know that you are so selfish,Tell me? How can a selfish person pray for some thing good"

"Get ready,The rehearsal is about to start"He added and he was about to leave when I pulled him back

"What's your problem with me Brian? Ever since that day,You have been acting like a jerk towards me, What did I do?"I asked 

"You dare to ask me that! Fine I would give you a hint on why am behaving this way,I hate liars and you are one of them, There is some thing you are keeping a secret and I hope that when I find out this secret of yours,It won't be too late for you"He said and walk off

I stood shocked,Did he know the truth,Has Nina told him about my real identity.

      BRIAN POV 
"Now that the vows have been made,You can slip the ring on her finger"The priest said and I did what he asked.

 Though I keep on wishing that Nina would be the one standing here and not Dora

I don't know why I kept shut about it,I should have just confronted her about it 

Maybe I would have gotten some answers by now.

 While slipping on the ring, I thought about the day the only witness I had was shot In the head.

I was in the office preparing the ritual arrangement for the dead man when Andrew walked in.

  "Did you get hold of the shooter"I asked 

"No we didn't,Am sorry your Highness"He said bowing

"Damn! That man was the only witness,He was the only hope I had in catching the person who wanted me dead but now he is gone"I said angrily

"Not every thing is gone your Highness,I think there is some thing odd about this"Andrew told me

"What's odd?"

"Lady Dora, She went missing when we were doing the search and if you noticed,Our witness was pointing at her before he was shot in the head and also she keeps on being there each time you are in danger,Don't you find it odd?"Andrew suggested

I thought about it for a while and then I asked "Are you trying to say that Dora is the one who wants me dead"

"There is a possibility your Highness, These three points of ours certainly means some thing"

"We can't jump to conclusion yet,Dora can be impulsive some time and she might look threatening too but she doesn't have the courage to harm some one "I said 

"Don't be on her side your Highness, Lady Dora is some one we should suspect,She Might be the one who wants you dead"Andrew said 

"To be honest I know that Dora have her own flaws but she wont want me dead"I said

"Any thing is possible your Highness,have worked in the security department for a long time and I know that Lady Baxter has a secret she is keeping"

"A secret,If so we have to find out"I added....................

Its been hard though,It's been a week now and we have found nothing on her,I thought as I stick the ring on her finger and stared at

I for one know that if it turn out to be true that she has been the one who has been planning the attack, Then I will make sure she pay dearly and to heck with the Merger.

             DORA POV
As soon as the rehearsal was over,I took Nina to the balcony and when I was sure that no one was around us,I began to talk

"The prince knows that am lying"I said 

"Lying? But how?"

"I don't know,I don't know how he found out or who told him but he suspects me"

"What should we do about this! Should we call THE BOSS"she asked 

"No,If he should find out about this,He will be so furious and would do some thing to hurt Brian "I said 

"You are right! What can be done,Brian must never find out the truth"

"And he won't,I certainly won't let him"I said

"Try talking to him,See what you can get out of him and i...... I will do some searching of my own too"I said 

 "Search about what exactly? "Some one asked behind us.

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