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Season 3

Episode 18

Before we could enter the dining room, I saw Caesar charging towards me and I got down on my knees with open arms. With the force it came towards me, I fell down as it licked my face and laughed as it did. Caesar was a puppy when I had brought him to the castle but now it had grown. Unfortunately dad was allergic to it so I had to keep him with Ruka. I wonder if dad was really allergic or not, or scared of Caesar. I ruffled its brown white fur lovingly and got up.

“EVE!” I heard Lizzy call me and saw her walking towards us with a wide smile, “Sorry I missed the movie and the action today. You alright?” she asked hugging me.

“Yeah,” I replied her.

“Lizzy, take Eve to the kitchen and get her something to eat,” he said her and she nodded, he later turned to talk to me, “I’m going to meet Leo, I’ll be back soon,” he said looking at me, his eyes intense.

“Okay,” I said and he had a soft smile on his lips before leaving.

“Come on, Andria has been waiting,” Lizzy dragged me inside along with her while Caesar followed us, “I heard there were corpses in the theatre. Dang, I didn’t get to see it,” she said disappointed while we walked. When we entered the kitchen I saw Andria and Lissa there.

“You’re back,” Andria said walking towards me and gave me hug, “I was wondering when Ruka would get you back. Lissa prepared dinner for you, take a seat Eve,” she said taking me towards the table and I sat.

As I had my dinner they asked me questions about what happened today and I explained it to them, from the time movie got over till the time I came to the castle.

“Does Ruka’s eyes turn into slits often?” I asked them as I ate my food during the conversation.

“No, I haven’t seen him like that since an year back,” Lizzy answered my question abruptly looking up from her phone, “Why do you ask?” she asked me while she took hold of a glass containing red liquid, which I assume was blood.

“I saw his eyes turn into slits today when we were at my home,” I said and saw Andria’s brows furrow in worry while Lizzy stopped slurping her drink.

“I see,” Andria replied and then gave me a smile. Lizzy was typing on her phone when it rang and she got up going out of the kitchen. Andria spoke about other things regarding school in the meantime but could hear Lizzy talking faintly.

“…yeah it happened just as you predicted…no, he’s gone out now…hmm…okay…okay,” I heard her but not clear enough to make out what she was talking about. After talking she came back.

I missed the time, spending with them but I missed my parents too. Ruka had asked my parents to move into the castle but dad loved the home they lived in and told he wasn’t ready to have the lifestyle of royal yet though he did promise he would visit. After eating I went up to our room and found that my bags to be there. Freshening up I sat on the bed and sent a text each to Jessi and Rini, telling them I was back in the castle. Rini had gone with Alex to the pack meeting I believe and Jessi might just be tired, resting now. I also left a message to Derek, asking him how his wounds were now. I wondered what time Ruka would be home, hope he came soon before I fell asleep. I did wait for him but found myself closing my eyes, unable to stay awake anymore I fell asleep.

In the morning, when I woke up I felt someone’s hand on my head, combing my hair gently. It felt really good and more sleepy. I opened my eyes, adjusting to the morning sunlight and saw Ruka sitting on the edge of the bed, with his legs crossed. He was wearing a dark grey t-shirt and black denim jeans.

“You’re awake. The school is closed today,” he said brushing my hair and I looked at him in question. I counted the dates and the weekend in my head mentally, today was Monday to have the school closed, “Due to the corpses found and the rogue attack, schools are closed. Did you sleep well?” he asked me as I got up.

“Yeah. What time did you come back?” I asked him.

“Around three in the morning. Annesana is visiting in an hour or so, she has something to talk to you. Get ready, love,” he said and got up from the bed.

“What does she want to talk about?” I asked him curiously

“Hmm I don’t know, she told it was between girls. I’ll be in the east wing,” he replied giving a peck on my forehead and left the room.

Getting up I went to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and taking a shower in the process. As I brushed my hair later my mind drifted to yesterday’s scene in the theatre. It wasn’t just that there were people who were killed but where behaving like zombies but weren’t one. To top it all, I couldn’t shrug away the eerie feeling I got when the first corpse looked at me while fighting Derek, it gave me creepy chills. Maybe it was just coincidence that it was looking my way that time but deep down I knew it wasn’t. Once I went down, I spotted Ruka talking to Sebastian and one of the general. Sebastian waved at me with a smile before leaving the place.

“Annesana is waiting in the second room,” Ruka informed me.

“Aren’t you coming with me?” I asked him and he shook his head.

“She wants to talk to you alone, love. Don’t worry,” he said and I nodded, going to the second door and turning the knob.




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