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Season 4

Episode 3

Sat up, once I heard the click sound of the bathroom. My eyebrows drew together with confusion while my mouth was agape looking at the door. Ruka had left me here without a kiss on the lips, the kiss he had initiated. Was this what Annesana was talking about? The change of behavior was noticeable slightly, but this…what just happened was unacceptable. How could he leave me hanging just like that?

After a few minutes, I saw Ruka come out of the bathroom, a towel covering his body from the waist and another around his neck. His hair was wet and I could see the little droplets of water falling from the ends. When he saw me, I didn’t avert my eyes instead of looking at him straight in the eye. His cell phone rang and he went to the dresser where the cell was present, taking it in his hand and answering it.

“Did you find him?…hmm I see. That’s good…” he kept speaking to someone while his eyes were on me. After a few minutes, I headed towards the bathroom while he was still talking.

I brushed my teeth looking at the mirror, looking at myself. My hairs had grown longer and it needed a little trimming here and there. My eyebrows were good naturally and didn’t need extra shaping. After rinsing my mouth, I took a bath. When I came out Ruka was already gone but his Cologne was still fresh in the air like he had just left the room now. After getting ready, I took my bag pack putting two books and few stationary items to it.

When I opened the door, I was greeted by Caesar, who followed me until the hallway. Andria, Lizzy, and Aiden were there already sitting at the table having breakfast. My eyes tried searching for Ruka around but didn’t find him anywhere.

“He’s in the boardroom,” I heard Aiden speak as he took a bite from his meat.

“Good morning, Eve,” Andria greeted me and I greeted her back with a smile, taking a seat.

“Good morning,” I greeted her back, “Did something happen?” I asked them. There were meetings in the boardroom only if it was something big.

“We don’t know,” Aiden replied, “Ruka and the others just headed towards the boardroom. I overheard one of them speak about the land of the dead,” he said casually.

“Land of dead?” I questioned them not knowing what it was. Andria replied to my question dropping her voice,

“It’s a world of different dimension where supernatural creatures are sent for atonement after they pass away. Creatures that have lost their mind. It’s not a nice sight to see. Chances of survival are pretty much less when you enter there and no one comes back the way they went.”

“You have been there?” I asked her and she shook her head.

“Maximus has been there,” Lizzy replied this time. I think that would say why he was weird sometimes, “There is a glass, a mirror-like object that helps you port to that place, it was made by princess Lark and given to one of the Nobel family. During a party held at the Nobel’s house, it was present in one of the rooms. We were kids that time and didn’t know what it was. Max had come upon it and- yes even I tried doing it but I’m pretty bad at that,” she said changing the topic suddenly making me confused. Louis came and sat next to Aiden.

“Yeah, I think only the men are good at it in our family,” Andria added sipping up her tea and looking behind me. I turned back to see Ruka, Sebastian and Shane come towards the table.

Why did they suddenly switch the topic? And what were they even talking about now?

“What are we good at?” Sebastian asked tilting his head with an amused look on his face.

“Art,” Lizzy said it innocently, I had to say, drama classes had definitely paid off. Louis looked at her with narrowed eyes finding it fishy.

“Yeah,” I nodded agreeing to it as it was true. I had seen Ruka’s and Sebastian’s painting, they were extraordinarily beautiful.

“What was the early meeting for?” Andria asked her husband, Shane, who took a seat next to her.

“It was about the bodies that were found in the theatre,” he answered and looked towards Aiden, “You could take some more time before entering school, Aiden,” he looked a little worried.

“You are starting school?” I asked him surprised and saw him grin. Aiden had been homeschooled for a year since his sudden growth.

“Just be careful,” I guess Shane was worried about his son’s well being, “I don’t want to hear any complaints from the teachers of how you got on their nerves or…you breaking any windows,” my eyes widened hearing it. Looking at Ruka I noticed a soft smile on his lips.

“Yeah yeah,” Aiden replied before waving his hand, signaling that he was leaving.

“Don’t worry honey, Louis and Lizzy will be there,” I saw Andria pat his back lightly and he sighed, “Ruka are you going to continue your recreational activity in school?” she asked him, meaning if he was going to take classes in Preston’s.

“I don’t think so with the things that are going on. There’s been a lot of riot going in the north side and we haven’t got an appointment with the princess yet, she’s busy right now,” he said pouring the red liquid in a glass, “I’ll visit the school once a week to check up on things.”

I sat there listening to them speak as I had the rest of my breakfast. School had started a month ago and the subjects we had were not normal compared to the school u used to attend. I had subjects where I had to study the body of supernatural, its history and defense. I don’t know why but I had a bad feeling about the subject defense like I wasn’t going to like it. School was much peaceful. There were no bullies like Trent and I had one of my best friend attending the classes. After I was done eating I went up to the room to get the little knife I had forgotten to put it in my bag.

I opened the closet trying to find the knife like a dagger but didn’t find it. I remembered keeping it in the closet and stood on my toes to look at the above section. It was there in the corner and I tried reaching for it but couldn’t. I got a stool and stood on it, stretching my hand. I took it in my hand and felt the cold metal on my fingertips. While observing it, I stepped at the edge of the stool, making it topple slightly and losing my balance in the process. My body moved backward and before I could fall, I felt someone’s arms holding me.

“Careful love.” Ruka said gently, his hands on my waist, “What are were you doing standing on the stool?” he asked me c.o.c.king his head sideways.

“I forgot to take this,” I replied showing the dagger to him while he put me down from where I stood with ease.

“Come, I’ll drop you to school,” he said holding my hand in his and leading us out of the room.

Sometimes I wished I could hide Caesar in my bag so that I could take him along to school but he wouldn’t fit in. I ruffled his hair before getting into Ruka’s car, which was my favorite Maybach Exelero, it was black and sleek to look. On the way, Ruka asked me about the subjects I had opted to study this year and if there was any need to change teachers.


“Hmm,” he hummed in response as he drove past the trees.

“I love you,” I said fiddling with my fingers, he suddenly got the car to a halt after hearing it, at the side of the road.

I looked at him worried if something had happened, he had a serious look on his face. He pushed some button, making some room ahead of us and in a second I was moved from my seat to his lap. His eyes looked into my brown ones, that held so much intensity that could look right through me. I felt one of his hand snake around and the other pulling my face closer to his. His lips were on mine in an instant, the kiss wasn’t gentle. It was raw and rough, a kiss I hadn’t experienced before. He deepened the kiss getting me closer as though if he didn’t hold me I would vanish, I felt his muscles as I placed my hands on his shoulder. His tongue met mine exploring every nook and corner while I felt my heart beat erratically in my chest. When I pulled back for some air he trailed kisses from my ear to the base of my neck. He buried his nose in the crook of my neck and I felt his warm breath on my skin.

“I love you, Eve,” I heard him murmur before placing another kiss on my shoulder, “More than anything. Every little thing you do. The way your blood rushes to your cheeks when I kiss you. Knowing only I can do this,” he trailed his nose upwards to my ears. I could bet my face was flush red hearing him talk.

“Your innocence and soul is mine to spoil and love. I turn evil or not but I will always love you. My love for you won’t lessen but will only increase by every passing second,” I just nodded my head not able to speak.




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