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Season 4

Episode 7

Closed my eyes willingly, my eyelids feeling heavy as time passed and falling into dreamless sleep. I had a good amount of sleep when I woke up, my muscles feeling tired and lazy. Before I could put my palm on my head to feel the temperature Ruka beat me to it placing his hand on my forehead,

“Seems like its reduced,” he said retracing back his hand, “Are you hungry? I’ll ask Lisa to make something quick,” I nodded my head and he pulled out his cell to call.

He had changed his clothes from sweatshirt to his buttoned-up full sleeve shirt leaving the top buttons undone that exposed his muscles. There he was all fresh and clean, and here I was covered in sweat as I felt hot. I hadn’t brushed my teeth since morning and felt the need to do it. Yup, that would make me feel better. I moved the covers and got up while Ruka raised one of his eyebrows at me in question.

“I’ll go brush my teeth before I have lunch,” I said.

“I’ll go downstairs for few minutes until then, Sebastian’s home and he wants to talk about something important,” he said giving me a kiss on my cheek before leaving.

I went to the bathroom and took my toothbrush, applying toothpaste on it. As I brushed my teeth I saw my hair was a total mess. I tried taming the hair with my free hand but for it to stand up again. I looked around the bathroom, the classy way it was made. Pale white and grey ceramic tiles covered the flooring, the mirror in front of me was big in a rectangular shape with dark wood as a frame holding it. Beside it, white fluffy towels were placed on each side that was folded neatly. In the center end of the wall was the Jacuzzi that looked like a drop in box, black tiles around it. The water in it gave an aqua color. Not to forget the different soap, oils, and shampoos at the side.

I switched on the heater and went to check on my cell if there were any messages I had received. I looked at the wallpaper of my cell screen and smiled. It was a picture of Ruka and me when we had gone to a movie a few months back. Though he was the king, he didn’t mind going to the local theatre with me. Initially it was just us but in the end, everyone tagged along to watch the movie. Sebastian had taken it when Ruka had bent down to eat my snickers, our face close to each other.

Going back to the bathroom I switched the heater off, dipping my leg to feel the temperature. It flashed later that Ruka had told me that lunch would be on its way. I’ll eat it later. Now I needed a good warm bath. Undressing, I got inside, submerging my body until my neck. I sighed blissfully, it felt like heaven now. The cell rang at my side and I picked it to see my mother calling.

“Hey, mom.”

“Eve sweetie, I heard you were sick. How are you doing now? I’ll come there in a few hours,” she said worriedly.

“I had a little fever but now I’m alright. Ruka took care of me the whole time, you don’t need to worry mom,” I assured her and heard her sigh.

“He’s such a keeper,” she murmured and continued, “I’m so sorry for not being there. Your dad likes the house too much to leave it and stay in a castle, memories he says.”

“That’s alright, mom. Dad is right in a way after all. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” I said and she hummed to it.

She then told me that, Tasha and her family had left. And how another relative of was visiting us for a day, the next week. I felt our relatives were visiting a lot this month. I later told her bye and continued with my bath. The relatives that would be visiting us next week were my dad’s elder brother and his family. It was Eric’s family which I was ecstatic about but he has a brother, a human one of course, as we were humans while Eric was the adopted one. The problem was that my cousin had declared his love for me when we were small and that he would marry me one day. He was still adamant the last time I saw him and Eric had to smack his head. That was three years ago before he went to boarding school. Maybe he would have forgotten about it by now and have girlfriends. I took my time, cleaning myself with the soap bar. Later I dabbed myself with the towel before wearing fresh clothes. Stepping out, I went to stand in front of the dresser rubbing my hair with the towel. I heard a knock on the door and saw Grenda come in,

“How are you feeling now, Ms. Eve?” she asked holding the tray of food in her hand.

“Better now, thank you, Grenda,” I said taking the plate from her.

“His Highness told me to inform you that he will be here soon and that you should have your lunch in the meantime,” she informed me as she poured water in the glass.

I took a taste of the food and cringed at the bitter taste. It either was Lisa or her idea of making me eat this to get better. As I had my food Grenda turned around with a little frown on her face searching something at the door. I looked across to see no one,

“Is something wrong?” I asked her.

“I brought my granddaughter along but looks like she ran away,” she sighed and then smiled, “She’s shy and timid.” Once I was done eating, I gave the plate back to her with the glass.

“You look a little dull,” she commented looking at me, “Is Ruka being mean?” she asked me as though if I agreed Ruka would have an earful to hear from her. I shook my head deep in thought and spoke,

“It bothers me sometimes why my father didn’t want me staying here and…” she waited patiently for me to finish and I blushed a little before I said it, “We haven’t done it. Not that I want to like you know…I feel like something is there and he doesn’t want to,” I drawled and she had a small smile on her lips.

“After what happened last year, your father, His Highness, Sebastian and the elder had a little meeting. I don’t have all the details but enough to say that the elder felt something was off. When she mentioned his highness having the franchixer and it might or might not take you to the dark side with him made your father worry…and it slipped that he might be wild with you if you know what I mean,” she said it like it was no big deal, my eyes went wide, Annesana told it in front of dad? “I think after hearing it your father reconsidered of letting you stay here.”

“Oh…” I responded.

“Your father also told that it would be better to keep a little distance. His Highness promised he wouldn’t do such a thing and I guess he’s keeping his word even now,” she said and patted my head gently, “You don’t see it but we do, Miss Eve. His eyes follow you everywhere. He’s just being careful and thoughtful about it,” I nodded my head understandingly.

When Grenda had gone, I sat at the edge of the bed lost in thoughts. So Ruka did have a reason, I knew dad wanted me safe and I was still his little girl but Ruka was my mate, asking to keep distance was impossible. And the wild part, how true was it? Not everything that was predicted turned out to be true by Annesana. It was night now and Ruka seemed to be busy within the phone talking to someone and two files lying next to him. My fever was gone and my body temperature back to normal. What kind of fever was it? One day fever, I thought.

When I went to the dresser to pick a safety pin from there I caught Ruka looking at me through the mirror. His eyes were intense. I felt my heart skip a beat and picked the pin to only let it fall down as I felt Ruka’s arms circling me and turning me around to face him.

“Eve,” he murmured, burying his head in my hair.

If I was feeling this way, I wondered how hard it was for him to hold in. Pulling back I looked at him smiling while he looked at me, I stood on my tippy toes to give a kiss on his nose. Going to the dark side didn’t sound that bad now. If Ruka was there I was fine with it.




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