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Season 3

Episode 17

Sat there quietly next to Ruka as he spoke about talking to father of having me back in the castle. I was more than happy to hear it; finally, I was going back after so much of wait. I don’t think the reason Ruka and I stayed apart was because we weren’t married, I knew there was a valid reason for it but didn’t know what it was.

I saw mom looking at dad while he sat there contemplating things Ruka just said a minute back. Dad cleared his throat before he spoke.

“Is it safe that way? I know you will keep her safe and I do not doubt it. I also understand that my daughter is your mate but is it okay?” my dad asked concerned, worry evident in his voice. Did it really worry him that much that I was going to the castle?

“Yes, I did consider all the things and then decided it would be for the best. I hope you understand. I am aware of what Annesana has said a year ago but this is necessary,” Ruka gave a squeeze to my hand which was in his as he said.

Dad sighed, rubbing his temples and then nodded. I was ready on my toes almost to go pack my bags but stopped when dad spoke.

“I just want my little girl safe, Ruka. That is all I ask,” he said and Ruka looked straight in his eye before replying him.

“She’ll stay safe with me,” and I saw dad get up.

There are times when a child asks something to his parent, the parent listens to him before getting up and going away, leaving the kid perplexed wondering if it is a yes or no. I felt I was in the same situation. Was it an okay or not, me going now?

“Eve,” dad spoke my name, making me straighten my back instinctively, “Use the bag we brought a month back that’s in the closet in our room for packing,” he said going out of the room.

A grin broke on my face, while I saw him retreat. I went up to my room throwing all my clothes on the bed that I was going to take. After packing everything for half an hour, I zipped the bag and checked my room again if I missed anything. I saw my headphones lying in the corner of the room and went around getting it. I heard my wind chimes making sounds as I bent down to take my headphones. Ruka had told not to worry about getting the bag down as he told his men would come to take it on the way. I went down after that to find my uncle looking at me with anger.

“I leave my daughter for three hours with you and you get her hurt. You are nothing but trouble,” he said fuming, coming and standing in front of me.

I saw Tasha sitting with an ice pack on her head looking at the wall. Looked like, she was still in shock. There were few relatives of mine that never mingled with the supernatural creatures; this included my uncle standing in front of me. They were still being narrow minded about the supernatural’s lifestyle and thought it was fourteenth century but things had changed now.

“It wasn’t my fault. It was just few unfortunate events that happened today and Tasha is unharmed. She just fainted,” I clarified but he did not seem to get it and looked more angry at the mention of his daughter being unconscious.

“It is your fault look at her! She hasn’t spoken a word yet since she came. You are nothing compared to her,” he said and I agreed to it mentally.

He went on and on while I wondered where Ruka was. I was lost in thought that I did not realize my uncle had raised his hand grabbing the front of my shirt making me snap out of my thoughts. Before he could do anything else, I saw someone’s hand grip his. I saw red slit eyes looking at my uncle, the gaze enough to burn anyone right there.

“It would be good if you kept your hands away from Eve, Mr. Hamilton,” Ruka spoke in a cold voice. I could feel the atmosphere turning heavy now.

“And who are you to tell me?” he asked him rudely. Didn’t he know whom he was talking to now? He definitely needs to start reading the newspapers.

“Her fiancĂ©. Now if you would take your hands off and leave. Right now,” he said and I saw my uncle wince as Ruka gripped his hand.

He moved his hand away, taking a few steps back quickly before retreating to the guest room. All of us stood in place after witnessing the scene, not uttering a single word in complete silence.

“Did you pack everything, sweetie?” mom asked breaking the silence in the room and I nodded my head.

“It’s getting late, we will be leaving now,” Ruka informed my parents and they agreed to it.

On the way to the castle, Ruka made calls to know about the corpses from Sebastian and Leo. His eyes had turned back to amethyst once we had left home. The last time I had seen those eyes were an year back and today was a second time, it seemed to me like it was one of the characteristic feature of his franchixer side. When we reached, he parked the car in front of the main door. By the time I got out of the car Ruka was standing next to me. He leaned down slightly, his lips near my ear due to which I could feel his warm breath in the cold night.

“Welcome back home,” he said in my ear, brushing his lips lightly on my ear. I couldn’t stop the blush that rose in my cheek. No matter how many times he’s kissed me, it would end up me blushing, “Let’s get you something to eat, your things would have reached by then,” he said placing his hand on my back and taking me inside.




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