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Season 4

Episode 1

Don’t understand,” I said clutching the phone in my hand, “Sebastian said I balanced the franchixer side of Ruka as I was an angel now. What do you mean evil and possessive? He is an alpha alpha male,” I couldn’t think another word for it. Though Ruka was a hybrid he kept his possessive side in control and I loved him for that. In the past year, Aiden had tried everything to tick him but it didn’t exactly work.

“He is a franchixer, Eve, not a normal hybrid anymore,” Annesana reminded me and continued, “The problem is I’m unable to read the signs properly which makes it impossible to predict anything now, it’s like someone is intervening with nature. I didn’t mean possessive exactly more in the terms of evil being. True what you said but your powers vanished the time you gave up your wings and as I said before there is a way to get it back, who knows it might regenerate by itself. Let me know when your back starts hurting.”

“Yeah, I will,” I replied and tucked it back in my purse.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I stood there looking at the view outside. I could see lights lit around the houses, feeling the cool breeze blow and I shivered slightly at it. What now? Was Ruka aware of it? He must be, even though Annesana hadn’t warned him about it. He was smart after all.

The thought of me having my white, fluffy wings got me excited but if it was to regrow that would definitely hurt. Turning around, my back facing the railings of the balcony, I looked at the party that was going on. Posh and poise were the things that came into my mind looking at the people who were talking. My eyes stopped at a particular figure who was talking to a middle-aged man. Hair as dark as midnight, the personality that demanded respect and reeked of power. As though feelings my eyes on him, he turned my way, capturing me with his gaze. I felt my heart skip a beat when a soft smile played on his lips. Sometimes it was hard to believe that a person like Ruka was my mate.

If it was a different dimension without any mating connection or if it weren’t for supernatural beings exist, I don’t think he would even look my way. Forget about second glance but then it wasn’t so and I knew I was lucky to have him in my life.

“Hello, darling,” someone spoke snapping me out of my deep thoughts.

“Hey, Max,” I wasn’t aware if he was going to be here tonight. He took his uncle’s execution pretty well, actually it didn’t matter to him he had told me a few months back. He was a good guy not wanting any part of what happened but that didn’t mean I forgot how weird he was.

“What are you doing standing alone here?” he asked me looking at the crowd and continued, “Ruka is talking to the council grandpa, I see. I heard you are back in the castle,” he swirled his glass lightly that had blue liquid in it.

“I am,” I confirmed him, “I didn’t know you were going to be here,” I saw him smile at it.

“I guess no one expected it after what my uncle’s stunt. How are you?” I could detect the concern in his voice.

“Fine, I guess,” I replied and caught Mischel talking to Ruka now,” Do you know her?” I asked Max.

“Mischel? Yeah, I do. Why do you ask?” he questioned tilting his head.

“I feel like she has a thing for my mate,” I saw her smiling flirtatiously, “She is, isn’t she?”. Yup, she had a thing for him and I felt my heart tinge when Ruka smiled at her. Jealousy, I thought. Bad Eve, I scolded myself.

“Is someone getting jealous?” Max asked me laughing and I glared at him, “Sorry. I guess you don’t know but a few years back our elders had decided that Ruka would marry the senates daughter when she would come to age. Though the deal didn’t hold as Ruka found his mate,” he explained it to me.

“Oh,” I said not knowing what else to say. I felt him ruffle my hairs, messing it up.


“Stop worrying, it was in past. Don’t you know there is a verse- let the past bury it’s dead,” he said holding my hand and dragging me towards the hall. He then stopped to be greeted by a tall, lean man.

“Maxie, I didn’t expect you here,” the man said with a sinister smile.

“Surprise!” Max replied sarcastically, “What are you doing here, Weshes? I thought you were in the south continent working on the camps,” he said.

“Indeed I was but they sent me off home telling I needed a break more like they wanted to rid me,” Weshes complained rolling his eyes. I stood there awkwardly behaving like a nonexistent until his eyes fell on me, “Who’s this? I have to say your taste has improved,” he commented making my eyes go wide.

“Oh, she’s not mine,” Max shook his head denying it, “She’s Ruka’s mate, Eve.”

“Hmm?” he looked at me with a sly smile and took a step forward towards me, “So it’s you, I’ve heard so much about you in the upper ranks. I am Maximus’s half-brother, Weshes,” he introduced himself.

“I’m Eve Whitlock,” before I could say anything more, I felt someone’s hand snake around my waist.

“Good evening, Ruka,” Weshes greeted him with a tight smile.

“Good evening, how was your trip?” Ruka asked him casually as I felt his fingertips rub on my back.

“It was quite eventful actually. The rouges there don’t listen and its hard to make them obey. It’s becoming highly impossible to tame them,” Weshes spoke seriously.

“Hmm I see, did you find any whereabouts of the prisoner that escaped?” Ruka asked him.

“What prisoner?” interrupted Max in between.

“Someone broke out during summer and it’s hard to track him down,” explained Weshes, “There have been attacks going on in the sound which is possibly created by the same person.”

“How could someone breakout while you were there?” Max gaped shocked at his sibling.

“Let me know if you hear anything about it,” Ruka said ignoring Max, “I’ve spoken to Sebastian about it and he’s currently with Leo. Contact him later,” he said and we left the spot.

We took seats to the nearest spare table, sitting next to each other. A waiter came with a tray and Ruka took a glass from it. It was red in color and I knew it wasn’t blood by looking at it. The liquid had a thin texture like water but red in color.

“Are you feeling bored?” Ruka asked taking a sip from his glass.

“Not that much,” I replied truthfully and saw him smile, “What is that?” I asked him pointing towards the glass he held.

“This is a refined blood that is stored like a wine in the country Diyonisia. It gives an exquisite taste after adding many other ingredients to it,” and I cringed thinking about it. How could old blood taste good? Ew




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