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Season 3

Episode 19

I turned the knob and opened the door, stepping inside the room. Unlike other rooms, this one was darker with the flooring made of wood. It looked dusty too as though it wasn’t used for an year, closing the door I spotted Annesana sitting on one of the sofa, quietly looking at me.

“Sit down, Eve,” she said pointing a seat in front of her and I walked by a cream looking rectangular metal that was hanging on the wall that was rusted at the sides and had few writings on it which I didn’t understand but felt I had seen similar pattern before, “How’s school?” she asked casually.

“It’s going fine, just a little hectic with the assignments and portion,” I replied her. She leaned forward taking the teapot in her hand and poured a light green liquid in two cups, “Is that green tea?” I asked her looking at it warily.

“It’s a herbal tea that’s specially made for angels who have lost their powers, though you are an angel now but we don’t know if we’ll be able to get your powers back.”

“Is it possible?” I was hopeful regarding it, everyone were helping me out to regain it back, especially Amelia. She was kind and took lot of time in my training. Annesana took few seconds before replying.

“No angel in history has traded something like that, wings are after all an important assets concerning an Angel. You’re having sessions with Amelia right?” I nodded my head and she continued, “That’s good to know, drink it up. It won’t taste good when it turns cold,” she instructed and I took hold of the cup in both my hands. When I took a sip I cringed my face and wanted to spit it out, it was bitter in taste. She chuckled looking at my reaction.

“I heard about the corpses in the theatre from Ruka. Can you tell me what happened? It’s better to hear it directly from the person, Derek told me his version of the story but I would like to know from you,” her olive eyes looked at me calmly waiting for me to give the details.

“We had finished watching the movie and were waiting for Rini as she had forgotten her watch there inside. It was a gift from her mother. Alex, Rini, Bella and my cousin had gone to check while Derek, Jessi and I were outside waiting for them,” I said recollecting it and Annesana nodded her head to continue, “After few minutes we heard my cousin scream and went inside to find a corpse. It was gradually getting faster in its movements and we encountered two more later before Ruka came that is.”

“Hmm, was there anything unusual felt?” she asked me.

“There was this strange air I felt around us when the corpse started gaining energy and…it felt eerie when Derek was fighting one of them but it was looking at me,” I told her worried.

“I see,” was Annesana’s reply to it, I ended up emptying the cup and kept it on the tray, “When I went there to see what it was I saw your name written on the floor. First I thought, the corpse might have written but it wasn’t,” she said and I scrunched my eyebrows confused.

“What do you mean? Someone else had written it?”

“No. No one had written manually but it was done by someone with magic that was long forgotten, such practices were banned due to its after effects. The corpses you people found were dead before you even started watching the movie,” I was taken aback hearing it and beyond shock. She sighed and continued, “This world has things that weren’t supposed to take form but someone has awaken it. The corpses you thought as humans weren’t humans but were soulless bodies that look like human.”

“You mean there were dead people already there watching us the whole time?” I asked her shocked.

“Yes, Eve. I knew something was wrong when one of the maid told about the writings here,” she said pointing towards the rectangular metal, “It’s like a future object that let’s you know if something is going to happen-something evil and that’s why I asked Ruka to meet the sorcerer princess.”

I remembered Bella had told us about her, giving a little extra details of how scary she was in person and the place. Was Rini losing her watch there planned then? So that they could discover the corpse and we would come there when no one was around?

“Annesana, what language is that?” I asked her looking at the writings.

“It’s the language of dead,” she replied and I gulped hearing it. It was like my memory was going to a state of system overload. It was like everything was planned, but who would do such a thing?

“I had something else to talk to you about,” Annesana said interrupting my thoughts, “Lizzy called me up telling me Ruka’s eyes turned to slits, is that so?” she asked me and I nodded. So that’s what Lizzy was talking about.

“Have you felt something strange about Ruka recently? It might be anything,” she asked me and I thought about it.

There were days sometimes when I would feel that Ruka was a little far away from me, not physically but mentally. But I would brush it off that I was over thinking as we didn’t live under the same room. Of course he was sweet and caring but there was something was off.

“I feel he’s going away,” I told her and she kept quiet, deep in thought.

“According to what information and knowledge I have gathered, a franchixer usually changes a persons personality. We’ve had only one such supernatural in history but you might know what happened, leaving Ruka alone. You balance him, Eve, but you’re not a complete angel though immortal now. We don’t know how exactly things are going to turn up. Ruka is going to have a withdrawal when it concerns emotions, it’s not like he’ll be doing it on purpose but that’s what’s going to happen I believe. The more prominent and alive the franchixer side of him feels, he’s going to become more of it until he learns to handle it of course. If you get your powers back that’s faster to work things out else its going to take time,” she explained it while I sat there holding my breath.

“Is he going to stop loving me?” I asked her softly, feeling my heart rate drop as I waited for her answer.

“No, my dear. He isn’t going to stop loving. You are his mate after all, it’s in his nature to love you but it won’t be hundred percent, if you know what I mean,” I didn’t actually.

Everything was going perfect and it felt like…I don’t know. Maybe if I worked harder I would get my wings back and I could help out Ruka like Annesana said. And who would write my name on the floor? Not to forget the blood. I couldn’t think of anyone. Ruka was waiting outside and my eyes went wide for a second.

“Did you tell him about it?” I asked her and she shook her head.

“It will just trigger it, something’s are better to be ignorant about even though he’s the king. This is one of the soundproof room in this castle including yours and few others,” she said smiling at me and I gave her a weak smile, “It’s not going to be a permanent thing, so don’t worry. The bottom line is he’s going to take time to adjust and return to his normal nature.”

“Alright,” I said taking a deep breath, “Thank you for telling me,” I thanked her as we got up.

“Anytime, dear. You are the future queen after all, it’s my duty and responsible to guide you. And yes, you and I are the only one’s who know about it. I had asked Lizzy to let me know when his eyes turned to slits,” she said as we walked towards the door and spoke to me before opening the door, “Just be careful and let me know if something happens.”

After that I went to my room and leaned my back on the bed, thinking about what Annesana said. Maybe I should get the book The tainted and read it. The angel was mated to a Franchixer, sure I would learn few things from it. Ruka was out due to work and I had free time now. Deciding to make a trip to the library, I got up and headed there to pick the book. When I went there, I searched the angel section but didn’t find it. It was supposed to be right here, I thought. I looked most of the side that had similar genres but wasn’t able to find it even after an hour. Where did it go? Maybe I should just ask Lizzy or someone if they had or saw it. I picked a random book and walked out of the place.

“Hello, Vivi,” a voice came out of nowhere making me gasp and I held a hand on my chest.




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