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Season 3

Episode 4

Eve’s POV:

Ruka stood there at the door holding Caesar by the scruff of its neck.

“It’s mine,” I told him and went to take it from him but he moved it away from me.

“I don’t remember you having a pet, Eve,” he said raising his eyebrow in question. I looked at the little wolf and saw it stay still looking at the wall. It was such an adorable thing that I just wanted to cuddle it.

“I got it home today when we went to the forest after school,” I explained him.

“We? You mean Louis?” he asked me calmly, I nodded my head and then heard his high voice, “LOUIS!”

Louis was there in few seconds standing near Ruka. He looked at Ruka, Caesar and me, understanding the situation.

“What did I say about getting wild animals in the castle?”, Ruka demanded.

“Please I want to keep him,” I pleaded but he did not seem to budge.

“Sorry Eve but no. They are dangerous,” he handed the little wolf to Louis, “Take it to the shelter and let me know if it’s done.”I was alarmed hearing it. Was the shelter were the guard wolves stayed?

“No no, please,” I said but Louis had gone already out of sight, “How could you do that? It’s just a small wolf,” I asked him.

“It’s for your good, Eve. You will understand,” he said looking at me, I shook my head in denial.

I turned back going inside a room. I closed the door and locked it. I had just found a pet and Ruka had taken it away.

Sebastian’s POV:

“It’s for your good, Eve. You will understand,” I heard Ruka’s voice while I was walking in the castle and heard the closing of the door.

Well Ruka will have to sleep in another room today; I chuckled thinking about it and went up to where he was. When I saw him, he was standing there looking at another room. Ah, she locked herself in another room and not theirs.

“What did you do?” I asked him.

“I told her the wolf pup was going to the shelter,” he told still confused, “I don’t know why she got all upset about it,” he said.

“I joked a little when she got the pup home that once you find it, you would feed it to the guard wolves,” I told him, “And she was so happy to have him, I thought you had to see it.”

“No wonder she sounded so alarmed when I told her to take the pup to the shelter house,” Ruka said rubbing his neck tired.

“Did you explain to her what a shelter is?” I asked him.

“No,” he said,” I forgot she did not know about the shelter. She’s angry and sad, its all your fault. I would never deny her anything.”

“Hey! You were the one who told wild wolves were not allowed. I just played a little joke,” I said sheepishly and he glared at me, “Let’s talk to her,” I suggested.

We went to the door and knocked it but there was no response. We could hear the water running continuously.

“Eve?” Ruka and I both called but she did not answer.

“Eve, I can explain,” Ruka said. Love could do wonders, I thought. Here was the feared man but when it came to the girl he loved he was all-soft.

“I think she’s really mad,” I told aloud.

“And who’s fault do you think it is?” Ruka asked angrily.”I need to go meet the councils immediately,” he told me worried.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get her to come out and talk about Caesar,” I assured him.

“You better do or I’ll have you go to the council’s house,” he warned me making me cringe. I would go anywhere but there.”Who the hell is Caesar?” he asked me.

“It’s the pups name,” I said happily.

“Caesar huh,” he said with a smile.

It had been four hours and when I came up to see if Eve had come out, she hadn’t come out of the room. Wasn’t she getting bored sitting and doing nothing inside? I couldn’t hear the TV sound either. Did she fall asleep? Maybe but it was time for dinner and Ruka would kill me if he knew she didn’t eat anything.

I was worried about her myself, she was like my little sister I had always-wanted not that I do not consider Lizzy as my sister but she was opposite to her. Soft-spoken, kind and she believed people around her. Both Ruka and she balanced each other. Good thing we had Louis and Lizzy to look after during school hours. Ruka was also going to teach there for a while until we resolved everything.

I knocked the door again calling her name but there was a response on the other side. I think it’s time to open the door. You think I’m going to kick open the door? You are highly mistaken.

“Sebastian has all the key answers,” I said to myself proudly and put my hand in my pocket to pull out a bunch of keys. I grinned when I found the key that could unlock the door in front of me.

Not wasting any more time I unlocked it and opened the door, “Eve its time for di- what the….” Eve wasn’t there here and I couldn’t sense her. I saw that the balcony was open.

Oh dear God, please tell me she’s alright and not in trouble. The security in the castle was tight and I was sure no one could kidnap her that easily, then where is she?


I was walking aimlessly thinking if Caesar was all right. I did not think Ruka would feed him to the guard wolves when I made a scene.

For the first two hours, I sat inside the room with mixed emotions of anger and sadness but it later dissipated. The next half hour I passed the time somehow but later I could not. If I opened the door it would be like giving in so when I saw the balcony an idea formed in my head. I took out a bed sheet from the drawer and went to the balcony tying it to the grill. I have never tried this until now and had only seen it in movies.

The castle was well guarded by the guards, therefore; I had nothing to worry about getting into any sort of harm.

I climbed and moved to stand in the direction I was going to go down, a good thing was that there was a tree near my room for support. I dropped myself slowly down gradually. At one second, I was hanging with the help of the sheet the next thing I know I am on the ground with my bum hurt. Ouch.



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