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Season 4

Episode 5

I saw her eyes go wide looking at me in shock. The shock of me beating her or because of what I said but the look on her face was priceless. The teacher seemed impressed by what he witnessed just now, not believing a human had outsmarted a vampire. No one knew about me being an angel other than Ruka’s family, mine and my friends.

Mischel’s face transformed from shock to anger, though she hid it quickly once the teacher spoke,

“Very good, Ms. Whitlock and Ms. Will. That was an excellent display. Now who else would like to go at it?” the teacher asked looking at the others.

I went to where Jessi stood with a grin, “That was classy. They taught you well,” she commented and pulled me along with her to sit down on one of the benches as others tried fighting which was funny.

I felt happy that I had for once handled a situation with ease and without anyone’s help. It felt exhilarating and Mischel deserved it, speaking about taking Ruka away from me. Like that would happen. Only if Ruka was here teaching in school now, I thought. But it was alright, I would see him going back home. Home. I wonder still why dad insisted on making me stay at home, he was alright before when I stayed in the castle.

I wiped my hands on my shirt as I felt it dusty and brought my hand in front of me to see the ring with the sparkly diamond around my finger. I took the ring and put it in my chain on my neck, wouldn’t want the ring to get dirty. Sometimes I couldn’t believe I was engaged. The day Ruka proposed was the best day, he had made it perfect. He was perfect and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I would one day be Eve Wolfric, I thought and fanned myself mentally. I looked around and caught sight of Louis standing on the fifth floor of the school building near a window. Didn’t he have class? I wondered.

“Seems like you have a new fan,” Jessi interrupted my thoughts and I furrowed my eyebrows at it, trailing her sight I saw Mischel looking at me intently. When our eyes met she turned her gaze away.

“That’s not called a fan, Jessi. More like an enemy,” I said looking at the teacher’s demonstration, “You’re lucky you have nothing worry regarding these things. I feel like Mischel is going to be a bad news in the near future. She said she would take Ruka away, like I would let that happen,” I huffed crossing my arms.

“You go, girl,” my best friend laughed hearing it and patting my back, “Did you know there are exchange students attending here now?” A gust of wind blew, raising the dust from the ground and I had to cover my face with my hands to prevent any of it in my eyes.

“Yeah, I met two vampires who are from Romania, this morning,” I replied her taking my hand away from my face, ” Max said their building was demolished or something.”

“Not demolished, Eve. More like destroyed,” she said making me raise my brows at her in question, “William told me last night that the day we went to the theatre, the very same day one of the school was destroyed. Previous to it another university was taken down. They found traces of witchcraft, though they cannot decide on that alone and to add to it a few items from each place were stolen,” she explained while I listened to her.

Why would anyone want to destroy institutions and steal things from there? When I was little I would have wished for my school to go down to get a few extra holidays.

“Do you know what they stole?” I asked her.

“Some kind of cloth,” was her answer and the bell rang, “Oh, by the way, it’s not just students. There are teachers too. Yesterday I had a new teacher for archeology class. She was really good,” she said.

“Did she teach that well?” I asked her.

Jessi was interested in learning archeology of supernatural. When I was deciding which electives to opt for this year Lizzy had told me not to go for it as the teacher who taught it was really creepy. I didn’t know if she was exaggerating it but I had picked other subjects that interested me later. I had picked anatomy of beings, basic witchcraft, and defense. I had taken anatomy of beings because Ruka insisted me on taking it, telling as I was an angel now I would require it.

“Oh not like that,” she shook her head and made a face as though she was in deep thought, “There was this one guy who went out of line talking to her and then suddenly she slapped his open hand.”

“That must have been quite a scene,” I told agreeing the fact that the teacher must have been cool.

Most of the students who attended Preston were rich supernaturals. One might think what they were doing still studying in a school. But the fact was that supernaturals below the age of hundred mostly attended as the subjects yearly changed. That is except for the subjects like math, physics and other subjects human usually learned. When I looked back at the window where Louis was standing, he wasn’t there anymore.

The bell rang loud enough for us to hear and we got up from the bench heading towards the locker room to change. We could hear girls gossip about the new students and the teachers. Other than the vampire couple I hadn’t met any else. I had the anatomy of beings class now while Jessi and Lizzy had another class. Ashton had moved to another state due to family reasons. Bella and Kyle accompanied me as we shared the same class.

“How did they even build this place?” Bella questioned to no one in particular as we headed down the stairs for our class which took place underground.

“I didn’t even know this place existed until last week,” commented Kyle looking around.

They had moved us from a normal class to underground since last week and now that I think about it, I think it was done so that they could accommodate more people in our school with the increase in students. The walls were made of huge endless rocks with the uneven surface. Lanterns placed in the passage making it look like we were in a different era. The classes went as normal with only theory and I saw some six new faces in the class. During the class, I found out why all of them had freaked out during the trip last year when we had encountered bats. Apparently, they were cousins with the piranhas but had wings instead of fins.

“Why did I end up with the creepy teacher,” Lizzy whined her head placed on the table. Her teacher was swapped with Jessi’s teacher. We were in the lunchroom now and I was too hungry to talk.

“There there,” Bella patted her trying to soothe her mood.

“Maybe you both were meant to-” Kyle spoke before a fork went over his head as he dodged it, “-be together. Jeez let me finish the sentence,” he said playfully as Lizzy sent a glare.

“Can’t you swap classes?” Jessi asked her and she shook her head.

“I tried but everything is packed every single class,” she answered and then turned to Louis who was reading a book, “Any news?”

“The cloth was not the only thing that was stolen,” he replied her without looking up turning the page, “The gem on the Isaac’s sword is missing.”


“Hmm,” was his answer as he continued to read, all of us waited for him to explain looking at him and saw him sigh, “Long back during the war between the vampire, werewolves, and humans, the witches had trapped four emotions in four different stones. Love in sapphire, fury in ruby, pain in emerald and happiness in onyx. The emerald stone was placed in Romania and other stones were placed in other countries. Whoever sabotaged and is trying to collect it already has it in their possession and we don’t know what their motive is. The onyx stone is with witches and the ruby has been missing since it was made. The sapphire is in this school,” he explained.

“Why did they sabotage the place if they wanted only the gem?” I asked him. It was just a tiny object after all.

“Because the place had a spell protecting the stone until the building was down no one could take it out. I’m going to the library to finish the book,” he said after clearing my question and got up carrying his book. It didn’t look like a novel, “And Eve…”

“Yeah?” I asked him as he paused.

“You did well today,” he said before taking off from there leaving me puzzled until it dawned to me that he was talking about the defense class.

I completed eating my lunch and wrote down the assignments I was given for the day. Lesser the homework, more the time to spend at the castle. If the witches were the one who created it wouldn’t they know where the stone of furry was? And to go missing right after being created, something was off about it. Maybe Ruka would know about it. There were few minutes left for the next class so I headed early there so that I could pick where to sit. As expected no one was here yet, so I took the window seat keeping my bag down and pulling my phone out with my headphones.

Students filled the room gradually, taking the empty seats. While I sat there scrolling my screen and listening to light music, a loud screech of bench distracted me and I looked up to see what the commotion was about. My eyes went wide to see two boys burnt from top to bottom as though someone had fried them. In front of them stood a guy wearing a crisp white shirt.

“You boys can go to the infirmary,” he instructed them and walked passing them to stand near the board,” And one more incident as such you can kiss your school goodbye,” he said coughing a little and I saw something- wait was that fire?

“As you know due to some unexpected circ.u.mstances most of the teachers have been rescheduled. My name is Mathew Jenkins and I’ll be teaching you the basics of witchcraft. I’m a hybrid of a witch and a dragon ancestry,” Mr. Jenkins introduced himself with a bored expression.

I had never heard much about dragons as I thought they were extinct. I had the sudden urge to tell my best friends about it and went to type but stopped halfway through,

“I would expect all of you to keep your hands off your phone if you don’t want it to die out of the heat,” he warned and I tossed the phone quickly in the bag hearing it. Where all the teachers like this who were not of our school? I bet most of them wouldn’t mind having Leo as their teacher.

Later that night as I sat on the bed after dinner looking at Ruka talk to the general officials. It looked like he was busy so I got into bed, pulling the quilt over me and yawned. I didn’t realize when I started slipping into sleep until I felt the bed dip beside me. Ruka pulled me closer to him as his chin rested on top of my head.



“Do you know where the ruby stone is?” I asked him sleepily.

“Somewhere safe. Sleep now it’s late,” was his reply and he gently ran his hand over my hairs until I finally drifted off to sleep.




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