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 (Living the life of a lie)

            Episode 15

       EMMA POV

"Dora,I just asked you a question?" Brian said still waiting for an explanation

"About the bomb,I.....I over head some one saying that it had been placed in your car"I quickly made one

"Who? How did the person look like? Can you tell me the full detail of what you heard"He asked 

"I.....I didn't really see the person and I don't know who he is,I didn't wait to listen to the rest of the conversation because I was trying to get a hold of you"I replied 

"But still you would have seen and heard something,All I need is a clue."

"I....I.... I"

"Stop questioning her Brian,She just woke up after three days,She needs her rest and besides you have reported the incident to the cops,Let them deal with the rest"Nina said

"The cops!The cops knows about this?"I asked 

"It is an attempted murder,The cops will be involved in it,After all am the prince and now my life is in danger" he said 

I know right! And am involve in it, I thought still starring at him.

"Why don't we just change the topic"I said starring at the both of them.

"What's there to talk about,You were almost killed"Brian said still starring out of the window.

Why do I feel that Brian is worried about me ? I thought as I stared at him

"Don't be a kill joy Brian, She is not feeling well and we are suppose to cheer her up"Nina said 

"You do the cheering,I have important things to do"He said and began to head out

"Make sure you get well Dora,Our deal is still on and you need to fulfil it"He told me before leaving the room.

So that was why he had been worried? Because of the deal we made,For a while I thought he was worried about me but he was only worried about his Deal.

"So tell me,How are the two of you doing?"I asked

"Very well,Though we have been hiding it but for the past three days,You have been Brian top concern"Nina said 


"Yes,He was worried,Have never seen him that way before,If I didn't know that he loved me I would have thought that it was you he loved"She said 

"Me? Love! That's absurd,What we both feel for each other is pure dislike,The only thing linking us is this deal we both made"I said

"And what would that deal be?"She asked

"Its a secret between the both of us,Why not tell me what I missed for past three days"I asked and she gave me a smile,Willing to oblige me.

        A WEEK LATER.
I sat on the bed at the hospital starring at the flowers which had taken up the whole room

After the bombing incident, I had turn to some kind of heroine

I was the talk of the town,People were praising me for saving them from the bomb explosion

 I never knew that my stopping a bomb will turn me into an heroine over night and ever since the media knew that I had woken up,I was sent flowers by a lot of people.

  The police had made it their responsibility to find the culprit,Some how I wanted them to know that it was Micheal and lock him up but after thinking about my situation,I knew that Micheal can not be locked up cause he would bring me down with him,After all I did every thing he asked me to do.

The door opened suddenly and Micheal walked in,On seeing him I got scared.

 After the accident,He hadn't come to see me,I had been expecting him a little earlier but when he didn't show up I thought I was save for a while

But Seeing him now Got me feeling scared,I had disobeyed him and I had helped Brian,I wonder what he plans to do to me

"Relax,I only came here to say hello"He said giving me a smile

"Your dearest Brian has placed some guards by the door,I wouldn't do anything to you,So just relax"He said again and walked around the room touching the flowers

"Over night you have changed from being the over bearing spoilt kid to a heroine"

"Micheal I......."

"He would have been dead by now,We would have been preparing for his funeral but you! You had to meddle"He said this time looking so furious

"Micheal I....."

"Just shut up,You ruined things and am so very angry,If you weren't in the hospital,I would have done some thing bad to you"

I shrinked into my bed while he came close to me

"Tell me why? Why the hell did you interfere"He asked

"Believe it or not,I did it for your good"I replied

"Don't mess with me right now!"He yelled 

"Am not messing with you Micheal,I saved Brian only to protect you"I replied

"Protect me?"

"Yes,I did it to protect you,If the bomb had killed Brian,The cops and his parents would never stop until they find the culprit and a bombing case is some thing the cops investigates and get the evidence they need as fast as they can"

"They would link it to you and they will arrest you,I didn't want that happening to you,Not because I care for you but because you have my father in your custody and did you even think about the others at the party,There were kids and a lot of people,If they had all died from the explosion,You will be found and killed"I said and angrily he grasped my neck

"You bitch! If I go down, You go with me, I might have failed in killing Brian this time but next time,He won't miss death and if you mess up my plan again,I will not only kill your father,I will also kill you too"He said still holding my neck.

The door opened and immediately he let go of me 

"What's going on"Brian said as he walked in starring at the both of us

 Micheal had put a smile on his face,Acting like nothing ever happened,While I was trying to compose myself.

 I was sure that Brian noticed my discomfort.

Brian will surely want to know why Micheal was in my room

"Why are you here?"He asked starring at Micheal who was starring at him in anger too

"I just came to say hello"He replied 

"And since when did you two know each other"Brian asked starring at us

I was still thinking of an answer when Micheal beat me to it

"At the party,Natasha introduced us,Seems like she likes your bride to be"

Brian stared at me,Still not convinced about what Micheal told him

"You've greeted her,Now you can leave"He said and Micheal at first stood his ground,Not wanting to take orders from the man he hates.

But having no choice,He made his fare well and left the room.

"Are you really okay?"Brian asked 

"Yes,Am fine"I said touching my throat

"Just a warning from me,Micheal is a guy who should not be trusted,So stay away from him,I hope you can do that" He said 

"He is Natasha husband and it would be rude if I just ignore him"

"If we want our deal to push through without any problem,You have got to stay away from Him,He is a devil in human clothing,Don't be fooled"He said

The doctor and Dora parents came into the room interrupting our discussion

If only he knew that I already know what kind of man Micheal is,If only I can just open up to him and tell him to stay away from Micheal because he was planning to have him killed but I couldn't.

I can't tell him because of my father,It's a good thing that Micheal didn't suspect the deal I made with Brian.

As soon as am well enough,I will be leaving with my dad,Intent on forgetting everything that happened while I was pretending to be DORA BAXTER.

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