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Season 3


Looked at the floor in shock, my breath caught up in my throat. I dropped down on the floor, feeling a little dizzy my vision blurring.

“Eve,” Jessi came next to me rubbing my back, “What happened here?” she asked the others.

“Everything was fine until we went inside the theatre but when we came out Alex smelt blood which led us here. The person was already dead by the time we reached and Tasha fainted looking at it,” Rini explained worried, “It looks like the person was hit hard on the head and it caused all this bleeding, other than that there are no injuries.”

It was true, there was no wound inflicted as I could see. I looked at the person’s hand and found no blood so that meant he wasn’t the person who wrote my name. Alex was holding Tasha who was unconscious now.

We heard the cell ring and saw Rini pick the call.

“Hey, mom…Yeah, we are still in the theatre…no…yeah, why?… Oh, I see. Alright,” she said before putting the cell back in her pocket.

“What happened?” Alex asked her.

“The alpha called out for a meeting and we are supposed to be there. Mom told something about rogues,” she said pursing her lips.

“It’s alright. You guys go ahead. We’ll handle it here,” I told them and spoke to Rini, “Rini could you drop Tasha at my house before that. I don’t want my aunt freaking out,” I said and she nodded in understanding.

“No problem, Eve,” Rini replied, “Keep us updated if anything comes up,” and we nodded. I saw them disappear from the corridor, Alex carrying Tasha and Rini walking next to him. Now it was just the four of us, five if you included the dead person.

“I don’t understand why is Eve’s name written here though. Have you met this person before, Eve?” Bella spoke and I shook my head.

“I don’t remember meeting him before,” I answered him, “He doesn’t look like a worker here,” I said looking for any tag on his shirt but there wasn’t one.

“Because he isn’t one. I remember everyone who worked here today. The strange thing is that he’s a human but something is wrong,” Derek replied coming closer to the body and checking it. When he turned to check the neck for any markings but there was none, “Something is off,” he said and that’s when Jessi spoke.

“A-ah guys.”

I looked to see her shocked face and turned. The blood that was on the floor started moving from one corner in a slithering motion. All of us backed away from there quickly looking at it, the blood was moving smoothly gliding over the surface of the floor. It made a circle around the body and stopped.

“What was all that about?” Bella asked dumbstruck.

“Something is not right,” I said softly feeling the eerie silence.

“What do-” Bella got interrupted when the light started dimming as though something was wrong with the voltage, “-you mean?”

I heard some rustling and my head snapped to see the body that was lying on the ground was no more there. Everybody seems to realize it and looked around to find the body standing with its head down. Before we could communicate anything the corpse looked up with its head up and I gasped looking at the eyes. It was pitch black, not the iris but the whole eyes. It was way creepy. The corpse charged towards us with its nails turning into claws.

Derek attacked it with a punch and it fell stumbling down.

“Phew, thanks Derek,” Bella thanked him, “Why is a human body behaving like a zombie? Is it dead dead now?” she asked moving near the corpse she tried kicking it to check but it seemed to move so fast suddenly that we didn’t have time to react.

The corpse was no more like a zombie as it moved swiftly like a ninja knocking out Bella in a second thought she was a vampire.

“Bella!” I exclaimed looking at her lying on the floor motionless, “Is she-”

“No, she just lost her conscious. I want Jessi and you to get out of here, right now. And try calling up for help,” Derek said as he tried to tackle the corpse and later understood why he asked us to. Though it was fighting Derek, it was looking right at us.

Jessi and I ran from there, our footsteps echoed as we went towards the entrance door. Jessi turned the knob while I looked behind to see if there was anything. She shook the knob forcefully and cursed under her breath.

“It’s locked?” I asked her confused. How could it be locked? Rini, Alex, and Tasha had passed through this while they left, moreover, there was no one here other than us. There was no time and we didn’t know how long Derek could hold the corpse up. I took hold of Jessi’s wrist and began to walk in the other direction.

“Where are we going? This is the only exit here, Eve,” she said to me.

“We don’t have time for it open. Currently, we need to hide, come on. Try calling up William and I’ll call up Ruka,” I said dragging her with me.

I saw a staircase at the corner and pulled Jessi along with me. Going up there were many rooms, I opened a door to see two more bodies lying there dead. This wasn’t good. What if these bodies turned like the one that was on the ground floor? This wasn’t good. Jessi got inside searching for something in the room.

Just when I was wondering where were the other people who worked here, we discovered they were dead.

“What are you looking for?” I asked looking at her while her eyebrows were furrowed.

“Got it,” she said holding a mop in her hand. There were circles already forming around the body and we didn’t wait to see the rest, as we knew what was going to come. We got out of the room and locked it from outside. I was glad it wasn’t an automatic lock. Jessi locked the door with the mops handle.

“Do you hear it?” I asked her, hearing some voices from the other side of the locked door. We saw the handle move and both Jessi and I looked at each other. We heard a loud crash from the ground floor.

“Crap! We need to go,” I said and she nodded, “Did you call William?” I asked her as I took out my cell and dialed Ruka’s number.

“No, it isn’t getting connected. I’m not able to call anyone actually. What about you?” she asked me as we ran through the corridors.

“You’re right,” I said as the line got disconnected without a ring. There was something in this building, like a dark magic. Though I hadn’t attained angel features yet, I could feel something, for example, the atmosphere now, “It’s strange Jess. Fifteen minutes ago Rini could pick the call and talk but once the corpse started moving everything’s strange around now.”

“I know. I did think about it but aren’t they humans? Can that kind of-” she was talking when we got interrupted by a loud crash. Turning back we found to see those two corpses we had seen just a while ago.

“Shit!” both of us exclaimed together.




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