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Season 3

Episode 3

I was shocked hearing all of this. So if there was a witch, then was she watching every move of ours. I gulped thinking about it.

“What did you speak with Kallum?” Louis asked me.

“Just the normal stuff about how he was away for two months and he was happy to come back,” I told them.

“I don’t like the Kallum dude,” Derek said grimly. I couldn’t say no to it, he did act weird like Max, I guess people who hang out with Max are all like that, “Do you know him?” he asked Louis.

“Not personally but I’ve heard how good he is in handling the state affairs,” Louis replied to him.

“Then what is he doing attending school?” Derek asked the question I was about to ask.

“Pass the time like others I guess,” Louis said, “We are searching for the girl named Laura currently. Hiding one’s identity is really something to look into and who knows it might be one of the missing puzzles of what we are solving.” That was true. Derek’s cell rang then and he picked it to speak.

After the call he spoke, “I need to go meet the coach now. Let me know if something comes up,” he said and Louis nodded.

“Just be careful and don’t trust anyone,” Louis informed me.

“He told something similar too.”


“Kallum. He told something like to be careful whom I trust,” I told him.

“I see,” he replied. It then hit me that I was supposed to ask him something.

“Louis, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what is it?” he asked me.

“There’s this girl who wants to go out-” and before I could complete my sentence he had given his answer.



“No,” he cut me again, “Relationsh.i.p.s are tiresome and I don’t have time for such things now. We have other things to concentrate on,” he said making me shrink in my seat.

“But you know-” I tried again.

“No, Eve,” he said firmly and got up, “Let’s go for a walk. Didn’t you say you wanted to explore around a little around the school.” Guess I have to tell Allie to give up. My cell phone beeped and I saw to who might have texted. It was Ruka, asking me if I was fine. I replied him telling I was okay and was with Louis.

Preston’s school had a forest area near it. We walked for some fifteen minutes and reached a clearing which was breathtakingly beautiful. It had started drizzling and we decided to go back. On the way, we heard a small whiny voice of a puppy.

When I saw the small furry animal I couldn’t contain my excitement and went down on my knees to pet it. It was white and brown in color, it looked like the Siberian husky breed. Well, I thought it would let me but it growled that is if it counted as a growl when I went to touch it. Taking risk I placed my hand on its head and pet it softly.

“Eve,” Louis warned me when I picked it up gathering it in my arms, “It’s a wild wolf and it’s not safe.” It didn’t matter if it was a wolf.

“But its so cute, see,” I showed him holding the little wolf I held. It was cold and shivering in my arms. I wanted a pet as this and I had finally found it, “We are taking it home,” I declared.

“No, no, we are not,” he said shaking his head and I frowned.

“You know what? Today the whole day you answered with no’s now its time to say yes now and I’m taking it home,” I said stubbornly. The little wolf licked my hand making me smile

“Eve, Ruka wouldn’t approve of it,” he tried reasoning with me, “He wouldn’t let a wild wolf inside the castle. I shouldn’t have got you here”

“We are taking him home,” I said stubbornly holding the little wolf near me and then heard him sigh.

“But don’t cry when he puts it out,” he said making me smile. It had started raining now slowly and we hurried back, all of us getting drenched. We reached the car and I got into it. Louis didn’t speak a word as we drove back to the castle. What should I name it? Fluffy? Maybe a strong name. Like Caesar.

When we got inside the castle, I put the wolf under my pullover to hide it. We met Sebastian on our way.

“How was school?” he asked us.

“It was good,” I replied to him and then saw him narrow his eyes and sniff the air. My heart beat increased slowly.

“Why does it smell weird?” Sebastian asked. That’s when the little wolf moved to make its presence known, “Indeed.” So much for hiding it, I thought.

Sebastian looked down to my pullover and I pulled down the zipper making him gasp.

“Isn’t he cute,” he said looking at it but got a growl when he tried touching the wolf, “I don’t think you can keep it,” he said sadly.

“Caesar is harmless and young,” I told him.

“You named him already?” Louis asked raising his eyebrow.

“Well, let’s hope Ruka doesn’t make a Caesar salad out of Caesar and feed it to the guard wolves here as dinner,” he said jokingly making me snap my neck towards Louis.

“Wolves?” I asked him narrowing my eyes.

“Trained wolves, Eve. Not wild wolves,” Louis said and then began walking ahead, “I’m going to my room.”

“I can’t wait to see tonight’s events,” Sebastian said looking at the wolf in my hand with a wicked smile and I sneezed due to the cold, “You’ll catch a cold if you don’t dry your hair soon and all the best,” he said walking away leaving me with Caesar.

I went up to the room and washed Caesar, later taking a bath myself. There was still time before Ruka would be home and I think the little wolf was hungry. I placed it on the bed and went down to the kitchen, asking Lisa to get me some meat and went up the stairs to find Ruka at the door.

“Can I know what is this doing in our room?” he asked me with gritted teeth. He was holding Caesar the scruff of its neck.



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