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Season 3 

Final Episode

“Jeez, you scared me Aiden,” I scolded him seeing him grin.

“What’s up? I heard you got the permission to move into the castle finally,” he said walking towards beside me, his hands behind his back.

“Yeah, something like that. Don’t you have school to attend?” I asked him and saw his lips curl at one side.

“Don’t you?” he asked to which I shrugged, “Anyways its boring and heard you were back. So here I am.”

Talking to Aiden reminded me of how cute Ruka would look when Aiden tried to tick him off. He would keep me close by even though he knew Aiden was just trying to push his uncle. Technically I would be an aunt to Aiden but he sticked to calling me ‘Vivi’. With all those reactions I could say the franchixer wasn’t going in effect yet.

“What book is that?” he asked curiously, trying to peek at the title of the book. I handed it over to him to which he hummed and gave it back.

“Hey, Aiden do you by any chance know where the book Thetaintedis? I wasn’t able to find it,” and he shook his head.

“Did you check properly?” he asked me.

“Of course I did, for an hour actually,” I said and he caught hold of my hand, making us turn one eighty degrees and going back to the library.

“Did you check the above sections? Wait here, you must have missed it,” he moved fast, checking for it and went to look for it in the above sections. He came back after ten minutes with a book, “Is this the book?” he asked showing the front of it.

“Thanks,” it didn’t look like the one I had read before but it held the same name so I took it.

“Told ya, you missed it. Come on, mom had asked me to bring you down for lunch,” with that we exited the place.

Lunch was pleasant, Lissa had done something with the vegetables and it was pretty good. Going back to the room, I went to the balcony and sat on the swing holding the book. The book had a velvet binding but was old to look, it wasn’t the one I had read, looked like another edition of it. I flipped the pages randomly when I felt the pages less at one end. Turning slowly I found that few pages were actually missing from it. It was like someone had torn it.

I wasn’t particularly in the mood to read. I sat there for God knows how long staring at the space in front of me until I heard someone call my name.


“Huh,” I snapped out of my thoughts to see Ruka standing at the door and looking at me concerned.

“Are you alright?” I nodded giving him a smile and he came to sit next to me, “How was your day? You’re reading a book.”

“It was good, will Amelia be visiting today?” I asked him. Amelia was using her powers trying to help me and I was grateful to her. Though Annesana had said I was immortal none of them knew when it would flip back or forward. Would I forever stay immortal or go back to being human?

“No, love she won’t be coming today as we have plans for the evening. We have a party to attend to that is thrown by one of the noble for their daughter’s birthday,” he said putting his arm around my shoulder and bringing me closer to him. Hmm, maybe what Annesana said was not true, ” Don’t worry, we won’t stay there long. It’ll just be for one or so.”

“Okay,” I replied to him not minding the time. I didn’t mind the time until I got to stay next to Ruka.

Ruka and I sat there talking about my family and my relatives who were there now for vacations. He didn’t comment much about my uncle but I didn’t miss the tick that worked in his jaw when I spoke about them. My parents weren’t there in the room when my uncle had spoken to me. In the evening, we went to a mansion that had a graveyard next to it. That was quite a location to build the mansion, I thought. Maybe it was a vampire thing but I was glad the castle didn’t have it. There were a lot of people and a music playing so softly, it was eerie kind of music I felt after listening to it more closely. Men dressed in suits and ladies in gowns. I was wearing light pink off shoulder with a bow to tie behind. The place had a lot of statue that was made marbles to decorate one side of the mansion. I met people and spoke to few of them whom I knew. Good thing was that Andria and other’s had come to attend. The cake was cut soon and people started dancing on the floor very prim and proper like the ones I saw in movies.

“Ruka,” a man came walking towards us with a girl following him, “How’s the border problem going on? All solved?” he asked and I saw the girl looking at Ruka adoringly.

“It’s solved Mr. Sean, how are you?” Ruka asked politely.

“All in good health. This is my niece Mischel,” he introduced the girl, “Timothy was searching for you. He told he needed something to talk about, oh there he is.” Ruka looked at me wondering.

“I’ll be fine, I’ll be with Lizzy,” I assured him before he could say anything and he nodded, leaving with Mr. Sean.

I didn’t have to say anything to Mischel as she left right away once they left. Looking around I tried searching for Lizzy and found her on the dance floor. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Sebastian.

“What are you doing standing here?” he asked me and took hold of the hand.

“I’m not in the mood to dance,” I protested seeing him head towards the dance floor but Leo called him on his cell on the way telling he needed him there with him.

“So sorry, Evee,” he said vanishing from there, leaving me perplexed. I felt my phone vibrate and took my purse, opening it. There were two missed calls from Annesana and I wondered why she had called. Going out of the room to a quieter place I called her back, she picked it on the sixth ring.

“I saw your calls now. What happened?” I asked her.

“I just realized I misread the description. Do you remember I told you that Ruka’s franchixer would be more prominent as time passes and it alters nature? Can you see the sky?” she asked me.

“Yeah, I do,” I could see the sky with the clouds and crescent moon clearly, “Why do you ask?”

“A person takes time to have the franchixer qualities but Ruka is a hybrid. It’s like a crash course to him and by the energy of the crescent moon, it’s already started,” she informed me and felt my jaw drop.

“But I didn’t see any withdrawal sign,” I told her. Ruka seemed to behave as usual.

“That’s because I read the signs wrong. It’s going to be the opposite of withdrawal,” she said, opposite…? “Evil, possessive and god knows what else. The devil’s instincts are going to catch up by the end of this night.”



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