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Season 3

Episode 2

Eve’s POV:

“See this goes like this and you blend it in,” Sharon said helping me in the art class.

“Like this?” I asked her, showing the strokes I was making with the brush on the canvas as she explained.

“Don’t press the brush, make it light,” she instructed me, “Yes, just like that.”

We were given to draw the sky today in the class, which contained dark clouds and looked like it was going to rain pretty heavy later. Drawing was my thing but not painting. I was taking a lot of time in getting the shades right. The best part of this class was everyone who was there were humans. There were no vampires or werewolves.

The bell rang and we closed our equipment keeping the canvas aside. I was happy now. Why you may ask, its lunch baby. Time to eat. Allie and Sharon began walking with me out of the class. I saw Louis, Lizzy, and Kyle waiting for me outside the corridor.

“Eve, you’ll ask today right?” Allie asked me with hope-filled eyes. She had been asking me if I spoke to Louis about her every class we met.

“Yeah, I will,” I replied with a smile and her face lit up.

“See you tomorrow,” she said cheerfully and pulling Sharon with her. Sharon turned back and mouthed me all the best with an unsure smile.

I wonder how bad Louis rejected girls that I just asked him needed best of luck. He spoke only if it was necessary, you could say he was the quietest of all in Ruka’s family but one of the smartest.

I was still undergoing defense training during weekends with him. Sometimes Lizzy or Sebastian would be there helping us out. They told I was doing well so there will not be a need to worry.

“How was painting?” Kyle asked me as we walked to the cafeteria.

“Not bad,” I replied, “How was your class?” I asked him back.

“It was eventful,” he grinned. Lizzy looked a little mad. When I looked at her Kyle began laughing. I raised my eyebrows in question.

“Lizzy got into detention,” Louis replied to my unspoken question, “Kyle did something to annoy her and she flipped in the class.”

“You broke my record of no detention!” Lizzy accused Kyle.

“Everything happens for the first time,” Kyle pacified her. She glared at him and went stomping to get something to eat. She looked cute as a kid now doing that.

“Hey,” Derek said sitting with us, “Where are the others?” he asked looking around.

“Isabella went to Italy for a week and Ashton is busy as always,” Lizzy replied taking a seat. Looked like she was not angry anymore.

“Oh okay,” he replied and then began eating his burger. I had got a sandwich but after seeing the burger in front of me, I wanted to eat one too. I excused myself and went to order one near the counter.

While I waited, I felt cool air blow near my face and jumped away startled. Turning back, I found Max the creep smiling at me.

“You are creepy,” I told him to which he chuckled.

“Am I now?” he asked.

“Normal people don’t greet others like how you did,” I said narrowing my eyes. My burger was ready so I picked up the tray.

“You are eating a burger, sweet,” he said and another guy came standing next to him with grey eyes. It was Kallum from the school festival.

“Eve, it’s good to see you,” he greeted.

“You both met each other? It’s such a small world.” Max asked surprised.

“We did, how could I miss such a beauty,” Kallum asked with a sly smile making it awkward.

Max went ahead of the counter to order while leaving me with Kallum. There was no need for me to stay so I was going to tell both of them bye but before that Kallum spoke.

“How have you been?” he asked me as though I was a long lost friend.

“Good. You?” I replied. I turned where my friends were and saw that everyone was eating but had the feeling both Louis and Derek had their ears here listening to us.

“Never been better,” he replied, “I was away from school for two months but now it feels good to be back.” I nodded my head.

“My foods getting cold, need to finish it,” I said indicating him subtly to end the conversation.

“Sure,” he said, I had walked two steps and heard him call my name, “Eve.”

“Yeah?” I asked him.

“Be careful with whom you place your trust. The world is a cruel place after all,” he said making me furrow my eyebrows, “Enjoy your lunch,” and like that he walked away.

The people I was surrounded around by were all trustworthy, then why would Kallum say such a thing? I walked to where everyone sat and began eating the delicious burger, which was yummy if you ask me. After lunch, Louis asked me to meet him at the parking lot. Buying snickers chocolate I went down the hall and out of the building. The clouds had turned darker making it look like it would rain any second but it did not. Good that I wore my pullover today with the hood.

When I reached the parking lot I found Derek and Louis both sitting on the side bench talking to each other.

“What’s up?” I asked them when they saw me.

“Sit down, Eve,” Derek said moving to make a place for me to sit. I felt they wanted to speak something serious else they wouldn’t have called me out here.

“Okay,” I said settling down, “You guys want?” I asked them showing the chocolates to which they shook their head no. I tore the chocolate wrapper and began to eat it slowly in silence.

“There’s bad news,” Louis said.

“Bad news?” I asked him.

“What did you guys speak after Max went away? Kallum and you I mean,” Derek asked me. Therefore, they were listening to our conversation but then why is he asking me.

“Didn’t you hear it?” I asked them.

“No,” Derek shook his head, “We didn’t hear a word he spoke nor what others were speaking at that place. It was like everyone was only moving their lips with no voice.”

“Really?” I asked shocked.

“Yes. It was only for half a minute and therefore it went unnoticeable,” Louis answered, “If it was just Kallum and you, we were not able to hear then Kallum would be the prime suspect. But a whole lot had the same effect which further only confuses things. Kallum is a werewolf and not a half-breed witch. There’s someone here in the campus watching our every move.”

“So you’re telling someone did it?” I asked them wide-eyed.

“Yes and it’s definitely a witch,” Derek said rubbing his temples, “We think it’s the same person who jinxed Megan.”



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