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Season 4

Episode 4

Ruka dropped me to school later after that and I walked inside the building crossing the fountain that had vampire structures on it. I could still feel Ruka’s lips on mine and the tingle I felt. If he had kissed in the morning I don’t think I would be attending school now and would have continued with the flow. I didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing. The school seemed a little crowded today and much noisier than the usual days though the bell had rung. Opening my locker quickly, I took out things I would need for today.

While I was doing it, I heard a tap on my locker and looked at the source to see a blonde boy standing next to my locker. He gave me a boyish smile and I raised my eyebrows in question. He had a peculiar dressing sense, his hair combed back neatly. I hadn’t seen him before.

“Lubita, stii de under aceasta clasa este?” he spoke in a language which I didn’t understand.

“What?” I asked him confused.

“Ea nu intelege limba,” I heard a girls voice behind me. The girl came next to him and spoke something shaking her head. I wish there were subtitles to know what they were speaking about. “Li cier,” I heard her tell the boy. He turned towards me and spoke,

“Do you know where class B five is?” he asked me this time.

“It’s in the next building, the first floor,” I replied to which he nodded. Seems like we had new students.

“Sorry about before, I keep forgetting that this is not Romania,” he apologized, “My name is Keith and this is my beloved Sara,” he introduced.

“I’m Eve,” I said looking at the clock, “Need to go to class,” I told them and they nodded understandingly. Rushing to where my class was, I knocked the door as it was closed. My history teacher who was an old, short man opened it after a few seconds.

“Yes?” he questioned me in a bored tone.


“I think you are early for the next class, Ms. Whitlock,” he said interrupting me and closed the door. Okay…what just happened? I was seven minutes late but that didn’t mean he could slam the door like that.

“I have company,” I heard a known voice speak to me. It was Max.

“What are you doing outside?” I asked him.

“Skipping class I guess”, he said it casually, taking a candy bar from his pocket and ready to eat it but stopped, “You want?” he asked me and I shook my head smiling. He took a bite from it and we walked near an empty corridor to kill time.

“There are new students,” I told him and he nodded.

“Two of the schools have closed down, therefore, they have transferred the students and faculties here now. You’ll be surprised to see a few of them,” he sat on the compound, his legs hanging on either side. He patted in front of him, “Don’t worry you won’t fall down,” he assured me.

We sat in silence as he completed his candy bar. When he was done, he put the wrapper back in his pocket.

“Could I ask you something?” I asked while he turned to see a little squirrel pass by the branch.

“What is it?” he asked me observing the little animal.

“What do you know about the land of dead?” I asked him and his head snapped to look at me.

“Where did you hear that from?”

“Andria and Lizzy were talking about it,” I said to which he gave a dry laugh.

“I was young when I found it. It is something I wish I never came across,” he explained it to me, his eyes looking dazed, “It was a normal object for me, a mirror-like object when I had come across it with my brother. We didn’t know what happened but we were sucked into a different dimension. A place we don’t belong. I had come out but my brother never did,” he said his voice full of void.

“I’m sorry,” I said regretting that I asked him regarding a sensitive subject. He had lost a brother at a young age.

“Ruka took responsibility of keeping it away to avoid any repeat of history. No one even speaks about it, actually, no one knows. The lesser the better,” he told. We heard the bell ring and went to each of our classes separately.

Next of defense and I met up with Jessi. We had to change our clothes for the class, going to the class I noticed the wood floorings, there was equipment decorating the wall. There were different types of swords, a ball light structure having the needle-like shape surrounding it. I caught sight of a person I was least expecting here now. It was Mischel, the girl who was going to be engaged to Ruka, the person I had met at the party.

“All right, line up,” the teacher came into view clapping his hands together to bring in the attention of the students, “I will first demonstrate you how to use the equipment and students who already know it will show us how it’s done. Okay then.” The starting one hour went in lecturing us, how and what to do when a situation arises. I felt Louis was a better teacher though. We mimicked his movements as he taught us. We were using wooden sticks instead of the sword now.

“Ms. Will,” he spoke to Mischel, “How about you try? Let’s see,” he said looking at the crowd and then stopping at me. Seriously didn’t he find anyone else? I went and stood next to him. Mischel smiled at me and I returned it back. It was just to show the students, I don’t think I had to really fight that hard.

“Ready?” he asked us and we nodded taking a stance, “Start,” he signaled.

The room was filled with the sounds of wooden sticks as we fought. Initially, everything was going fine but suddenly she flipped, making me hit the floor. She gave me her hand to get up and when we were near I heard her speak,

“I don’t know what he see’s in you while I’m a better choice,” I was taken back by her words, “Watch me,” she warned lowly. She was asking for a war.

“Another round?” the teacher asked as everyone cheered. Jessi looked worried as she saw us.

We began again, this time being serious about it. She was an old vampire but I was an angel now, though I had lost my powers there were few specks of it left. To add to it, Sebastian had taught me a few dirty tricks in fighting. Both of us were fighting with full strength and it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t tired as time passed. There was a fraction of second when she was pulling back her stick that was enough to distract her. I looked behind her and my eyes going wide,

“Ruka,” I whispered and she turned back as I expected, to see no one which gave me the advantage to flip her. My wooden stick near her throat while she was in shock of what I did, “I was never a choice for him. I am the only one,” I spoke to her in a low voice only she could hear.




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