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 (Living the life of a lie)

            Episode 14

       EMMA POV

 Where is he? I thought frantically as I looked everywhere 

For the past one hour have been searching for Brian but there was no sign of him and each time I call his cell phone,It would always direct me to his inbox

  Could this be his fate ? For me not being able to find Brian and warn him , Could it really be that he is destined to die in the hands of Micheal,I thought.

"What is wrong with you Dora" Dora mom asked as she came towards me

"Some thing bad is going to happen!"I said 

"What do you mean by some thing bad? Are you planning on breaking the engagement,But it's just..........."

"Am not talking about that okay! "I yelled at her 

"Just stay up stairs, Make sure everyone stays up stairs,Under no circumstance must any one go downstairs"I said to her and she nodded starring at me In a strange way 

 I had only been thinking about the welfare of Brian,I didn't even think about the people here.

But now that have thought about them,It's time I did some thing to that bomb even without Brian.

 Heading down stairs,Any one I met on the way,I told them to go up stairs and stay there 

  I was heading towards the parking space when my phone rang and it was Brian

"Where are you? Have been calling you!"I said 

"Am just here with Nina,, don't worry we won't do anything to jeopardise our deal"He said 

"The deal is the least of my worries now, Where exactly are you? "

"Am in the car,You know It's the only place Nina and I can have some priva........"

"Get out of there Brian, Leave your car!"I yelled hurriedly running towards his car which I had spotted amongst other cars


"There is no time for an explanation,Just leave the........."I couldn't finish my word because the bomb exploded 

Due to the force of the explosio0n,I was thrown away by it and I fell so hard on the floor,Loosing my cell phone and also Feeling pain all over

   All I could just think about was Brian and Nina who was in the car.

I was too late,They are both gone,I thought as I lost consciousness.

                     * * * * * *
I opened my eyes and found myself at the sea,How on earth did I get here,I thought starring at the beautiful scenery.

I stared at the water and some how the water kept on calling me and I found myself walking towards it

"Dora! Dora! Dora!"I heard some one call but I wasn't going to answer, The joy of going to the water was way more better than his noisy call

"Are you deaf Dora!The water is dangerous for you "The voice said again but I didn't listen 

"You can't just leave like that! A lot of people still need you" This stopped me.

  My father still needs me,I have to get myself out of the mess Micheal had put me In but my only source of hope is gone, Micheal managed to kill him.

   "Dora" Being called that name got me feeling furious,I turned and saw Brian standing on the sand

"Don't call me that name any more!!"I yelled at him

"But your name is Dora "

"It is not okay! Am not Dora,I hate being called that name"I yelled at him

"Okay, okay, I won't call you with that Name again,Just get out of the water"He said 

"I don't want to,It feels much safer than the sand you are standing on"

"But it's more dangerous, Please leave the water,It's not time for you to go yet" he said 

 "But am sick and tired of every thing,I just want to leave and never come back"

"Don't say that,A lot of people still need you,I need you too"He said

"You! But you are dead"

"And how sure are you about that ?" He asked

"I just know okay,I know that you are dead"I replied 

"Then come see for yourself,Get out of that water and come touch me, That will certainly tell you that am not Dead"He said 

I was torn between continuing my walk in the sea or going to him.

I really wanted to know if he was dead and I also wanted to know what it would feel like being taken away by the sea.

"Just come see it for your self" Brian said again,Noticing my confusion.

 I stared at him and at the sea too "I will regret not going to that sea I have to confirm if what you are saying is true"I said and walked out of the water to meet him

  As soon as I got to him and touched him,I smiled

"So you didn't die?"I asked 

"No I didn't,Now come back,Please come back,I still need you,So don't you dare leave" he said and pulled me towards him hugging me fiercely

 I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of having his arms wrapped around me.

  And just then everything change "Dora! Dora ! You can't die ,You need to wake up ,Damn it Dora ! Open your eyes! Let me go!"

I could hear his voice again and some other people too but it was Brian voice who made me open my eyes

"She's back, She's back"A man who was in a white overall said 

The lights on the ceiling blinded me a little but I managed to see Brian,He was being held by two male nurses and he was starring at me 

 I gave him a weak smile and once again,I lost consciousness.

 I woke up this time to find my self in a room.

   Though I had the oxygen mask on and I was still being given drip.

  Where is every one? I thought as I tried to move only to feel a lot of pain on my leg.

"Finally you are awake" Natasha said as she walked towards me

"I better get the doctor"She said and left the room quickly

 There were a lot of things that I had to ask her,I just hope she come back soon.

   A while later the door opened and the doctor along with Natasha and the Nurse walked in.

The doctor talked about the injury I sustained and made it clear to me that have been unconscious for the past three days.

  He told Natasha about the Things that have to be done and then he left.

"Thank God you are alive"She said holding my hand

  The other hand had been put in a sling due to the fall I had.

  "What happen?I can't believe that it's been three days already"I said gently
"It is! You've been in and out of the operating room, It all happened because of the blast"She said

"Blast! Yes the Bomb! How is every one? No one got harmed right?"I asked quickly

"No one was harm and it's all thanks to you"She said 

"To me?"

"You alerted every one and just that alone makes you our hero"

Memories from that night began to return.

"I remember now! Brian? How is he? Did he manage to leave the car before the crash"I asked 

She was about answering when the door opened and Dora parents walked in taking my attention away from Natasha

"My baby, Thank God you are okay now"She said kissing my fore head

"What you did back there was way too risky, What concerns you with the bomb? You could have died" Dora father yelled at me

"This is not the time to scold her,She needs rest"Dora mother said

"But she needs to be told,So it won't happen again,She is my only child and once some thing happen to her,I will have no other heir" He said 

"Just stop with this your negative comments,Dora is alive and she will be for more years to come"She said 

"I need to get you away from this hospital,I don't like the way they handle their patients."He said leaving the room.


"No Dora,Natasha and i will be leaving too, You need to have more rest"Dora mother said

"But I still need to know if....... ."

"Off we go Natasha, What ever you want to ask her will be later okay!"She said and before I could say more,They left the room

"I need to know if Brian is alive or not"I muttered to myself.

I slept through the rest of the day till the next day.

  I was roused from my sleep because I felt some one stroking my cheek.

  I opened my eyes gently and saw Nina.

"Nina? If you are here then it means that........."

"Am alive"Brian finished

"And it's all thanks to you"He added as he came to stand beside me,Holding my hand.

  It was a huge relief seeing the both of them,I had thought that they had been trapped in the car but luckily they had managed to get out.

"We were both in the car when your call came in, I was scared so I told Brian to leave the car there so we can both protect ourselves"Nina added

"What we didn't know was that you had gotten there,It was a shock for us when we saw you lying on the floor after the explosion"

"You were hurt and it was our fault"She added

"But am okay now and it's not your fault"I told her 

After all that bastard Micheal is the cause of everything

"You almost died Dora, If you hadn't come out to meet us,You wouldnt be here now"Brian said as he went to stand by the window

When I had that dream and had woken up from it,Brian was the one there,I had thought that it was still a dream but it isn't.

 "But there is some thing I want to know Dora? How did you know that there was a bomb in my car?"Brian asked suddenly and I stared at him

  I didn't even think of this moment,I didn't think that they would want to know how I knew there was a bomb and I can't tell him How I know about it.

 But what should I tell him? What reason should I give?

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