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 (Living the life of a lie)

            Episode 13

           EMMA POV

I went into the ladies room and found Nina standing by the wash hand basin 

She turned and from the look she gave me I could tell that she was surprised

"You are not suppose to be here "She said 

"It's okay,I want to talk to you"I told her 

"But you are suppose to hate me, Am the girl your husband to be loves"

"I know and am happy for the both of you "


"Because I don't love Brian and I don't want this marriage as much as he does"I replied 

"But You wanted it,You even came to me,To warn me, To tell me that if I kept on seeing Him,You will make my life a living hell"She said 

  I knew for sure that I never did such a thing ,So it must definitely be the real Dora.

"Well, that's all in the past, I didn't mean it back then"

"Do you mean it now?"she asked still unsure

"Yes I do, I really don't want to marry Brian" I said and she smiled 

"But what about the wedding preparation? What about the merger? and what will both your parents say?"She asked 

"Don't worry Nina,I will discuss this with Brian,All you have to do is to be with the man you love"I said and she smiled again

"Just hearing this words from you makes me feel more at ease, Thanks" She said and before I could say more, She hugged me

"It's no problem Nina"I replied

The door opened and two women walked in and we realased each other.

"I will leave now"I said leaving the ladies feeling like I just won a lottery.

  I went back to the party and every one were already up mingling with each other while some were dancing

  It was hard to search for Brian, I wanted to give him the news that Nina and him could be together again

Amongst the crowd, I managed to see Micheal and he was coming towards me

I didn't want to talk to him,He is always suspicious about things and he might notice that some thing is odd with me

I quickly went the other way and suddenly Brian was beside me

"Dora?"He called and quickly i pulled him to the dance floor

"What happened?"He asked but I was still distracted by trying to see if Micheal followed but there was no sign of him.

  I relaxed and stared up at Brian "Nothing?"

"What do you mean by Nothing? What happen with Nina?"He asked 

"It went.......should I tell you"I asked trying to tease him a bit but when I saw the serious Expression on his face, I began to talk.

"I told Nina that you two can be with each other and that I don't mind"I added

"Really? What did she say?"

"She was happy about it and I know that if you go to her right now, She will take you in her arms"I said 

"I can't believe am having this discussion with Dora Baxter"He said 

"You have no option than to have it with me cause am the only one who knows your secret,Now it's time you listen to my proposal"I said 

"So what's this proposal"He asked

"We both don't want this marriage"I whispered that part gently

"I will help you with the merger and after its signed, You help me leave the city,I want to go to a very far place and start my life again"I said 

"That! Wouldn't be some thing Dora Baxter would ask for"He said suddenly

I stood rigid in his arms,Did he know that am not the real Dora? I thought still starring at him

"Seems like after the accident you have grown up"He said suddenly

"Yes....yes have grown up"I replied quickly,. thank God he didn't notice.

"Okay,I will help you leave but there is still something bothering me,How will we manage to pull this off" He asked 

"We will just have to continue with the wedding, The only thing that would change will be the bride"

"How are we going to achieve that" He asked again

"As have said we just have to keep up with the pretence and when have gotten my dad to sign the document the rest will be easy"

  "Why do I feel like I wouldn't like your plan"

"You would just have to go with it and I can assure you it will go well"I said and he starred at me for a long time before giving a reply.

"I hope so Dora,Nina and I are counting on you " He said 

"And I will be counting on you to help me leave this place"I replied and he nodded 

"One more thing ?"

"What now?" he asked

"No one must know about me leaving,No one at all"

"And no one must know that we made that plan, Deal?"He asked 

"Deal"I replied and gave him a smile which he didn't return.

  The party had died down a bit,Some guest were already leaving and Brian used the little opportunity he could to go and talk to Nina 

  I knew because I was their guard, While they talked in the cloak room, I stood by the door making sure that no one would go in

I felt so happy, With Brian help and co operation,I can get out of this unharmed, If I knew about this method a long time ago,I would have used it. I thought smiling

  "Some thing must have happened that got you smiling"Micheal voice behind me brought me back to reality

I turned and saw him there starring at me with a smile on his face

"What do you want?"I asked 

"To talk,You've been avoiding me all day,Not any more" He said and before I could do a thing he pulled my hand

"Let me go Micheal! What if your wife or some one else sees us"I asked angrily

"Don't worry,They are all busy having fun at the party,They wont notice our disappearance and besides I have some thing to tell you"

"I don't want to know what it is Micheal!"I yelled and immediately he pulled me by my arm.

As soon as we got to one of the various balcony in the hall,He let go of me.

"I don't want to talk to you"I yelled at him

"You have no option and besides you are stuck with me and always remember you are here because I brought you here and I can destroy you if I want to"He said

Getting scared by his words,I kept shut and kept listened to whatever he was going to geuu

"I only brought you here to give you the good news"

"What is the good news?"I asked 

"I think today will be Brian last day on earth"He said, I stared up at him in surprise

"What? But why?"

"What do you mean by why? That guy is bound to die and today is the day it will happen"

"But it's too soon and besides you said you are willing to wait until we get married so he can sign all his properties to me"I asked

"I changed my mind, We will get his money another way but he is really getting on my nerves,I just want him out of this world and the sooner the better"He said smiling

 Feeling scared I asked "How do you plan on doing that?"

"Right now a bomb is being placed in his Highness royal car,All he has to do is to get into it and then BAM!!! "Michael said smiling 

"A bomb?"

"Yes a bomb, Don't tell me you are deaf now"He asked scarstically

I couldn't reply because I was thinking of Brian.

 For weeks now have been looking for a way to get out of this whole mess and when I finally got one,Micheal as always have to ruin things.

"Why the long face? You should be happy that your husband to be will be dying soon"

"Does he have to die? Can't we just take his money and leave him alive"I asked and was rewarded with a slap

I was still reeling from the shock when he pushed me to the wall and held my neck

"What has that bastard been doing to you? Have you tell him about us? Did he promise to protect you? Answer me you bitch!"He yelled at me

"I didn't tell him anything Micheal,You have got to believe me"I replied 

"Good! I don't want to hear you defending him again and besides you have no say in this,All you have to do is to prepare a funeral clothe and shed tears over his burnt body"He said harshly 

"Micheal you are hurting me!"I said and he let go of me

"Dont question me again or you will receive more than a slap!"He said and left the room

 I stayed back clutching my face, Why does life have to be so cruel,I wanted to get out of this without having to kill or harm any one and so why did this have to happen now! Why me! I thought as I kept on crying.

  Brian car has a bomb in it and in some hours,It will explode.

 I can't let that happen! Brian shouldn't die because Micheal wants it, He is my only hope for escape.

"I can't let anything happen to Brian,I just can't"I muttered to myself,Running out of the room.

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