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Season 3

Episode 13

It was a Saturday and I was lying on my bed, my eyes closed. I was home. I could hear the clock ticking on the wall as I waited. My cell phone that was next to me rang and I opened my eyes picking it up.

“Hey,” I spoke as I got up from my bed, “Did you get the tickets?” I asked.

“We couldn’t find them,” Rini said with a sigh on the other end.

“Oh, that’s bad,” I said softly. We had planned to go for a movie that was out today in theatres. I heard Rini giggling and frowned, “What happened?”

“We got the tickets!” she exclaimed happily.

“Rini!” I scolded her. She knew how much I wanted to watch the movie since I got to know about it.

“Be ready in two hours. Jessi, Alex and I will be there to pick you up. We bought extra tickets for three just in case. You can get your cousin if you want,” she suggested.

My relatives had come to visit us home and were going to stay with us for a week. In that, two days were gone and six more days left. They were the typical type of relatives, an uncle, an aunt who would find fault in every little thing and an obnoxious daughter of theirs.

“You want me to bring her along?” I asked her and stifled a laugh as I heard her make gagging noises.

“I was just joking! But seriously don’t get her else I’ll have to kill her myself for throwing herself at Alex not so subtly,” she said and I answered a yeah, “Did Ruka come home?” she asked me.

“No not this week but I met him last week. Why do you ask?” I asked her getting up from the bed and walking over to my cupboard to take out clothes to wear.

“If Ruka had met her by now he would have put her in her place if she met him,” Rini said and I could tell she was smiling on the other side.

“I know,” I said laughing, “Okay don’t be late. I’ll see you later. Bye bye,” I threw the phone on my bed.

I missed Ruka; I was so used to having him around me. Those amethyst and red eyes, that would look straight into my eyes, as if he could look through my soul. Nights were he would hold me and sleep. The soft and tender kisses he would place on my skin and I yearned for it now. It wasn’t that we didn’t meet regularly but it wasn’t enough. After announcing our engagement the next week dad told, I should stay with them until Ruka and me got married. Was it necessary? To top it Annesana added telling it was a good idea. I saw her whisper something to Ruka in his ears and he had stood there listening to it intently. Ruka had just given a curt nod to it and had told not to worry kissing my forehead. I knew if it wasn’t for Annesana, Ruka would have told to let me stay there. He did not work as a teacher anymore in the school and it was almost a year since I moved back to my house. He would drop me home though from school.

I still attended the Preston’s and was a senior now. At weekends, I would visit the castle not to just meet the others there but to get my angel abilities in place. I was new to it but Amelia another angel was helping me out. I thought to be an angel; I would be able to perform magic. However, that wasn’t so. Apparently, all my magic was centered in my wings and I had given it up. So now, I was only left with immortality. No one knew if the wings could be grown back or not.

Freshening up and changing my clothes, I brushed my hair and tied it into a pony, fluffing it up. Going down the stairs, I tried finding my mom who was sitting on the dining chair talking to my mom.

“Are you going out sweetie?” my mother asked tilting her head.

“Yeah, the movie. It’s about-” I was saying but my cousin Tasha interrupted me.

“Oh wait for me, I’ll go get ready,” she said heading towards the guest room where she stayed.

“The movie starts like in a few minutes I don’t think you’ll be able to make it. We’ll watch it some other time,” I told her but she just walked away. I sighed thinking what Rini might say; taking a cell, I dropped a text to her number.

“You know Maria,” my aunt spoke as she buttered her bread, “The way Eve told just now it looks like she is lying and doesn’t want to find out. Like she has a boy. You should keep your daughter in check,” she said and I wanted to roll my eyes but did not else I had to hear about it too.

Ruka hadn’t announced about us yet. He had asked us to keep it to ourselves until we got married. Therefore, the aunt sitting here right now had no idea about me being engaged. It felt like Annesana had intended to have distance between us with good intentions, making me stay with my parents. Of course, we could shift to the castle but dad told he loved this place.

“Actually she does,” my mom smiled brightly not wavered by her sister in laws words, “We don’t mind Evi having one and she knows her limits. Don’t you, Eve?” she asked me for agreement.

“Yes, mom. I’ll be going out now,” I said seeing Tasha coming with high heels and walking out of there. Now that I think about it though it was just four times we did it, Ruka and I never used protection. It was a wonder I did not get pregnant.

“You have a boyfriend?” she asked me surprised as if she could not believe it.

“I do,” I replied closing the door behind me and waiting for my friends to hurry up.

“Wow, that’s something,” she laughed sarcastically, “Come on. You’re so boring and nerdy,” she said stressing the adjectives. I had brought a pair of glasses with a thick black frame the previous day they came home. I used it only while studying and watching something on the screen.

“I know,” was my response to her statements. I did not want to argue with her because I knew if I did she would not stop until she won the argument, “My boyfriend likes me that way,” I said smiling thinking about him and it was true.

Ten minutes later, Jessi, Rini, and Alex came to pick us up. Jessi and William had brought a mansion near the edge of the forest. As William was working with the king now closely he moved here and we got to hang out with Jessi full time.

“Alex!” Tasha sang his name when she saw him.

“It’s Alexander. Did you call anyone else, Eve?” he asked me and I shook my head, “There are two more tickets left. Rini called Elizabeth but her cell seems switched off,” he said.

“I’ll call up and see,” I told him.

Searching for my contacts, I called up Louis’s cell but it came as not reachable, wonder what is going on. I sent texts to two people and got an instant reply from them. The ride was of twenty minutes due to traffic. Reaching the theatre, we parked the car near the theatre but not in the parking lot. I hadn’t been to this theatre. It was multiscreen theatre previewing different movies. Going inside, we girls made a quick visit to the restroom. It had huge mirrors surrounding it, the lighting not too bright. When we went outside, I saw Bella and Derek standing next to Alex, talking about something. Both the boys were werewolves while Isabella was a vampire.



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