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Season 3

Episode 14

Looking at me Derek waved and Bella gave me a wide smile.

“You guys made it,” I said once we reached where they stood.

“Luckily both of us were out for different reasons but happened to be free so thought why not,” was Bella’s reply.

“Thank you for coming on such a short notice,” I said and Derek shook his head.

“No problem at all. We were free and this Saturday was heading to a bored mood,” Derek replied and saw him frown a little looking behind me. I forgot about my cousin and squeezed my eyes.

“Oh sorry, this is my cousin Tasha. Tasha these are my friends Bella and Derek,” I introduced them.

“Hello,” she greeted them and I saw her eyeing Derek as we went inside finding our seats.

“Is he single?” Tasha asked me but Rini replied to her.

“He is single. No girlfriend at all, should totally go for it,” she answered her with a thumbs up and my cousin nodded.

I heard a thank God from Rini as we sat. I don’t know if she was happy about finally changing Tasha’s direction to Derek or getting our seats. The lights dimmed and we watched the movie as it began. During the interval, we sent Derek and Tasha to buy popcorn.

“Hey, Bella?” I called her as she sat next to me leaning her back on the seat.


“Do you know why both Lizzy and Louis’s cell are out of reach?” I asked her and she scrunched her nose thinking deeply.

“She told something about going to the mansion of Lark,” she replied.

“Mansion of Lark?” I asked her.

“It’s a place where one of the coven witches reside with the princess there. I have been there only twice but personally, I find the place scary. It’s situated deep within the forest and looks really dark with a creepy aura. Due to it, you don’t have a network coverage there. Just because I said princess now doesn’t picture a Disney princess,” she said shaking her head.

I actually did picture a person like that, with a flowing gown descending from the high stairs.

“So how does she look?” Jessi asked Bella curiously who was sitting next to her.

“The first time I went to the mansion with my uncle I thought I was going to find a fairy princess and light shining upon her because that’s how my uncle described her but it was just a joke according to him. I should have taken the hint looking around but as we went inside, the place started getting creepier. The princess is opposite to our initial imagination, I didn’t get a proper glimpse but everything about her was gloomy and sad and dark,” Bella described making me wonder about it.

“But Laura wasn’t like that,” I stated to her. Because the way Bella had described, Laura didn’t look like a scary zombie.

“There are many covens of witches. This is just one of them,” Bella replied.

“Are the people bad there?” Jessi asked her by then Derek and the others came holding popcorns and cold drinks with them.

“It’s hard to say,” was her reply making us confused, before I could ask anything more the lights went out and the movie continued where it left.

After the movie, we came out of the theatre. It was a romantic comedy and was up to my expectations that equaled to a decent movie. I tried calling up Ruka but it looked like his cell was not reachable too. He must have gone to that mansion Bella had said two hours ago. I thought we could meet today as I was out, it was the week since I last saw him. I let out a tired sigh. I was sitting on the truck Derek had got and swung my legs.

Tasha, Bella, Alex, and Rini had gone in the theatre again to search for Rini’s watch as she had misplaced it in the hall. The sky had turned dark.

“Is she a direct cousin?” Derek asked me as he sat next to me.

“Tasha? Yeah, she’s my maternal aunt’s daughter. She’s okay just a little…”

“Self-centred?” he asked me and I laughed at it.

“You could say that,” I said looking towards the theatre, “Wonder if they’ll be able to find the watch. It’s hard to find it when the place is dark.”

“True,” he agreed. Jessi started whistling a tune from the movie and I looked at her with my eyebrows raised.

“That was so good where did you learn to do it so good?” I asked her awed. I could never whistle like that.

“William taught me,” she replied with a blush on her cheeks.

I think the best part of having soul mates is that the chemistry never dies no matter how long the pair has been together. It actually went in extremes, either a person rejected completely the bond else the person would die for each other. Rejecting a soul mate was rare. I wanted to see Ruka right now, hear his voice.

“You know you could stay with Ruka in the castle with your parents. You daydream a lot about him,” he said and I gave him a sheepish look. Were my feelings that visible?

“It’s my parents and Annesana’s decision,” I replied grimly.

“I see.” My cell beeped, alerting me about a message. It was from Ruka.

What’s my love doing?

Just a message from him was enough to brighten up my day and make me feel warm.

Finished watching a movie and now waiting for Rini in the parking lot. She lost her watch there and went to find it.

I hit the send button and waited for his message looking at the screen. The place looked deserted and it looked like we were the only ones here.


A loud scream broke the silence around us that came from the theatre. All the three of us looked at each other before running towards the source. Derek went ahead of us and we followed him. Both Jessi and I reached a room that looked like the cleaning equipment room where others were standing.

Looking at the ground, my hands clasped my mouth. There was a person lying on the floor motionless, blood pooled around the body and something written next to it. I moved closer to see what it was and felt my heart drop looking at it.

It was my name written in blood.



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