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 (Living the life of a lie)

            Episode 12

          EMMA POV

"Tell me Nina"I urged her when she wasn't saying any thing

"I don't think you should be asking me that My lady"She said 


"Cause it's not some thing you should know, I suggest that you pay attention to this party, After all the party is for you"She said and pushed in the trolley in.

  Nina is some one very important to Brian, Could she be the one he love? , I thought still starring after her

"Why are you still here? Aren't you supposed to be inside" He said suddenly jolting me out of my thoughts

I stared at him and I saw that he still looked angry

This is not the right time to talk to him about Nina.

"Have you suddenl.........."

"Have heard you okay and if you had been here when the training for the engagement party was on, you wouldn't be asking why am still standing here"I retorted

  I didn't know where the courage to respond to him came from, Was it because there was some kind of hope for me, Because I know that if Brian gets back with the woman he loves,He will stop the wedding and I will be free, Free from the burden of having to marry and kill him.

The door opened and He he couldnt reply.

Putting my hand on his arms, We walked into the room , Giving everyone a false smile.

  We were put at the a high seat while the party began.

  While the host took his place on the floor, Talking about how Dora and Brian love story started

My mind was miles away, Well not exactly away, I was just thinking about Nina and Brian 

 If Nina is the girl he love,I can convince him to stop the wedding and marry her.

 And once that happen,Micheal won't need me for his stupid plan and I will be able to leave and forget all this ever happen

  But before I put my plan into action, I have to get him to confirm if Nina is the girl he love.

Having conjured all my plan, I began to pay attention to the party

It was then that I noticed Dora parents who were sitting at the front along with Brian parents and also Natasha and Michael

 Seeing the creep again Made me think that my plan would never work.

No,This time it will work and I will make sure it does, I thought giving Micheal a fierce look.

 Just the thought of leaving and being me again made me smile 

"Wow,That got the bride smiling"The host said and I stared at him and everyone.

They were all starring at me, What were they talking about? I thought as I stared at Brian for an explanation only to see a frown on his face

"Did I miss some thing"I whispered at him

"Don't pretend here okay, You heard what he said and you knew what he meant"He said moving towards me

To the audience,It would look like we were saying sweet things to each other

"If I knew, I wouldn't be asking right?" I said leaning towards him again

"Apart from being a spoilt rich kid, A snub, A bully, You are also deaf right"He asked those questions putting a fake smile on too.

  The host had gotten every one attention back to him and so we weren't being watched 

"Am not deaf, I wasn't paying attention and if you know you can't tell me what he said, Then forget it"I whispered back

"Suddenly your mouth seems to respond back, Before you were always quiet, What caused the change? "He asked 

Freedom! I thought happily "Nothing and me keeping quiet before doesn't mean I can't talk, I just find it stressing to argue with you"I said 

"Just because the engagement is happening,It doesn't mean that some thing will happen between us"He said suddenly 

"And that's because you hate and loathe me, I know and believe me when I say this, I also feel the same thing"I replied still wearing the false smile

   He stared at me for a while and then he looked away

 While he yelled insults at me and say terrible things,I had kept quiet but not any more.

  As soon as he agree to the plan I have in mind, I will be free........

"Can His majesty and his bride come forward for their first dance"The host said and we both stood up and went to the dance floor

He held me by the waist and I held him on his shoulder

From the look on his face, He hated being close to me and I felt uncomfortable

"You don't have to look like a man being sentenced for life okay,It is as hard for me as it is for you"I said 

"Just shut up and......Nina!!!"He said starring over my head.

I turned gently and saw him starring at the girl I had met this morning

"Nina,I need to talk to her"He told me wanting to leave the dance floor but I held him back

"Don't even think about it"I said 

"You aren't going to tell me what to do"He lashed out

"And I won't be left standing here, Looking like a fool and you won't be doing Nina any Good, If you leave the dance floor to go to her, She would flee and this time she won't come back"

"Just shut up, What do you know about Nina?"

"A lot,For example, She is the one your heart beats for right!"I asked

 "Nina didn't want anyone knowing but...... "

"But now I know and let me tell you, I don't care, Infact I have a proposition to make to you"I said and he stared at me doubtfully

"Don't worry, It's some thing that will benefit the both of us, Am sure you will like it"I said smiling 

"When it's coming from you, I would say no"He said 

"Don't turn it down yet, You haven't even know what it is about"

"And I don't want to know, Even if I marry you, Nina will always be in my life,Whether you like it or not"He said and stopped the dance by going back to our seat.

I followed suit and wondered how I will make him listen to my proposition.

  As the party grew more interesting and every one began to relax, I kept on watching Brian whose eyes were always following Nina around.

  "I can't take this anymore"He said as he stood up

"Where are you going?"

"Where do you think?"He replied and walked off

  Every one was busy socialising and didn't notice anything, I stood up too and went after Brian.

   I searched around for him but found nothing.

"I wonder why his Highness is standing in front of the ladies room "A lady said to her friend as they walked past me

On hearing that I went straight to the ladies and saw him standing by the door knocking the door

"Nina,I know you are there,Come out now or I swear I will go in and drag you out"He said 

"You will only scare her off"I said suddenly

"What the hell are you doing here?"He asked 

"Let me talk to her"

"About what exactly?"

"About us okay, She should know that we mean nothing to each other, To know that am willing to Stop this darn wedding"


"You heard me right Brian,If only you had listened to my proposition,This won't be happening,now move away, let me talk to her" I said hotly and he had no option but to move.

  Just a bit more and I will be free,I thought as I took a deep breath before going into the ladies room

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