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Season 3

Episode 16

It looked they were slow like they needed time to go all ninja. Jessi took the time to use her heels to break the encased glass box that had an ax in it. What was I going to use? I searched in my mini sling bag and found the knife, I pressed the side button but the sword didn’t work.

Jessi swung the ax like she was an expert in it in her hand, “Ready Eve?” she asked me and I nodded unsurely.

“You know we have to be quick right because they are going to go out of control pretty soon,” I informed her. Something was wrong, anything we did here didn’t work.

Both of us attacked them, while I saw Jessi cut an arm of the one she was fighting. I used the knife as much as I could, making full use of it. As they say, something is better than nothing. It came towards me while I slashed my knife in its chest. I used the kick Sebastian had taught me recently and jumped in joy when it fell right on its ass. But as we predicted it was starting to gain more energy and Jessi being human and I a half Angel was working in a favor.

“Come on, Eve. We need to go now. It’s not going to stop,” she said and we ran to a room next to us, locking it from inside.

We went to the end of the room but heard a loud crash, to be greeted by the two corpses. Where was Derek? was he still fighting? If he was then we girls had no luck now. When they were about to attack us, I saw Ruka standing behind them with Louis and Sebastian. Rini must have informed them. Both the men fought swiftly. I saw Ruka fight without breaking a sweat and I would be damned if he didn’t look hot now. With a hit to the chest and twisting a neck with a snap, the body fell down limp. I could see Ruka’s eyes glow in the dark room searching and his eyes landed on me. In the blink of an eye, I was in his arms, feeling his warmth as he encircled his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. I basked in his masculine scent, my hands flat on his chest and I felt a kiss on my temple. He pulled back looking at me.

“Are you alright?” he asked me concerned as he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and I nodded my head.

“How did you know? Did Rini tell you?” I asked him curiously and saw him smile.

“She did. She informed us about you guys finding a body. We tried calling but the cell phones were unreachable and now I know why,” he murmured.

“It wasn’t working once the corpse started moving,” I said seeing the corpses down now, lying on the floor for good. Sebastian was talking Jessi while she explained what happened, “Where’s Derek?” I asked him.

“Louis has gone to tend to his injuries and Isabella’s. Don’t worry they’ll be fine,” he said taking me out of the room, “Let’s go home, I’ll ask Leo to check on it in the meantime with the other generals.”

Though I had gone through all these things I didn’t want to part with Ruka and go home where I wouldn’t get to see Ruka. Sebastian stood back to help Leo while I met Louis and the others below on the ground floor. William had come to pick Jessi. Can’t blame her, she did wield an ax beating the corpse. Derek had a large scar on his forearm and looked exhausted.

I opened the door of the car after going out of the building. Getting inside I closed the door, Ruka followed the process and started the car, driving us away from the place. On the way he made few calls that included Leo, giving him instructions.


“You want to ask what happened in there?” he asked me and I nodded my head in reply, “It’s black magic, finding its trace is difficult. The whole building is filled with it and due to which we couldn’t contact you. There were five of them excluding the ones in the room you were in, it’s the first time we have seen something like this. There has been a disruption in the south city today,” he explained taking a U-turn.

“Is that why Alex and Rini were called?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he replied.

On the way, I told him what happened in detail from the time we were in the theatre and he listened to it intently. We reached my home after twenty minutes. Knocking the door I waited for someone to open, standing with Ruka there, my head down looking at the floor. I kinda felt sad and lonely now thinking about the next hour when Ruka wouldn’t be next to me or near me.

“What’s the matter?” he asked me lifting my chin up to look at him.

“I miss you,” was the words that came out of my mouth, feeling my cheeks warm up as a soft smile played on his lips. He placed his palm on my neck as his thumb brushed my cheek.

“I know, love. I do too,” he replied leaning down slowly as I looked into his eyes and at that very moment I thought we were alone until someone cleared their throat. My eyes went wide and pulled back.

“Mom,” I greeted her while she grinned at me knowingly. Ruka gave her a charming smile as their eyes met.

“Mrs. Whitlock,” he greeted her.

“Ruka, come in,” mom said inviting us both in keeping the door wide open.

“I need to talk something important with you and Eve’s father,” Ruka said to which I looked at him furrowing my eyebrows in question. My mother nodded and went to get my father while we took a seat on the couch, “You’ll get to know in few minutes,” he said before I could ask him anything and I waited for mom to get my dad in the hall.

After a minute or so dad came with mom, taking a seat in front of us. Where were my relatives, was Tasha still unconscious? She must have hurt her head pretty bad.

“Good evening, Ruka. My wife says you had something to talk about,” he said dusting his hand. Why did it smell like flour? Was dad cooking tonight?

“Yes, actually,” Ruka said holding my hand in his firm and continued, “There have been too many unusual recent events happening and one of them being today. Rogues have increased and so has dead bodies. Though we are working on it, it’ll take time. I’m sure you’re aware of how mates work.”

“I do,” my dad agreed with him. I wondered where Ruka was getting to.

“And having all these unusual events going around it’s unsettling. I think it’s best to have Eve stay with me in the castle,” Ruka spoke calmly to my parents, hearing it I couldn’t stop the smile forming on my lips.




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