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Season 4

Episode 19


Once I called up Ruka to tell him about the note, he came home immediately with Leo, Louis, and Vernon, who I met at the cave. They searched the house for the scent of the person who broke inside the house but found nothing. Ruka had a frown on his face as they inspected every nook and corner of the house.

“Louis,” Ruka called and Louis was in front of him in a second, “Go to Lark’s mansion now and let her know we’ll be visiting her this week. It might just be a note but I don’t want to take any chances. ”

“You could send us, your highness,” Leo suggested for the job.

“I would have sent you or Vernon but Lady Lark doesn’t trust anyone on her property than the royal family, Leo” Ruka explained, “Leo check how the pack drill is going on, Vernon you can carry on with your duties, Sebastian will take in charge.”

“I’ll leave then,” Louis nodded and left.

“Ah-your highness,” Leo said when Louis and Vernon left the place. Ruka turned to him with an eyebrow raised in question, “Your nephew has been causing trouble again. He dumped a bucket of vegetable soup on one of the general during the pack exercises which led to other unnecessary events.”

For a second there I forgot who Ruka’s nephew was because Aiden rarely called him uncle Ruka. Once a general had found the ground empty as Aiden had sent all the pups home telling the day was off.

“I’ll speak to Aiden about it. You can leave now, Leo,” he said dismissing Leo, who gave a light bow before exiting the door.

“Is everything alright?” My father asked worriedly. I was about to talk when Ruka spoke before I could reply.

“Yes, Christopher everything is fine. Eve felt someone broke into the house but it seems nothing was stolen,” he smiled reassuringly.

“Good good,” my dad nodded with a sigh.

“This is why I say we shouldn’t open the windows,” my mom shook her head looking at dad.

“You don’t want to open the windows because of the dust. It’s not like this place is going to turn into a desert,” my dad countered looking at mom who was standing beside Ruka.

“Of course it will! I’m the one cleaning the house,” she said huffing playfully at dad.

“I can send few maids if you need anytime,” Ruka offered politely and I knew he wasn’t joking.

“I have such a sweet son-in-law, that’s alright dear,” she said patting his back and then seemed to realize something, “I left the pot to heat!” and she ran to the kitchen.

“I’ll go help mom,” I announced and heard dad ask Ruka for a drink in the hall.

I hoped he didn’t drink too much, not Ruka but dad. When dad drank alcohol, the love he had for us would multiply and would overflow. That was one of the reasons why he avoided it may be he liked Ruka more than what I thought. Mom adored him and made her special cookies just for him. I couldn’t complain he was the perfect doting son-in-law.

Going inside the kitchen, I saw my mother cutting fruits. She already had prepared so many things for us even after I told her not to sand now she was making a dessert I believe.

“I’ll do it, mom,” I said and took the knife from her to dice the apples, “It wasn’t necessary to prepare so many things mom and mom you don’t have to prepare the steak!” I said looking at her who was ready to cook it.

“I hardly get to cook for you guys now and I missed you,” she said so straightforwardly that made me sad and guilty.

“Mom, I missed you too,” I said going towards her and hugging her while she hugged me back. She placed a kiss on my forehead and then smiled softly.

“Chop chop! Dinner needs to be prepared in twenty minutes,” she went to her energetic mode making me smile. Taking out four glasses from the cupboard she kept it on the table. Taking the peach juice she poured it into the glass.

“Mom, Ruka doesn’t like peach flavor,” I reminded her. I don’t know why he didn’t like it, last time when mom had offered him he drank it without complaining but I later got to know he didn’t like it. I took one of the glass and sipped it.

“I know that, honey. I brought him something else,” she grinned making me furrow my eyebrows in question. Opening the fridge, she pulled out a silver can. When she poured the content in the glass, the juice I was drinking entered the wrong pipe and I coughed my eyes wide.

“Where did you get the blood?!” I asked her shocked still coughing.

“Did you know that instead of blood bank there’s another place where they provide fresh blood?” she asked me awed with her discovery, “We wanted to get him something nice.”

“And you brought blood?” I asked her and then said, “Thank you, mom but that wasn’t needed.” She made a swishing sign with her hand like it was no big deal. Dinner was going well, I missed mom’s cooking. Dad didn’t drink much which was good.

“Driving the car fast, Eve,” dad said while cutting his steak and I stopped chewing my food for a moment. Ruka turned towards me and raised his eyebrow at me.

“Fast dad?” I asked him carefully. How did he know?

“George told us you were driving past the speed limit on the highway recently,” dad said disapprovingly and I slouched down on my chair slowly. How did George know about it? I don’t even remember any car behind us when Aiden and I were going back to the castle, “Ruka I’ve entrusted my daughter to you knowing you’ll keep her safe.”

“She’ll always be safe and loved,” Ruka said firmly and held my hand under the table, giving it a gentle squeeze.

Rest of the dinner went fine as mom and dad spoke to Ruka. My parents had gone to sleep while Ruka and I were now in my room. I went to brush my teeth when Ruka got a call from Sebastian about what happened today. I made sure to brush every inch of my mouth, gargling and flossing my teeth. Giving myself a wide smile, I checked if my teeth looked clean.

When I came out I saw Ruka standing next to the window, his back facing me and the lights switched off. I could see his hands gripping the edge tightly.

“Ruka?” I called out to him.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen today, there was still two days time for the red moon to appear,” he said breaking the silence, his voice a little hoarse and shoulders stiff. I looked outside the window to see the white moon turn red, “The red moon affects supernatural beings by the hierarchy. A lower vampire and an omega werewolf are the least affected while a pureblood vampire and alpha werewolf are the highest. I’m a franchixer, Eve,” he said turning to face me and I was taken aback by the way he looked.

His each of his eyes had turned to purple and red. His hair looked longer than a few minutes ago before I went to brush my teeth. There was something different and I couldn’t tell what it was.

“I’ll be downstairs,” he said to me without breaking eye contact and walking past me.




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